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    SOE's Necromancer forum

    This is probably the most "dead" necromancer message board there is. It's also one of the few that Kytherea will read. It might be better if people are more active on that board and post bugs/performance shortfalls there. I'd love to see new threads discussing Vakk'dra's, Lack of lich scaling, pet issues, DPM/efficiency rants(reasoned discussions), etc.. every day. It'd let me link them in the corr forum and bring more emphasis to those problems simply by doing what I'm supposed to. If it's here, I can link it..but it's not an SoE board, Ky doesn't have an account here..I doubt it has the same "punch".

    If ANYTHING is a topic that effects more then just us (like pets for instance, and Aeg did this today) post it in the vet forum, it gets more traffic and devs regularly read that forum more then our class forums.

    SOE's Veteran Forum

    At any rate, if you can talk about something intelligently, please get involved on their boards. It may lead to more changes. I've watched 2 correspondents operate mainly here and now .net). Varying results, but it's not left us in the greatest position. Also, the only time of relative effectiveness for either corr has been in beta's. I'd like to be able to give them a hell of a lot to think about, and do so before January(which, if the past is any indication of the future..will be the next beta)

    I'd prefer debates to stay here or at, they're less regulated and we have next to no other classes putting in there worthless opinions/trolling. Howevery, if something is a problem and the topics here are..we need them posted(smartly) on their board.

    I'm getting a more thorough grasp of this position and will continue to form our weekly questions from all three boards, but I really need some ammunition to forward to Ky..or nothing will happen(I'm almost sure of it), atleast until beta.

    The community is supposed to post bugs and see them to SOE's boards..with my correspondence(and it still is limited) I'm simply supposed to bring them to Ky's attention if nothing has happened or I think she hasn't read it. I can't link what's not there..give me something to send her.

    When posting, please keep this in mind.
    Originally posted by Prathun
    -some tweaking of some useless spells

    You'll need to be more specific about which spells are useless and why they need tweaking for me to understand your meaning. During my tenure as the spells designer, I've received feedback that pretty much every spell line in the game, from original EQ all the way up to TSS needs to be "reviewed". And I wish I were joking. Everything from nukes, to heals, to resurrections, to stuns, to damage shields, to regen, to cures, to debuffs has been fingered as "broken" by one person or another. If I were still in college, had a lot of free time, and could tackle this as a research project - that could be a fun way to spend a semester or three, but under my workload here at SOE it's not possible. My schedule is inflexible, it's packed with tasks I need to complete in a timely fashion, and nothing on my schedule says "research and re-evaluate". If you'd like me to look at something, your feedback needs to be very specific.

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