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Class BP focus and click effects

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  • Class BP focus and click effects

    Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

    Is this thing on?

    Ok, so, throw out some idea for a class BP focus and click effect!

    N.B. While I will of course pass along any and all suggestions, I can all but guarantee you that anything with a % damage increase, especially for the click, will be laughed at.
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    10 count buff with dd procs.


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      10 count buff that adds damage to the Cascade of Decay.


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        bp click

        A duel Inviz, Invis UD click.
        Lots of places now where you want both on, and as necros generally work alone, TahDah!


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          summon pet rat that has 1k hp


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            Originally posted by Voodoman View Post
            summon pet rat that has 1k hp
            At least it will tank better than our actual pets do.



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              I would like to see a BP focus that affects more than 1 spell at a time. The problem with Marnek is I only cast it about 1 time every 1:06 on raids. In group content Marnek only ticks at most 5 times before the mob dies.

              2 extra ticks added to Embalmer's Carapace for raid BP was an idea that I think Forcallen mentioned. I think enchanters have a bug with their BP focus that extends IoG. Maybe want to see if that is true first.

              What about a worn focus that increases the DoT crit damage multiplier. Passive AA's give us 315% and we can gain an extra 470% through various active AA's and spells. Why not add this type of effect to our worn BP focus that adds about 5-10% to the DoT crit damage multiplier? That way we do not lose half or more of a worn focus on fast dying group mobs and can benefit from it more than once a minute on raids.

              Other ideas are appreciated as well.
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                Chandrok said he won't extend Embalmers, he said bp clicks and their focus are not supposed to be to powerful and extending that would be to much power.

                I like the idea of the focus effect being 5-10% more passive overcrit as its always on for everyone and isnt to game breaking but if we like it that means he won't.

                I really don't know about the click, don't play much anymore since all the stupid. As others pointed out a self damage click to proc HoD that has some other recourse like damage or a nuke proc buff or something, this should be a flat reduce your hps by 35% and not set hp number so it works for all. Or a 10-20 counter nuke proc buff that offers a decent damaging nuke proc for every dot cast that costs 200 mana every time it procs.


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                  what about the extra crit stuff as acked for but alaos a group of swarm pets from the click to attack your target :P i love pets!!


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                    Originally posted by Aegrusnecrox View Post
                    At least it will tank better than our actual pets do.

                    you can't tank 2 mobs with your pet anymore? wtf soe


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                      Originally posted by forcallen View Post
                      I like the idea of the focus effect being 5-10% more passive overcrit as its always on for everyone and isnt to game breaking but if we like it that means he won't.
                      Chandrok just replied to my idea and said, "Typically a BP focus does not affect more than a single spell line. To do otherwise would make the effect more powerful than intended and not easily replaced. It should be considered a small bonus to a particular spell line or ability."


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                        T4 raid robe is better then cotf robe .
                        66.6k dmg VS 10k dmg that heals for 40 percent.
                        47 min 110 percent Pyre of Marnek
                        VS 6 percent Pyre of Marnek
                        whats best ?
                        i wear t4 hof , i have cotf but i dont like the click.

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                          Pyre of ???

                          Pyre of ???
                          is our best spell line
                          unless they give us back swifts on raid mobs
                          but they wont do that , we would again out do wizzies .
                          wizzies now can crit more then 350 k , we can do with swifts 150k crits but we can not use swifts on raid named .
                          give necros back swifts on raid mob we could do 450 k dmg X 3 spells
                          wizzies cant have that , cause verant made us the best !
                          soe loves wizzies
                          soe HATES necromancers
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                            I AM

                            IM a FULL caster
                            like wizzies mages necromancers
                            i as a necromancer am NOT a utility class
                            i am a full caster!


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                              GD drunk fuXx
                              yes well i tell soe the truth not like you guys
                              necros are the best int class
                              wait dont tell the truth
                              what that soe nerfed us back to hott ?
                              i was doing 85k dps dmg with hot spells
                              and so yeah im doing that again with full cotf raid gear
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