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  • New AA "request"

    Smelidroth has once again stumbled his way on to the eq forums for AA input

    can post them on that link or post them here and we can make a very nice compiled list that will be ignored

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    I wouldn't mind an AA that lets you switch between suspended minion and the pet that is up. war rogue pet switch.


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      General Tab
      Summon Mercenary - Summons your currently active mercenary to your location much like Summon Companion aa
      Extended Spire - ( All Classes) Extended the duration on all spires by 12,24,45 seconds

      Quickened Death's Malaise (necro) - (faster cast time)
      Rise fron the Grave (necro) - Allows the Necromancer to regen 7.5k mana and 5.5k hp for 30 seconds and Silences the necro for 30 seconds (only usable with rez sickness) recast 5 minutes

      Dying Grasp (Necro) - Increased ranks to 3 and4
      Extended Frenzy of the Dead (necro) - Increases the Duration of the buff cast on pet
      Minions Thirst (necro) - Gives the necro pet 15 percent Increased mitigation and Allows the pet to Lifetap frequently (lasts 45s,60s, 90s) 3/3
      Devouring Mind Leach (necro) - Group Mind wrack(spell) WITH ENDURANCE.
      Hastened Mercurial Torment (necro) - reduces the cast time between uses by 6 minutes per rank. More ranks of this aa 4/5/6
      Hastened Levant (necro) - reduces the cast time on levant AA
      Hand of Death (necro) - More ranks please

      what i submitted


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        Damn the Druids and Wizards; I want a group Levant. I wouldn't mind an AA that could make our HoT taps crit. I like the switching between suspended pets idea. Does ext affliction affect our auras? It should if it doesn't. Especially with Slayer achievement farming. Permanent lich. That's all I can think of right now. YMMV, I'm a completely casual player and haven't raided since OoW.


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          He said start getting your ideas together, possibly for an aa chat?

          Do not pm yet. Also we have quite a nice list on that other site, may be better to post shit there so no one ganks.


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            Lets please use Archlich for most of the ideas, we all know what happens otherwise. We lost at least 2 good AA requests last year to other classes who ganked our ideas from here solely because luck of the draw had their classes AA day scheduled first. So by the time Eli got to necros he told us no to our idea after saying yes to the class that ganked it.

            I am on a 2 week vacation from the SOE boards (not even sure why) so I can't ask him myself nor would he likely respond but Xis can you see where the devs are leading us this time with AA. Like are we getting minimal dps AA and should push for weak stuff like pet dps or hastened stuff or fluff.

            IIRC Eli already approved and said the following would be added hastened PP (down to 40 sec recast), hastened convergence and hastened/improved embrace the decay, yet they never made it in. Can you see if he will add those before we get on to the new stuff.


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              Few things I've fancied for years, might as well mention them:

              Some easily coded (I imagine) and not particulary overpowering.

              -Pet AoE taunt.
              -Pet proc buffs/AA's (situational and swoppable, e.g a dps proc, an aggro proc)
              -self only summon pet gear (DUAL WEILD SCYTHES FFS BIG FUCKING SCYTHES!!!!)
              -AA horse with SK model.

              Then a few "wouldn't it be awesome if...." i.e highly unlikely to ever happen...

              -insta cast nuke/call for blood/lifetap/orb spell. particularly powerful with GoDR..
              -pet bomb, AA that causes all swarm/wtd etc pets to explode for mega damage (and hilarity) preferably with a nuclear mushroom cloud animation :P
              -Terminal dots - A triggerable, fast reuse AA that uses up remaining dot time to do a portion of the potentuial damage as a "nuke" or "mega dot tick" and ends the dot. Would be a boon to "groupers" possibly overpowering on raids? would need serious work (i.e will never happen)
              -Another "orb" but this time storing mana, would be more consistent with necro lore imo, give it a reuse timer to avoid abuse naturally.

              I know the dissaffected brigade will cry foul, but after my 2 year hiastius, to me the EQ necro is in a damn fine place these days. Across the board improvements to existing AA's, with one or two "new" AA's wouldn't be a disaster imo.

              We have good pets, better short fight dps (group wise at least) excellent solo toolset, good surviability, good self sufficiency. Quite a happy necro here, but I was spared the have/have not effect of nerfbloom, still is an awesome ability to me, even as it is.


              <prepares to duck> make a decision on our epic, fix it or leave it. Personally I'd be chuffed with a comparable crit AA line to make up the difference, necro be balanced against it for the future, and be allowed the freedom to choose a primary weapon of my choosing. (I.E a fucking big scythe!!)




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                one thing i love to see is a passive aa that would alow necros to do as much dps with just 8 or 9 dots as we do with 14+. something that would kick in after a necro has like 3 or 4 dots on but would stop working if the necro has more then 8 or 9 dots on the mob. here what i would like to see. take our top 14 -18 dots. take dots 10- 14/18 add their base damage per tick up and divide it by 9. Then have that base damage added each tick to every dots we have running(ie dots 1-9.) By having a min number of dots required to be going to have it kick in would I hope stop any isssues that we had with swift dots. and having a max number of dots would stop anyone form still casting a full 14+ dots and getting the extra dps form it and getting us nerfed.


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                  3 things i would like to see but prolly wont happen but i can dream right?

                  1) reduced timer aa for death bloom maybe get it down to a meet in the middle timer of say 5-6 min. i know it'll never happen but figured i would throw it out there anyway since in its form now even my necro in all group gear its doesnt even give half my mana back in return, seems a little out dated in comparison to current gear.

                  2) im gonna keep throwing this one out every time they ask for ideas. rez spell/aa, how about an aa that makes it like or pet spell where we have to have an EE in our bags to cast but doesnt consume it. Im not sure but it seems like the aa we get for a chance to not use the reagent doesnt work on the aa.

                  3) feign death, after 100 levels and many years of using it you would think that we would have perfected it by now. why not an aa to make it so FD doesnt fail anymore?

                  but im with alot of folks that say no more activated aas, i'd be happy with upgrades to the ones we have now, swarm pets, defensives, etc.


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                    I would also like to see something more with corpses.

                    Like no matter where a group member is you can call their corpse, necro CoH only they gots to be ded.

                    Also be nice if we could have an aa that takes us to our own corpse no matter where it is.


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                      FYI, this thread has been forwarded to Eli, so post away desires.
                      Xislaben The Rising Sun

                      My Dead Things


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                        How about another line of suspended minion that allows a suspended pet to last through death.

                        I would like to see a hastened pestilent paralysis.

                        more lines to the aa swarm pets and wake the dead to make them more worthwhile.

                        how about an aa that gets rid of the need to consume an EE when rezzing?

                        a longer undead mez would be handy


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                          Xis can you also pass along this list again since it seems like if the info doesn't come from the class rep it won't be viewed this go. This was a list put together from last year, some ideas were even approved but never went in.

                          Can you also have him look at the range code for "cascading decay" far to often we get out of range for the proc to land. Basically have to be on top of the mob for it to land or you are out of range for the effect. Last year he said he would look at it but it probably fell off his radar.

                          - Necroticbolt: some sort of pulling tool for run speed immune mobs.
                          - Quick Damage: another rank or two taking us from 10% to 15/20% for our nukes.
                          - Quick Damage for dots: either passive or activated something to get us to 50% when we have a raid haste item.
                          - Whisperwind: increased distance traveled from 30 units to 40 units.
                          - Vengeful Spirits: additional ranks.
                          - Destructive Cascade: additional ranks.
                          - Critical Affliction/Affliction Mastery/Blood Tithe/Greater Blood Tithe: additional ranks equal to epic boost and capped finally. IF EPIC IS BEING REMOVED.
                          - Hastened Dying Grasp: more ranks.
                          - Dying Grasp: additional ranks boosting power.
                          - Out for Blood: passive ability that increases the chance that our spell line "Impel for Blood" will trigger "Chaotic Power".
                          - Gift of the Grave: boosted spell and dot mitigation and/or possible removal of the cap for max per hit.
                          - Quickened Lifeburn: reduction in the cast time of the ability.
                          - Gift of Deathly Resolve: additional ranks increasing duration by a tic or two.
                          - Gift of Deathly Resolve: secondary recourse added that benefits nuking. Something like after the intial buff fades it casts a recourse on us that boosts nuke crit rate and/or nuke overcrit amount and/or nuke twincast rate (maybe something like every dot casted then procs a single counter that will twincast the next nuke casted).
                          - Ethereal Shadow: necro self only version of SOS allowing us to hide from both regular and undead mobs that can't normally see thru SOS. This could drain mana or hps when in use.
                          - Speed of the Wraith: increased base run speed. Necros kite and run more than just about any other class.
                          - Embrace the Decay: increased counters cured. He agreed to this.
                          - Hastened Embrace the Decay: recast time reduced. Agreed to this but again never went live.

                          - Hastened Convergence: recast time reduced. Never went live.
                          - Hastened Pestilent Paralysis: one final rank. He agreed to 40 sec recast but never went live.
                          - Lingering Death: one or two final ranks, then capped.
                          - Mirrored Pestilence: additional ranks.
                          - Extended Encroaching Darkness: additional ranks.
                          - Hand of Death: additional ranks that boost the minimal overfocus effect provided up from 25%.
                          - Frenzy the Dead: increased boost in power.
                          - Extended Frenzy: additional time added to "Frenzy the Dead" AA duration.
                          - Extended Swarm: additional ranks.
                          - Extended Embalmers Carapace: duration for overcrit portion extended by a tic per rank.
                          - Quickening of Death: additional ranks.
                          - Death's Wrath: additional ranks.
                          - Death's Fury: additional ranks.
                          - Veterans Wrath for Pet: passive AA line to increase the crit damage done from pet critical like veterans wrath does for melee.
                          - Shield Block: additional ranks.
                          - Staff Block: additional ranks.
                          - Sturdy Companion: additional ranks.
                          - Companion's Blessing: additional ranks.
                          - Companions Durability: additional ranks.
                          - Companions Agility: additional ranks.
                          - Lingering Nightmare: activated ability that places a buff to our pet which procs a large life tap attack upon successful melee attacks. Limited to some number of procs.
                          - Swarm of Decay: additional ranks, pets have not been boosted since House of Thule.
                          - Rise of Bones: additional ranks, pets have not been boosted since Veil of Alaris.
                          - Army of the Dead: additional ranks.
                          - Quickened Army of the Dead: additional rank or two.
                          - Replenish Companion: additional ranks.
                          - Rapid Strikes for Pet: something to passively increase the double or triple attack rate of our pet.
                          - Mark Grave/Return to Grave: necro self only secondary bind that can be used in places normal bind affinity can't.
                          - Destructive Fury: additional ranks.
                          - Fury of Magic: additional ranks.
                          - Healing Adept/Companion's Gift: ranks to improve our healing on pets.
                          - AA version of Zombieskin: AA version of our self only rune Zombieskin.
                          - Cascade of Decay: additional ranks increase the dot strength and range of effect, 9 out of 10 times you get the out of range message when it procs.
                          - Spectral Benevolence: activated ability that will cause our pet to absorb a certain percentage of incoming spell/dot damage on behalf of its master for some duration.
                          - Lingering Fear: passive ability the reduces the chance that a necros root spells are broken when a direct damage spell strikes the target. "
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                            I'd love a small range activated pet 1dd ae, so my pet can pick up those extra 2 adds instead of my merc getting faceraped


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                              Use the Black Powder Bomb for AE agro on pet. Procs like 400 AE damage every swing.