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  • New SWTOR Forum from NT Creators!

    Hey everyone,

    Finally is ready to launch. I know a couple of you here may be interested, and are playing SWTOR. I also know a few of you mentioned you would help out kicking things off despite not playing SWTOR.

    Necrotalk really has such a strong community, with really helpful and friendly members. I am hoping I can recreate this for SWTOR. However this is no easy task. Right now members are coming in, but things are a bit quiet. So I was hoping some of you would consider to help out by getting the conversation rolling, so things are active when new members roll in!

    Oh, did I mention there is something in it for you?

    I have 8 pieces of SteelSeries hardware to give away. Check out the contest page here:

    All you need to do is:

    a. Make 5 posts to enter the weekly drawing
    b. Write a guide or two (winner will be chosen)

    So far there is very little competition yet for this week! Feel free to post your comments/questions/suggestions here. And thanks again for making Necrotalk great! A forum admin could only wish to have such a killer community as NT.

    NT Owner/Admin
    TB Owner/Admin
    Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
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    Oh, Also:

    I made an NT group over at the forums. Just PM ToRobot if you want me to add you.
    Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
    Help support and +++Become a SUBSCRIBER today!