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  • Fellowship Guide

    The purpose of this guide is to provide the following:
    • History of Fellowships
    • Current steps to create and/or join a Fellowship
    • Utility benefits of a Fellowship
    • Experience sharing within a Fellowship
    • Tips

    Fellowships were introduced in Feb, 2007 with The Buried Sea expansion pack. Here's the official patch notes (which are no longer correct for some aspects today).

    Originally posted by The Patch Notes
    Fellowships: A Fellowship is like a mini-guild for those who play together regularly. Fellowships have a maximum of six players and exist in addition to guilds. All members of the Fellowship get a token, access to a Fellowship-only channel, and the ability to create campfires when at least three "fellows" are in the same area. Fellows use their tokens to transport directly to the campfire allowing them to catch up with their regular playmates quickly. Campfires can be upgraded to provide effects to nearby Fellows. These upgrades are expendable and need to be repurchased. A Fellowship can only have one campfire active at a time. Randall of the Fellows in the Plane of Knowledge will register Fellowships. Fellowship items are also available for sale in the Plane of Knowledge.
    Also released was further information on fellowships:
    Originally posted by release notes
    What’s new in The Buried Sea, Fellowships!

    On those heavy raid nights everyone is usually raiding with their guildmates, but what do they do during the raiding downtimes? Many people find themselves grouping with friends from other guilds and people that might not have a guild.

    Fellowships are a form of mini-guild that can co-exist with normal guilds and support a maximum of 9 members. They are aimed at all players, but are particularly aimed at players who have a group of friends they play with consistently.

    Features of Fellowships
    The basic fellowship structure is very similar to that of a guild. Players that are in the same fellowship will share a special fellowship channel and have access to easy travel to other members of the fellowship.

    Fellowship Channel
    Similar to guild chat, members who are in a fellowship together will have access to a fellowship chat channel that is permanently active on their characters and only accessible by other members of that fellowship.

    Once a fellowship has been created, any three members of a fellowship can work together to create a campfire; one member will create the campfire and two other members are required to be nearby. Once a campfire has been created, it serves as a teleport destination for members of that fellowship.

    In addition, the campfire be upgraded to provide aura effects to fellowship members who are near it. These upgraded campfires are expendable and, once used, will only last for a period of time before they have to be repurchased. All campfires will last for one hour or until the fellowship discards it.

    Only one campfire can exist in the world per fellowship at any particular time. Trying to create a new campfire while one already exists will give an error message. The person who created a campfire can remove the campfire at any time from anywhere in the world. In addition, campfires will naturally fade away after one hour.

    Fellowship Emblems
    When a player creates or joins a fellowship, they gain a fellowship token. This token marks their membership to the faction and enables them to teleport to the fellowship's campfire if the player is eligible for access to the area where the campfire exists. If a player loses their token, they can return to the fellowship merchant and purchase a new one without having to reapply to the fellowship. The teleportation function is disabled in areas were teleportation is restricted.

    Creating a Fellowship
    To create a fellowship, players must journey to a particular NPC in the Plane of Knowledge. This NPC will take payment from the players in return for creating a fellowship with the players who are in the group at the time. Everyone in the group must be in the zone and must accept entry to the fellowship. At least three people must accept for the fellowship to be created at all. The person who initiates the creation of the fellowship will be considered the leader of the fellowship. The leader of a fellowship can add and remove members by visiting a fellowship NPC.

    Joining an Existing Fellowship
    If there is an open spot in the fellowship, a player can join by going to the fellowship creation NPC along with the leader of the fellowship to obtain a fellowship token.

    We wanted you and your friends to have an easier way of setting up your casual groups. Fellowships are designed for that purpose.
    Some things have changed about fellowships. I'll go into that.

    --Retired, May 2012--

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    First and Foremost: fireplace benefits are exclusive to members in your fellowship. If there are 6 players in your group, and 4 of you are in a fellowship using a fireplace that adds hit points...the 2 players not in your fellowship will not receive the fireplace aura that provides that effect. You cannot take advantage of a firepit or firepit effect from a different fellowship - only your own.

    Here is the current functionality on how to join or create a fellowship.

    1) To join a fellowship for the first time, or to create (register) a new one, you must first obtain a Fellowship Registration Insigna. You do this in the Plane of Knowledge, in the building just north of the Nexus Teleport Book.

    Find Randall of the Fellows. Hail him, and follow his dialogue if you want. Be warned, to be productive while following his prompting is a diabolical scheme to see if you will /quit when getting really bad instructions. Just say "how" to him.

    By saying "how" to him, you receive a Fellowship Registration Insignia.

    If you ever lose or destroy your fellowship registration insignia, no problem - just go back to Randall of the Fellows and say "how" for another. While this may seem like a silly possibility - if you use shrouds much for older content...your shrouded character does not get your insignia. So in this case, destroy your insignia before you shroud - then hit randal for one on your shroud so you can firepit around. Once you are done with shroud, it pops in your shroud bank for you to retrieve.

    1b) To create a new fellowship, right-click on Randall of the Fellows like you would a merchant. This brings up the Fellowship UI or window. Find the button that says "create" and hit it. Congrats, you just created a fellowship.

    2) The default key-binding to toggle on/off your fellowship UI is ctrl+shift+f
    EQ icon - players - fellowship is the long path to bring up your fellowship window. From this window you can "invite" other players to join your fellowship. To invite a player, you must be in the same zone and target them (much like you must target a player for a guild invite) and hit the "invite" button. (you are no longer required to be in PoK next to the fellowship npcs to invite players).

    3) To join a fellowship, somebody must invite you. When they do, a pop-up window shows up (like a resurrection or teleport box) and asks you to confirm the request.

    Note: On June 15, 2011, a change was implemented to allow fellowship invites from any zone. You no longer have to gather people at plane of knowledge. This allows for spontaneous fellowship invites.

    Note: You can join a fellowship once every 20 hours.


    Fellowship Management:

    A fellowship functions very much like a mini-guild in that the fellowship leader can invite or boot people, and manage who within the fellowship has experience sharing enabled or disabled. The leader can also make use of a fellowship MOTD (message of the day) to be displayed every time a member logs in.



    In the image above, this is what a fireplace looks like with all of your spell/particle/environmental effects turned off. Below is a pic of what they look like if you run with all of your effects on.

    Fireplaces are NPCs. This means you can & will accidentally target them, especially if you ever use a target-nearest-npc key like F8 or something. This can be highly annoying, and even result in the occasional death if your tank gets the fireplace targeted on an add swarm. For this reason, I advise setting your fireplace up in a safe location near where you will be fighting, but not close enough that it is in everybody's view as they fight. Why can you target fireplaces? Nobody knows; you cannot do anything with it targeted other than waste time for having targeted it.

    Fireplaces, for a long time - were the bread & butter of a fellowship; practically the only benefit of a fellowship. As long as there are a minimum of 3 players in the same fellowship very close to each other, you may create a fireplace. The ground cannot be too steep, there cannot be any obstacles, it cannot be under water, it cannot be levitating - and there are some zones/areas that do not allow fireplaces. If you attemt to create a fireplace and for whatever reason you violate the rules - you get a text warning stating why i.e. "the ground is too steep here" etc.

    With a fireplace placed, you may use your Fellowship Registration Insignia to teleport to it. It is instant cast, and has a 15-minute reuse timer. You must be visible, and must not be in combat (on the hatelist of any npc). This means after combat, you must wait the 30 seconds cooldown as if you were waiting for OOC regen.

    The standard fireplace offers no other benefit - just an anchor fellowship members can teleport to.

    Common uses:
    1) While xp'ing, plant a fireplace nearby in case of a group wipe. You can all teleport back to your camp and quickly return to action. Especially useful if you are hunting in an area that takes a while to travel to.

    2) While doing missions, quests or other tasks involving lengthy traveling usually over multiple zones and returning to the same point of origin, a fireplace lets you save time by planting it in a good location. You likely see these alot around quest givers.

    3) When other members of your fellowship log in to game, they can instantly teleport to you and join the action. Its also a nice way to port your alts in to loot your rots...if you are into that sort of thing.

    4) The standard fireplace will not fade while you are in the same zone, and will last after everybody has logged off for around an hour.


    To create a firepit, open up your fellowship UI. Click on the "camp" tab. You will see this.

    It is normal for fireplace options to be blank. You must hit the refresh button for the game to poll your inventory to see what options you have available to you. After refreshing, you'll see this:

    If you also carry around the lumber bundles & junk for special fireplaces, they'll also show up in that list.

    Now, select the fireplace you want and click "create camp"

    The non-typical fireplaces that you purchase special components for and utilize for aura effects have a 30 minute life. So if your group wipes and forgot to refresh the fireplace or it just faded - you are all running back. I personally stopped using the special fireplaces after I realized the benefits were so meager, or didnt stack.

    To see what items are required for a specific firepit, simply select the firepit from the pull-down menu and the right collumn will become populated with some details and the required components. Some of the components can add up to be a bit of money, especially when you factor how short duration they are. You can choose the "all possible" option in the firepit tab, and the greyed out options are firepits you do not have the components to create; those in clear white text are those you can create. In this example, I do not use special firepits so only the standard is available.

    Note: always be aware that fellowship aura effects are level capped just like worn focus effects. So if you want the level 80 benefit, you need to purchase the level 80 components as depicted in the list. These are seriously a gigantic rip-off for anybody that actually needs the benefit. If you are above level 50 and wearing some version of defiant gear or will gain zero focus or dps benefit from any kind of fireplace. Since their effect descriptions are so vague and give no detailed information, many people use special firepits thinking it helps when in fact they do nothing but cost money & fade after 30 minutes.

    Standing next to Randal of the Fellows are some other NPCs selling the components for unique firepits.

    For a massive list of the types of fellowship firepit effects available, check out this lucy link. Search for fellowship kit

    here's what you'll see if you check out those vendors for special kits.

    On the special fireplace effects:

    Take a closer look at the Standard of Anger IV fireplaces. To see the effects on lucy or another spell parser, you need to search spells for "standard of anger iv"

    Extravagant Standard of Anger IV
    Slot Description
    1: Increase Spell Damage by 20%
    2: Limit: Max Level(85) (lose 10% per level over cap)
    3: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints allowed)
    5: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental only)
    6: Limit: Target (AE PC v1 excluded)
    7: Limit: Target (PB AE excluded)
    8: Limit: Target (Targeted AE excluded)
    9: Limit: Target (Uber Giants excluded)
    10: Limit: Target (Uber Dragons excluded)
    11: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed

    So this fireplace will give you a generic 1-20% focus for detrimental damage spells, and it starts degrading at level 85.

    Consider this a "worn" focus, even though it appears in your short buff window. It does not stack with any worn spell focus, and it vastly inferior. I hope anybody reading this has drawn the conclusion that focus effects from fireplaces are absolutely worthless.


    --Retired, May 2012--


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      Fellowship Experience Sharing

      Everybody in a fellowship now has the option to share experience with other members. This is a 2-way option, and cannot be set to "receive-only" or "donate-only". It is either disabled or enabled (or capped, further explaination below).

      You can only manage the experience sharing of your own online character, unless you are the fellowship leader. Characters within the fellowship have no linking to your account, so if you + 4 alts are in a fellowship - you need to load up those alts to manage their xp toggle or have the fellowship leader do it. The fellowship leader can enable/disable experience sharing for members wether they are online or offline.

      Notice that in the first pic the "toggle xp" options was not available - because the player viewing it had not selected itself (nor is he leader), while in the second pic the player targets themself so the toggle button becomes actives.

      The leader of the fellowship has the * in the "L" collumn. In fellowships, you only have the leader & everybody else - there is no heirchy of members / officers / etc.

      Sharing - How it works:

      Members with xp sharing enabled get vitality experience as if they were online, in your group with you --- even if they are offline. Basically, consider your fellowship members as never being really offline anymore.

      Here are the rules:
      • The same maximum-level spread rules apply to fellowship sharing as it does to online grouping to share experience. Look below for a detailed spread.
      • You cannot receive experience vitality once you reach 99% into the current maximum level. At this point, if you have regular experience selected - your status in the fellowship becomes "capped"
      • You cannot receive AAxp vitality once you have banked 30 Alternate Ability points, ready to spend. At this point, if you have alternate experience selected - your status becomes "capped"
      • Capped members are still sharing the experience they earn with other members within the fellowship that have xp sharing enabled.
      • Capped members in the fellowship will absorb & destroy their portion of received fellowship experience.

      Now for those of us that cannot easily remember the maximum-spread for groups...
      The generic formula is:
      (your level x 1.5)+1 round up = highest level player you can group with and get experience if you are level 40, that would be (40 x 1.5)+1 = 61 if you are level 50, that would be (50 x 1.5)+1 = 76 if you are level 52, that would be (52 x 1.5)+1 = 79 if you are level 54, that would be (54 x 1.5)+1 = 82 if you are level 56, that would be (56 x 1.5)+1 = 85 if you are level 57, that would be (57 x 1.5)+1 = 87 if you are level 58, that would be (58 x 1.5)+1 = 88 if you are level 59, that would be (59 x 1.5)+1 = 90 if you are level 60, that would be (60 x 1.5)+1 = 91 if you are level 61, that would be (61 x 1.5)+1 = 93 if you are level 62, that would be (62 x 1.5)+1 = 94 if you are level 63, that would be (63 x 1.5)+1 = 96

      How does the sharing get divided?

      The forumla is enabled player level + enabled player level + enabled player level + enabled player level = x
      Receipt is enabled player level / x

      Lets say your fellowship window looks like this:
      level 90 online, sharing enabled
      level 90 online, sharing enabled
      level 90 offline, sharing enabled
      level 90 offline, sharing disabled
      level 87 online, sharing enabled
      level 86 offline, sharing enabled
      level 85 offline, sharing disabled
      level 80 online, sharing enabled

      So you've got a 90+90+90+87+86+80 all sharing xp. Total levels = 523.
      Each level 90 will get 90/523 worth of xp, or 17.2%
      The 87 will get 87/523 worth of xp, or 16.6%
      The 86 will get 86/523 worth of xp, or 16.4%
      The 80 will get 80/523 worth of xp, or 15.2%

      Add up those percentages and you get 100%. It doesnt matter if you are online or offline when it comes to the sharing of xp.

      Only the base xp provided by the mob gets shared through fellowship vitality. So if a mob provides 50k xp, and you are in a zone with a +30% xp modifier on a double-xp weekend...those online actually killing that mob are getting 130k xp as their base per kill, while the offline players or those in different zones get only the base 50k shared.


      Fellowship vitality bonus is applied every 15 minutes. It's a one-line message that can be easy to miss.

      How does vitality work?

      It provides "stored" experience bonus. The only way to claim it, is to get experience killing mobs. You cannot actually gain any experience or levels while being offline - you only gather a pool of "bonus" xp to be applied when you actually gain xp on your own.

      In addition to your normal "you gain experience" message, if you have vitality applied you will get an additional message saying "you gain fellowship vitality bonus" as the above pic shows.

      A player can only store as much vitality as:
      How much regular experience it would take to take them to 100% into the current maximum level
      10 levels worth. Whichever is smaller.

      How much alternate experience it would take to take you to 30 banked AAs
      30 AA's worth. Whichever is smaller. what this means is if you are at maximum level and 100% into it, ready to ding on your first kill when a level-increasing expansion is can have zero vitality stored or saved on your character for regular experience.

      It also means if you have 30 ability points saved (or banked), you can have zero vitality stored or saved on your character for alternate experience.


      You can view how much vitality you have stored. This is represented by a thin green line at the bottom of the respective experience bar. Remember to take into account how much vitality you could possibly have - your indicator reflects that amount...not 10 level / 30aa amount.

      In the above pic, you can see that the regular experience bar is around 3/4 full - enough to take this level 86 alt all the way to level 90 getting a 500% vitality bonus for each kill.

      You can also see that the alternate experience vitality bar is barely there at all - this is because I turned on aaxp for one kill just to get a visual indicator. Also, in the low aa count (think this guy has 700 or so) a full aa vitality bar lasts around 15 kills before its used up. Yes, vitality pool for aaxp takes into account the low aa bonus.


      How is vitality bonus used up?

      It is applied as a bonus when you earn experience killing mobs. It doesnt matter if you are solo, molo, duo, or in a full group.

      It is applied as a 500% bonus when earning regular experience.. When you are consuming vitality bonus, it is a dramatic increase - you will notice it. So if you are soloing something that normally gives you 0.5% experience per kill, you will get 2.5% experience with vitality.

      It is applied as a 300% bonus when you are earning alternate advancement points.

      Vitality bonus 'stacks' with any & all other xp bonus effects you may have, such as a xp potion, enchanter xp aura, double xp weekend event, etc. Stacks = adds does not get multiplied by potions.


      There is a maximum rate at which you can earn regular experience, and alternate experience points on a per-kill basis. This has nothing to do with quest xp...only kill xp.

      You cannot gain more than 10% regular experience per kill, or 5aa's per kill. These are hard system caps.


      Once a player reaches their supermax level & have 30 aa's banked, if they have fellowship sharing enabled it automatically gets toggled to "capped" denoting they cannot receive bonus, but can continue donating. If you spend aa's or lose experience, your status automatically gets toggled back to "sharing" until you reach the cap again.



      The xp sliders

      For those that are donating the experience into the fellowship, it doesnt matter what their xp slider is set on. If they are 100% aa, or 30% aa, or 100% regulard experience - it is all the same going into the fellowship pool. This means you can play your mains without any tweaks or tricks required to donate fellowship xp.

      For those that are receiving the fellowship vitality - your xp slider means everything. If the slider is 100% regular xp, then you are building up your regular level xp vitality. If your slider is 100% aa, then you are building up 30aa points worth of vitality. If your slider is 80% level and 20% aa, then you are saving up 8 regular levels worth & 6aa points worth of vitality to be used.

      If you are trying to earn experience using fellowship vitality, you need to do one very, very important thing: Turn experience sharing OFF when you are online and playing. Otherwise, you'll be sharing your kill xp back into the fellowship and it will effectively null & void your vitality bonus. And, when you camp out for the day - remember to go back and turn your sharing on.

      Using up vitality

      Vitality experience is not // cannot be applied to any form of quest reward.

      When used for regular experience gain, vitality is quite incredible as it can suppliment 10 levels-worth of experience. This means you can seriously pump in the vitality, and then have a meaningful amount of vitality to use up.

      If you are doing AA vitality (I advise against it until you are max level) remember your vitality pool is constantly adjusting downwards every time you earn an ability point. If you have max AA vitality pool and sitting at 0 aa, and then you buy a taskadd and claim it for 22aa...your vitality pool just got shit-canned for 22 points-worth. Its gone forever (until you build it back up), because the maximum aa vitality pool will suppliment the 30aa cap. When you spend those 22aa earned from the task, your vitality pool is now shrunk to suppliment 8aa worth.

      Another downside to AA vitality - it takes into account your existing AA count & the AA bonus received for low-count characters. Remember what the AA bonus scale is?

      If you have zero Alternate Abilities, whenever you turn AA on you will get a 500% bonus to the experience rate.

      When you ding your 6th AA point, you will get 495%.
      When you ding your 11th AA point, you will get 490%.
      When you ding your 16th AA point, you will get 485%.
      ....etc, all the way until
      When you ding your 2500th AA point, you will get 100% i.e. no more bonus.

      So when you factor in AA vitality on a brand new alt with 0 aa, your vitality pool really cannot possibly suppliment 30aa worth because you are already getting a 500% bonus to your earn rate - making your vitality pool effectively run out 500% faster. To give an example, I have an enchanter alt with 200aa; I can cap his AA vitality using just my necro in house of thule lower courtyard trash in less than 15 minutes; I can then box with him in the group and deplete his vitality in around 15 minutes.

      AA vitality is capped in a flash, and used up in a flash. It is very disapointing, and I have found no real, measurable benefit in using vitality to suppliment AA earnings.

      Last edited by scrat; 10-22-2011, 11:59 AM. Reason: added more info on vitality usage
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        So...I finally got around to making up a fellowship guide after starting on it over a year ago. I'll be making a link to this in the faq/info link library post.

        As, corrections, updates, tips & tricks are welcome!

        --Retired, May 2012--


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          You are the bomb, Scrat.
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            yay now i understand fellowship xp, and what i always wondered - the benefits of the campfires, glad i do not need them!