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  • Big Forum Update...

    Hi everyone, you may have noticed something new around here. Just a tiny bit...

    We upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin. We were running an OLD unstable, and unsecured version from about 10 years ago So now the site is hosted in "vBulletin cloud" and should remain up-to-date and managed by vbulletin staff. This means our forums will always be updated to the latest version of vbulletin including security patches etc.

    One drawback is the old look-and-feel is gone. I will be working over the next week or so on improving the look and feel here as much as I can (vbcloud is more limited in style customizations).

    You should notice alot of cool new features, but all the same old content should be transferred. Please let me know if you are missing anything and post it here. You may need to re-upload things like signatures and avatars, but otherwise attachments and such should be in-tact.

    Thanks again for all the support, your donations helped pay for this migration!

    Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
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    Woah, is this heaven? Send me back to hell...