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class issues? anybody here? Bueler?

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  • class issues? anybody here? Bueler?


    So hit me up with ideas about new AA's, and any existing class issues you think should be addressed.
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    Maybe it's just me, but weren't we once upon a time able to tell if we had a tank or rogue pet by the model it was? I would like that again. Or maybe I do look close enough.


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      I would like some more pulling/splitting abilities.

      I would like Lifeburn and AA tap to be on same timer.

      I would like faster refresh on Lifeburn

      With lack of corpses with advanced loot... maybe it's time for some other mechanism to summon red con swarm pets. like can be done with Army of the Dead/Wake the Dead.

      Corruption/Curse cure added to embrace decay

      Some more pet heal/defense spells made into AAs

      Flesh to Poison, and Bestow <the proc a tap spell I never use> have an AA version.

      A fade without FD... we just die in the mob's memories. Mostly because a side effect would be that we could double invis ourselves if it worked the same way as bard fade does and not break fragile spells.

      More dot extention AAs

      More innate twincast.

      More extended Embalmer's Carapace and Gift of Deathly Resolve

      Upgrade to Embalmer's Carapace.

      I am sure there are more and better ideas out there. I just wanted to add something to this thread.


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        New AA:
        Continue to memorize spells without interruptions. This applies to AEs only. I believe we can already mem-swap through sinkholes and pushes. As an alternative, could ask for an AA that allows the necromancers to memorize spells while standing.

        Old AA:
        Reluctant Benevolence (New ranks make this 6 min duration, 6 min reuse AA now passive)
        Scent of Terris (New ranks add a Corruption Weakness effect, 1-11% focus)
        Death's Malaise (New ranks make this a 70% slow, on par with slow proc belts)
        Hand of Death
        Death Bloom
        Frenzy of the Dead
        Lingering Nightmares (More Charges, Bigger Damage)
        Feigned Minion (New ranks allow for feigned minion to trigger pet fade once every 30 seconds)
        Cascade of Decay
        Dead Men Floating (New rank adds corruption resist)
        Self-Sacrifice (damage the caster through runes)
        Convergence (Has a chance to not use an EE)
        Summon Remains (upgrade to group version on same 1 min timer)

        Hastened AA:
        Hand of Death
        Mercurial Torment
        Gift of Deathly Resolve
        Embalmer's Carapace
        Dying Grasp
        Blood Magic
        Lingering Nightmares
        Frenzy of the Dead

        Quickened AA:
        Quickened Blood Magic
        Quickened Levant
        Quickened Lingering Nightmares
        Quick Swift DoT (similar to Quick Damage)
        Quick DoT (might as well ask for it)

        Extended AA:
        Gift of Deathly Resolve
        Hand of Death
        Embalmer's Carapace
        Frenzy of the Dead

        Pet Run Speed
        Embrace Decay cures pet as well
        Replenish Companion cures pet as well
        Hastened Backstab (1 sec per rank)
        Summon Death's swords (2 pet only swords with lifetap procs. Add 23% haste to them)

        Swarm Pets:
        Army of the Dead (New ranks work without corpses, more like monster summoning)
        Expanding Swarm of Decay (this line increases the range that the archers can be summoned from the NPC)


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          Are the IRC AA chats dead now?


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            suspended minions persist through death

            aura that allows all melee attacks to proc a lifetap effect

            warrior and rogue pets with distinct appearance or at least indicator in pet window

            new levels of suspend minion allow for swap minion

            not likely to happen, but a pet inventory window

            and maybe I'm dumb, but a way to summon corpse without player in zone (if you have consent)

            edit: adding:
            punt (with confirmation box) a players corpse to their bind (player targeted or corpse targeted): We died and I don't want to go fetch corpses to rez and then gate back and camp out, let me summon them across zones (or push them) and then call it a day.

            idea: what if new "suspend minion" (or spell) would create a lore/no drop item to re-summon pet which could persist through death but consumed an EE & or Coffin? I have no idea how to handle the mechanics of buffs / items, may not be possible.
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              I may be incorrect on this but I am under the impression that at this time our rogue pet had a helmet and our war pet did not? I rarely use rogue so I would have to check that fact.

              I like the swap minion idea I would use rogue pet more I think

              And I would like a double inviz aa for regular+undead, even on a 10 min timer

              I also like making a rank to reluctant benevolence so its passive. all classes have too many buttons these days. Save us from carpel tunnel plz.


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                Newer Pet focues don't effect older pet swarm spells like the Os Avus EM XXIII only works on the call skeleton mob while if i wanted to focus all my swarm pet spells i'd need to wear a EM XIV item

                It would be nice if pet focuses worked atleast as well as older pet focuses on lower level swarm pet spells since no other spell focus has a cap/degrades on lower level spells only higher ones

                New AA(or spells)(i want more use out of essence emeralds or i'll never get rid of these 700 stacks)
                a version of Dying Grasp that heals your whole group+pet that consumes a essence emerald
                AA version of infusion with ranks to give more mana
                Phylactery - A Self DI that requires essence emeralds
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                  Imbue Ally, part of the necrotize ally line but completely changed. I would like to see a much longer duration for this buff. At least an hour.


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                    Make Call to Corpse and the spell line work on corpses of people in the 5 minute hover mode.

                    The cleric's AE rez now works on corpses of people in hover mode. Maybe some of the same coding is there.


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                      I still say it's time for a pet change. We have had the rogue and warrior pet for years. Mages get to choose between four pet classes. I suggest we get our flying kick monk back and some kind of spell casting wizard pet.


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                        Originally posted by FCseven View Post
                        I still say it's time for a pet change. We have had the rogue and warrior pet for years. Mages get to choose between four pet classes. I suggest we get our flying kick monk back and some kind of spell casting wizard pet.
                        Hah, I'd love to see dev's faces when that suggestion is first offered.
                        Xislaben The Rising Sun

                        My Dead Things


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                          A monk pet once again would be nice to have, but I have to agree. Being a fly on the wall to see the Dev's faces would also be nice.

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                            I would just be happy if there was a real dps difference between the warrior pet and the rogue pet. The backstab damage barely makes any difference currently.