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Necro AA Needs/Wants 2011

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  • Necro AA Needs/Wants 2011

    Scrat Edit:
    I am turning this post into a collective summary of all of the following replies, updating requests/suggestions to this post, while keeping the ides from Forcallen down below. The more open-minded we are about suggestions, the greater variety of stuff the developers have to pick & choose from. Hold nothing back; later on we (as a community) can choose which ideas we desire emphasis on.


    Done! = AA that have been implemented in VoA
    No! = AA that were not implemented in VoA

    DoT enhancements
    - - More DoT crits ---- Eli stated this will not be happening for any class.Done!
    - - More DoT overcrit damageDone!
    - - More ranks passive DoT 1-tick extensionDone!
    - - Passive DoT spell haste (passive rank for mercurial torment) or quick damage seriesNo!
    - - Passive abilities (lingering death / mercurial torment) adjusted slot-6 for Min Duration: 12 to include fast DoTsNo!
    - - Passive Twincast that works for DoTsDone!
    - - Activated Improved Twincast that works for DoTs. Done!
    - - Activated means to instantly purge all existing DoTs from any/all targets.No! Impossible to code!
    - - DoT Damage - similar to spell damage mod on gear, but purchasable in increments of 50dmg for DoT ticksNo!
    - - - -Chaotic extension: adds to chaotic power duration by 5 ticks per rank. 3 ranks No!
    - - - -Chaotic strike : adds 3 chaotic power hits per rank. 3 ranksNo!
    - - - -Chaotic <?> : Rank 1. 15-100% moar dmg. rk2:25-100% rnk3 35-100%

    Self General Utility
    - - Self-cure / purge / cleanse effect for detrimental effectsDone!
    - - Frontal immunity to melee stun & stun effectsNo!
    - - Immunity to spell interrupts caused by trivial mob bash/kick/hitsNo!
    - - Increased heal amount for created Soul Orbs (Healing Adept similar series?)No!
    - - Passive % chance to defeat Silence and silence effectsNo!
    - - Affinity to Undead - become non-KOS to undead as rangers/druids are to animalsNo! Code Impossible!
    - - Temporary immunity to NPC summonsNo!
    - - Global files created for our lich illusions so we can use while mountedNo!
    - - AA versions of all lich illusions from past & presentNo!
    - - Self Sacrifice for Essence Emerald creations, no xp lossNo!
    - - Hastened resuse for Deaths EffigyNo!
    - - Scent of Terris
    - - - - improved continuation with better resist check for reliabilityDone!
    - - - - add a corruption debuff slotDone!
    - - - - additional rank for bigger debuff numbersNo!
    - - - - quickened ranks for faster cast timeDone!
    - - Death Bloom
    - - - - longer durationNo!
    - - - - more powerfulNo!
    - - - - hastened reuseNo!
    - - - - faster cast timeDone!
    - - Hate's Attraction - a copy of the SK AA pulling tool.

    General Group Utility
    - - More spell gems / mnemonic retentionNo!
    - - Call Soul / no-xp rez that can be rez'd later (like shm/dru)No!
    - - Player-targeted return to newest corpse with (yes/no) confirmation boxNo!
    - - AA version of mind wrack / mind vivisection (group mana tap)No!
    - - Targeted group-member Feign DeathNo!
    - - Perfected Dead Men FloatingDone!
    - - Group Summon Corpse (able to tgt self & retrieve all corpses of group members)No!
    - - Ability to call self back to corpse while in hover modeNo!
    - - Reluctant Benevolance
    - - - - More ranks to increase the power of the procNo!
    - - - -More ranks to increase the duration of the effect to a long-term buff i.e. 30 minutes (we already can keep it up 24/7)No!
    - - Secondary Bind & Recall / mark tomb, return to tomb. Self only but lets us bind to another spot that is not a city, etcNo!
    - - DoT damage mod3 added to gear (like spell damage mod) or ability to use spell damage mods on DoT spells.No!
    - - Convergance AA - consume an essence emerald to perform a 96% (or 98%) rez on targeted corpseDone!
    - - Essence Emerald AA - ability to create an essence emerald without having to sacrifice yourself or somebody, long reuseNo!
    - - Whisperwind - want hastened series to reduce the reuse timeDone!
    - - AA to Spell conversion for: Reflect - a 50% chance to reflect spells for 2 tick duration (level 58 LDoN spell)No!
    - - AA to Spell conversion for: Rest the Dead - an undead-only harmony/pacify/memblur updated for current contentNo!
    - - AA to make our undead charms harder to resist and last longer, similar to enchanter charm reinforcementsNo!
    - - A Reverse-direction Pestilent Paralysis type spell. Instead of "pushing" the mob xx feet in the direction you are facing & "pulls" the mob towards you xx feet and roots. Pulling Enhancement + group CC. Ultimate version would be on a seperate timer than pestilent paralysis to allow 2 CC options simultaneously.No!

    Pet Functionality
    - - Pet Burn like beastlords beastial alignment or magicians frenzied burnoutDone!
    - - Pet auto-position to rear of mob for backstab attacks similar to mercsNo!
    - - Pet receives self-only clicky effects / improved pet affinityNo!
    - - Swap Minion - exchange current pet for suspended petNo!
    - - Improved pet hold/ghold/focus/qattack that functions for swarm petsNot Yet! Code!
    - - Auto shrunk swarm petsNot Yet! Code!
    - - Rise Bones with smaller, transparent petsNot Yet! Code!
    - - Vastly increased power of pet innate lifetap (pet level +1 = sad benefit)No!
    - - Pet buffs that bestow procs (lifetap, hate, etc)No!
    - - Army of the Dead
    - - - - faster cast timeNo!
    - - - - eliminate corpse requirementNo!
    - - - - auto-shrunkNo!
    - - - - summon miniature transparent undead instead of animate corpsesNo!
    - - Combined swarm pet, very powerful, greys out AoTD, Rise Bones, Swarm of DecayNo!
    - - Second Life / Divine Save type buffNo!
    - - AA version of a super-taunt short-duration pet (like scapegoat was conceptualized as providing)No!
    - - Wake the Dead Ally - reanimate fallen comrade & assume their skills/abilities/spells as your own No!
    - - Passive ability for our main pet to destroy trivial mobs with huge damage hits like headshot, assassinate, etc.No!
    - - Standared pet increases to pet: flurry, crit rate, hp, mitigation, fortify companion, replenish companion and companions blessing.Done!

    Self Combat
    - - Killshot benefit with multiple random benefits of chaotic power, lifetap proc, twincast, hp/m tapNo!
    - - Extra rank(s) of current spires for more powerful effectsNo!
    - - Hastened spire usage for shorter reuse timesNo!
    - - New Fourth Spire of Necromancy that is a combination of 1st and 3rd spire & on different cooldown timerNo!
    - - AE version of Encroaching DarknessNo!
    - - On-Demand twincast for your next lifetapNo!
    - - On-Demand next lifetap is AE effectNo!
    - - On-Demand next DoT will twincastDone!
    - - Very powerful lifetapDone!
    - - Never-ending powerful DoT (100 tick) No!
    - - Fear with 100% fade on-castNo!
    - - Strong / Viscid root that is very tough to break from nukesNo!
    - - Hastened reuse time for Pestilent Paralysis seriesDone!
    - - AA-to-spell conversion of Shackle of Spirit (undead slow)Done!
    - - Desecrate ground, similar to cleric consecrate ground seriesNo!
    - - Burn ability on unique timer that increases spell damage, like glyph of destruction/cataclysmNo!
    - - Burn ability that increases DoT critical chance & consumes more mana, independant of current spire timersNo!
    - - LifeburnNo!
    - - - - Crit'ableNo!
    - - - - Improved recourse healing effectNo!
    - - - - Improved recourse DoT / HoT effectsNo!
    - - - - Twincast enabledNo!
    - - - - Faster Cast TimeNo!
    - - Activated Chaotic Power buff (like the beneficial proc on our Compel for Blood spell series)Done! Sort of, Funeral Pyre!
    - - Activated melee immunity w/ spell weakness ability
    - - Ultimate Feign Death that cannot be broken by spells (unresistable AE's & such)No!
    - - Low-HP triggered auto-feign or invulnerability similar to the Second Life series buffNo!
    - - Silent Casting - need more hastened series for faster reuseDone! And more extended silent casting!

    (First sort / categorization attempt done)

    end scrat edit; begin Forcallen original post

    Few ideas I have had lingering in my head, some of this is covered elsewhere but figured I would just toss out my ideas, not in any real order.


    • Innate Twincast Fixed - set this back to effecting dots.

    • Embalmers Carapace fixed - either last the described duration as is or copy something else like impenatrable for 18 seconds.

    • Scent of Terris resists - fix the resist mod on this so it actually lands on mobs it is needed for ie raid mobs.

    • Quickened Army of the Dead - need more ranks this AA the casting time should be .1 or instant cast, considering we already have the restriction of bodies to use it

    • Bloodmagic - Fixed to a set duration stages remove the proc effect that keeps it going since it is broken. Believe eli is looking into this already.

    • More ranks of Crit %,Crit Mod boost, Lingering Death, Mnemonic Retention - self explanatory
    • New Lingering Death for 2 tic dots - one more tic added to our 2 tic spells.
    • Improved Twincast AA - either exactly as nukers have currently on the 34 minute timer. Or if that is to scary for necromancers some dotting form with less procs and or a longer recast time.
    • Hastened Recast of Pestilent Paralysis - drop the recast time by some duration, getting it to like 1 minute or something. I believe shaman VP is has a much much shorter recast time, so make us pay more AA to get there. Rangers can do the same every 18 sec with their spell plus with a memblur.
    • Frenzied Burnout or Bestial Alignment (think thats bst version) - some form of pet burst, make ours just as strong but for a shorter duration or have a longer recast. Our pets basically get everything the other 2 pet classes have just usually in a lessor form yet the big numbers we see from the other pet classes main pets often are because they have a pet disc to use and we don't.
    • Self Only Cure - something to remove poison and disease maybe any harmful effect (corruption and magic) with a decent recast time. Not sure about anyone else but more and more when healing is light our casters often get lumped with necros and have to strictly rely on RB procs and pots to get thru AE's, debuffs etc. Would be nice to have a self only cure to keep us up when a healer out of group is spammed with cure tells and can't get to everyone.
    • Innate dot haste - something to get our dots down to .5 or 1 second cast times. There is no reason that this should not be in game already. Necros are the only class without some form of instant spells in their niche. Tanks all have instant or .5 casting aggro tools, healers all have some form of instant or fast casting heals, other dotters have instant or fast casting dots, nukers all have some form of instant or fast casting nukes. Yet necros are still stuck casting 2.2 cast time 2 tic dots and 1.7 cast time dots. This would not boost our sustained dps and would cut a few seconds off of our ramp time. Not asking for instant but fast casting to speed up our stack time and help with interrupts, lag etc. This might have to be adjusted in our spell data rather than an AA.


    • Dot Casting Time - drop our casting times to fall at .5 or 1 second with haste effects or AA. There is no reason other dotters get instant dots and we don't at least have faster casting dots. Every other spell niche has an instant form: aggro, heals, nukes etc yet dots still follow the original spell casting times of being 3 seconds, leaving us with 2.2 second 2 tic dots and 1.7 second casting normal dots at best.
    • Splirt/Splort - fix these so the bonus tickets apply to the end of the spell just like the original version worked. 42 seconds of nothing is awful making a situational spell into a not used at all spell. I know there is a limit into how much the damage can be raised per tic but find a way to have this start at like 800-1000 damage and on its last tick have a base hit of like 2200 - 2500. Bring back this spell line for long fights and make it worthwhile to cast the spell and wait 2 minutes.
    • Dunkelnacht Orb's orb - remove the lore tag from the summoned orb, like previous versions.
    • Sigil of the Moribund - bump the haste to 80 or 85% to match the other pet classes buffs. Why are we kept at 70%?
    • Scapegoat - spell currently does nothing but take up a spell book slot.

    • Compel for Blood - make this recourse have a minimal effect to it based on the ranks. Since the UF bp is going the way of the dodo and these days everything has a min max cap, add it to this proc. So rather than being 0-100 boost for 25 procs make it 10-100 for rank 1 of the spell, 15-100 for the rank 2 and like 25-100 for the rank 3 (more if you see fit considering this is from a 25% chance spell and its 25 procs are randomly applied to dot tics and randomly apply the damage boost.
    • Scorch Bones - make this spell actually turn a mob undead for some duration, can make it a percent chance to occur rather than done deal.
    • Folasar's Decay (Entire Disease line) - bring back the debuff component to these, or bump the damage drastically something like 1500 damage a tic since it has such a high resist rate. Be it an AC, HP, or Attack debuff, or even some debuff that makes the mob weak to another line like fire or magic or poison or corruption damage. Something needs to be done to this line as it currently has almost zero use outside of once a year some mob being disease weak.

    • + Spell Damage Mod - a few years ago the devs at the time changed how damage was added to dots from slot 3's and bard spire so that spell damage would work on dots. But from minimal testing the + spell damage mod still appears to do nothing for dots, I might be wrong but if I remove all foci for a spell and record the tics eventually I see the base damage listed and the max crit boosted by our AA crit line but never see any boost from removing tons or a few + spell damage mods.

    More to add later but back to work for now. Sure others have stuff to add to this list or want to rip into/comment on some of the fixes and requests.
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    A while ago I suggested they "fix" our regular disease dot by making it a melee slow akin to bards (50%). Leave the damage low since it can't do everything but if it could slow things it'd be worth using in some situations. Basically it gives us a "utility" dot.

    No many folks liked the idea, not sure why. Having a slow available would do wonders for us in groups, soloing, etc.
    Morrbidd Bynayture


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      - Allow the Summon Corpse line of spells and the Call to Corpse AA to work on members of your group who are a corpse and in hover mode, meaning they are still in zone.

      - Make an AA for a pet command to position your pet always behind a mob unless they are on the top of the agro list.

      - Increase the heal on Night Orb to at least 7k. This orb has stagnated over the past 4 versions of the spell.

      - Add corruption resist debuff to the Scent line of debuffs. Way to many resists on corruption spells that should never be resisted in the first place.

      - Replace the faycite for Dunkelnacht Orb with one for Scorch Bones or at least add one for Scorch Bones.

      - Increase the spell haste on Mercurial Torment from 15% to 17%. This will degrease spell cast time by .1 more seconds and make it more usable over plain cleric spell haste.


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        an aa to reduce reuse on spires, like other classes get


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          The thing about reducing spires is it will throw off the timer with the COA bp. I think the reduction at best is a minute to 1:30 so unless a fight lasts between 8 to 10 minutes you much much better off waiting to click spire until your COA robe refreshes, basically defeating the point of the reduction.

          I would much rather see a boost to the spires, additional ranks adding power to them. Or a 4th spire that either combines 1st and 3rd spire or adds some additional boost over 3rd spire. Like 35% chance to twincast dots during this time (stacks with enchanter aura) in addition to the current 3rd spire effect.
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            A reduction would still be good overall, even if it makes the reuse timers less pretty.


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              Enhanced Minion, passive.
              Requirements: pet affinity
              Details: This ability allows your pet to benefit from usable item activated effects that otherwise are self-only. Usage: targetpetbuff on
              Limit: invulnerability & heal effects are excluded.
              Limit: spell type (beneficial only)
              Limit: min duration (6 minutes)
              Limit: combat skills not allowed
              Limit: effect reaction radius excluded

              Usage: clicky form of defense, damage shields, regen, overhaste, etc
              --Retired, May 2012--


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                I wish pet swarm spells and AAs were affected by pet hold and pet focus. Major pita to have a mob off rooted and have these swarms start attacking it because they have no brain...


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                  I wish the swarm pets came out as shrunken shades, like from the draygun event.

                  I also recently asked Elidroth to consider an AA that gives us a % chance to defeat Silence similar to the bard AA "The show must go on."
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                    shrink pet aa like mages!


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                      Imobile Stance - immune to the effects of NPC push & all spell casting is non-interruptable while this is active. 30s duration, 5min reuse.

                      Frontal Stun Immunity, passive AA.

                      Corpse Beckon - When activated, the most recent corpse of your targeted player calls that player back to wherever it fell. Activated.

                      Ethereal Army of the Dead - Requires army of the dead rk 15 - when activated, summons 5 ethereal ghosts from the underworld to attack your target relentlessly until it is destroyed.

                      Quickened Ethereal Army of the Dead - reduces the casting time of this ability until it can be instantly activated.

                      Rise Shades - Requires Rise Bones rk 9 - when activated, summons 3 small ethereal shades from the underworld to attack your target.

                      Blooming Darkness - requires encroaching darkness - provides a targeted area effect that slows the movement rate of your targets

                      Bone Fingered Grasp - when active, your next lifetap spell will twincast and strike all enemies nearby.

                      Power of Warlock - when active, your next damage over time spell will twincast. Each rank increases the amount of spells this ability will impact by one.

                      Dire Insinuation Extinction - activated, provides a very powerful and instant means to fatally drain the life forces of your enemy.

                      Bestow Atrophic Meanderings - activated, inspires so much terror in your target that they cannot even call for help as they flee, nor will they remember your actions.

                      Kinetic Impartation of Lurid Locus - activated - this ability will damage your target every tick until it dies, or you die. Each rank increases the amount of damage.
                      --Retired, May 2012--


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                        Non- aggro to many undead, like druids and rangers get for animals. Not all but most. Passive preferred but an activated AA with 10 or so minute duration and 30min re-use be nice.

                        Viscid root type AA like other root casters get to make ours harder to break from nukes or taps.

                        Let lifeburn crit. And triple or more the recourse heal.

                        Desecrate ground, similar to cleric consecrate ground.

                        Undead slow as an AA same cast and recast as spell, all other slow casters have it I think, plus the spell is 50+ levels under us.

                        AA mana tap, same as the spell but each expac they could just put in a new level of the AA like they do with the gift of mana line and have them share timers.

                        Swap minion AA switches the pet you have out and the one in your pocket.

                        Stick a zero or more on our pet's innate lifetap so it is weak to useful instead of laughable.

                        Turn on twincast AA for dots, 4% innate isn't that unbalancing. Needing another class to twincast the 90% of spells we cast when no other twincast class does is insulting.

                        Put our gift of the grave illusions and lich illusions in global file so we can mount up.

                        Gift of Death, when activated will FD your targeted PC. Shares timer with Death's effigy. Good to save a cleric on a wipe. But hugely abusable so won't happen but hell it would be fun.


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                          Spell Wants
                          Pet buff that procs a lifetap (Defensively and Offensively) that also grants a mini aegis (From Offensive Procs only).
                          Spell: Unholy Aura
                          1: Add Defensive Proc: Unholy Defense rate mod 400
                          2: Add Proc: Unholy Assault rate mod 150

                          Proc: Unholy Assault
                          1: Decrease Hitpoints by 250 - (lifetap)
                          Recourse Effect
                          2: Block Melee or Spells (2) - (Mini Aegis)

                          Defensive Proc: Unholy Defense
                          1: Decrease Hitpoints by 350 - (lifetap)
                          Recourse Effect
                          1: Increase Chance to Avoid Melee by 50% -(Mini Spectral Guard)

                          Fear with snare that memblurs
                          Spell: Agonizing Screech
                          1: Trigger Effect: Agonizing Screech Doom on Fade
                          3: 100% Chance to trigger: Agonizing Fear
                          7: Memblur (100%)

                          Doom: Agonizing Doom
                          1: Memblur (100%)
                          2: Frenzy Radius (1)
                          3: Reaction Radius (1)

                          Fear/Snare: Agonizing Fear
                          1: Fear up to level 93(98 if expansion increases levels)
                          2: Decrease Movement by 90%
                          3: Frenzy Radius (1)
                          4: Reaction Radius (1)

                          MultiCast DoT's
                          DoT 1
                          Spell: Burning ShadowPyre
                          1: Add effect: Burning Shadow
                          2: Add effect: Burning Pyre

                          Spell: Burning Shadow
                          1: Increase Incoming Spell Damage by 5%
                          2: Decrease Hitpoints by 1290 per tick
                          3: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints allowed)
                          4: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental only)
                          5: Limit: Minimum Mana Cost (10)
                          6: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed
                          7: Limit: Target (Lifetap allowed)

                          Spell: Burning Pyre
                          1: Decrease Hitpoints by 1320 per tick
                          DoT 2
                          Spell: Hazy Venom
                          1: Add effect: Poison Haze
                          2: Add effect: Poison Venom

                          Spell: Poison Haze
                          1: Increase Poison Counter by 20
                          2: Decrease Hitpoints by 1560 per tick

                          Spell: Poison Venom
                          1: Increase Poison Counter by 20
                          2: Decrease Hitpoints by range(1400-1000 Decay over time)

                          DoT 3
                          Spell: DoomPyre
                          1: Add effect: Doom Reaper Pyre
                          2: Add effect: Doom Mortality

                          Spell: Doom Reaper Pyre
                          1: Decrease Hitpoints by 2550 per tick

                          Spell: Doom Mortality
                          1: Increase Curse Counter by 35
                          2: Decrease Hitpoints by 1900 per tick
                          I'd like to see our defensive rune spell be more like, gives us a HoT/Mana on Fade:
                          Spell: Reaper's Defense (Uses Cascading Deathshield Logic)
                          2: Mitigate Melee Damage by 100%, 5000 total
                          3: Increase Mana by 20 per tick
                          4: Trigger Effect: Reaper's Second Defense on Fade

                          Proc: Reaper's Second Defense
                          2: Mitigate Melee Damage by 100%, 10000 total
                          3: Increase Mana by 22 per tick
                          4: Trigger Effect: Reaper's Final Defense on Fade

                          Proc: Reaper's Final Defense
                          2: Mitigate Melee Damage by 100%, 15000 total
                          3: Increase Mana by 25 per tick
                          4: Trigger Effect: Reaper's Last Stand on Fade

                          Proc: Reaper's Last Stand (Lasts 3 ticks)
                          2: Increase Hitpoints v2 by 3000 per tick
                          4: Increase Mana by 100 per tick
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                            Spectral Anchor - This AA prevents a mob from summoning you. 25% chance per rank with 4 ranks.

                            Great for those "oops" moments when you forget to FD enough.

                            Angry Undeath - This activated AA puts a buff on your pet that increases the hate he generates.


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                              AA Wants
                              An innate killshot benefit that fires 50% of the time off of non-trivial kills.
                              Killshot: Reaped Essence
                              1: 25% Chance to trigger: Reaped Power
                              2: 25% Chance to trigger: Reaped Undeath
                              3: 25% Chance to trigger: Reaped Energy
                              4: 25% Chance to trigger: Reaped Renewal

                              Proc: Reaped Power (10-25 hits focused)
                              1: Increase Spell Damage by 100%
                              2: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints Allowed)
                              3: Limit: Min Duration (24.00 sec)
                              4: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental Only)
                              5: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed
                              6: Limit: Minimum Mana Cost (10)

                              Proc: Reaped Undeath (Next 5-6 Spells)
                              1: Trigger on Spell Cast: Reaped Undeath Strike (1000% Chance)
                              2: Limit: Minimum Mana Cost (10)
                              3: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints Allowed)
                              4: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental Only)

                              Proc: Reaped Undeath Strike
                              1: Decrease Hitpoints by 3000 (Lifetap) (-200 Magic Resist Check)

                              Proc: Reaped Energy (Next 5-6 Spells)
                              1: Increase Chance to Twincast by (100%)
                              2: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints allowed)
                              4: Limit: Minimum Mana Cost (10)
                              5: Combat Skills Not Allowed
                              6: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental Only)

                              Proc: Reaped Renewal
                              1: Increase Hitpoints by 3000
                              2: Increase Mana by 1500

                              Another Burn Ability - 10m reuse, 1m to 1m 30s duration, no hit limit
                              Spell: Reaper's Rage
                              1: Increase Spell Damage by 45%/55%/65% (Increases each rank)
                              2: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints Allowed)
                              3: Limit: Min Duration (12.00 sec)
                              4: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental Only)
                              5: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed
                              6: Limit: Minimum Mana Cost (10)

                              Another Burn Ability - 10m reuse, 1m to 1m 30s duration, no hit limit
                              Spell: Dark Bargaining
                              1: Critical DoT (10,20,30) (Increases each rank)
                              2: Increase spell cost by 60%/70%/80%

                              Pet Burn Ability - 10m reuse, 2-3m duration
                              Spell: Death's Awakened
                              4: Increase Haste v3 by 30%
                              7: Increase STR by 40
                              8: Increase Proc Modifier by 200%
                              9: Increase ATK by 480
                              10: Increase Chance to hit by 15% with All Skills
                              11: Increase All Skills Damage Modifier by 150%
                              12: Pet Flurry Chance (25)

                              Self Sacrifice Ability (Can be resurected later!)
                              - resurects for 100% and gives no negative effects (IE. no rez effects, full hp/mana).
                              Hastened Death's Effigy
                              - Get it down to 30s or so reuse
                              Hastened (Massively) Mercuial Torment
                              - Get it down to 10m or less please
                              More Ranks of Mercuial Torment that give a higher spell haste%
                              - Make it actually useful, make it last an hour and I may never need a cleric merc again.
                              Quickened Scent of Terris
                              - 1s or less cast time
                              More Ranks of Scent of Terris that decrease the resist mod and increase power of the debuff
                              - It's kinda silly to have to debuff before I can land my debuff when other aa debuffs are almost unresistable
                              Perfected Dead Man Floating (or just levitation)
                              Dead Men Floating (Group Version, make it an aa please)
                              Najeta - Not up to date...
                              My Bard - No Gear on magelo cause I got lazy...