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    I am inconsistent at turning on tribute, and now for some reason I can not see what I have set up in my tribute window without going to the tribute person. Either way it has me thinking if i have the right one/s running. It have a hard time determining the meaning behind the description, probably thinking too hard.

    I do not use any in group but in raid i use

    Twinge of Pain ll
    Visions of Suffering ll

    Seem kind of the same too me based on description, or at least my interpretation.

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    Twinge of pain hastes dots better than cleric spell haste. A MUST.

    Visions saves some mana.

    I would get a spell haste tribute as well. It is crap compared to cleric haste but is nice in a pinch after a rez.


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      All tributes are considered worn buffs.

      Twinge of Pain II (33% DoT haste) stacks with cleric spell haste (11% spell haste) cause one is a worn buff and the other is a spell buff. Twinge of Pain II does not stack with the raid leg focus (23% spell haste), but Twinge is 10% better for DoTs.

      Visions of Suffering II (25% detrimental preservation) does not stack with raid shoulder focus (23% detrimental preservation), but it is 2% better preservation for DoTs.

      Spell Haste tribute is not better than raid leg focus so not really worth using. Only reason to use this is if you do not yet have legs with current focus that matches your level.


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