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  • Clickies?

    Hi everyone,

    Well Flopsie leveled to 95 and got her CoA robe. You guys/girls mind helping me with a question or two and save me loading a parser and sitting for hours at the guildhall combat dummies.

    I have my 2.5 epic. First question click wise I have my VoA tier 4 group robe and CoA robe. Should I stagger clicking them or they stack and are they for particular dots? Is there any other items I should make an effort to get that has a click like them for increased dps? I know there are some AAs that I should be getting and clicking too - some of the spires and stuff?

    Anyway thats my question of the week lol.

    I am working on my DoN progression to get the special aa from that expansion now.

    Flopsie (Evil Blonde Necro of Erollisi Marr)

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    Robes should be clicked together. You will get the biggest bang out of VoA robe when you are critting the most and your crits are hitting their hardest.

    Class robe for Prophesy of Ro expansion is a quick cast dot that doesn't share a timer with any of your needed clicks.

    Staff of Axsomethingorother for Old Man Murphy Monster Mission Raids is a quick click and refresh DD that can add a tiny bit of damage and can crit.

    The mostly useless Timeshear from the SoD expansion can be used right as you engage, click it, Lifeburn and boom your hps are back.

    Not adding to DPS but I find the Tash Orb from Old Man Murphy group Monster Missions is worth getting for the tash click.

    That is all besides some low damage dot clickies that aren't fast cast (fast cast is nice since can do it between spell refreshes) like PoP Elemental Pants for Pyrocursor, Tacvi Dagger of Death (can crit, but isn't effected by foci), and depending on how dotted/debuffed things get on your raids, you may not want to use them so real dots don't bounce.

    That is all I can think of without logging in to see what clickies I have.


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      i always liked pet clickys for looks and raids luv the push! /evil grin. there was a viscious rabbbit on loyalty vendor similar to 13th anni task not parsed it. wolf from tss probably low dps. cloth cap just for mini dragon coolness and maybe 1dps if lucky. maybe couple others cant think of them off top of my head.


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        Originally posted by Vivamort View Post

        Not adding to DPS but I find the Tash Orb from Old Man Murphy group Monster Missions is worth getting for the tash click.
        This will help your PP and other roots stay on for the full duration. Absolutely invaluable imo.
        Dembonz Arattlin
        95 Necromancer
        Lunacy Unbound on Tunare


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          Thank you.

          I need to do some of the Old Man Murphy missions to get the tash orb. Someone suggested Dagger of Death from tacvi ... hehe