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    I was once playing with a guy 3-boxing a warrior/cleric/shammie and another guy boxing a monk/druid. The guy 3 boxing kept telling me he needed twitch (I was already mind wracking). I said, wtf how is it possible you need twitch with slows from your shammy and CH from the cleric and your warrior tanking, especially with a druid for spot heals and extra spell dps and monk melee dps.

    Then I looked carefully to see that he wasn't using canni and that he was dotting with the shammy. So I said, stop dotting or the next time you ask for a twitch the monk will be recieving my mana before him...

    That monk was twitching like an epileptic!

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      twitch requests are the fastest way to land on ignore for me. I'd rather be told off..that's more forgivable.

      Rifting sucked, back for more.


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        i remember twitching! i really didn't mind doing it if we had just wiped and everyone was rebuffing...i would mindwrack once in a while if i was in a good group and the mobs were dying too fast to do anything else...

        if i was in a group and we were doing so poorly that the cleric was oom and everyone else was oom and needed bet your ass i was oom too, because i was dumping it all in dps trying to help bring down the mob...of course my regen was a lot better than theirs *whistle* but still...

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          Originally posted by Khyandys View Post
          In summary, ..snip... you are.. brainless and ..snip... this just shows that you are not truly interested in playing the game; you want other classes to carry you through it so you don't have to think.
          Khyandys summed up my thoughts precisely above.

          I personally am the first person to load up twitches on a group / raid wipe to get buffs / casters up quicker so we can lessen the "sit around" time, but even so I constantly put it in group or say to state M levels so we can ALL be FM the same time.

          The necros that have raid hotkeys to state M levels from all the healers on raid so can twitch to their hearts content, now that is just baffling and sad. Got a few IG email's from such stating their spell setups; I read these every once in awhile for a good laugh and to shake my head why they haven't /deletetheirnecro yet.
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            I would wave around my abnormally huge dps cock in their face, and then proceed to ram them in the ass with the fact that my dps saves the clerics more mana than they would gain with me twitching them.

            Thats how I would reply.



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              Just ask a rogue to bind wounds on the tanks while the clerics med for a tick or 2 it's about as effective as our twitching.


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                He replied to me, saying "I am playing my main, thank you". Then something about spell set or ability application blah blah blah. /shrug. It's sad when people are too clueless to give you a nice laugh.

                Ohh well, tornadoes, lightning strikes and traffic accidents..maybe one of them catch that dude and the IQ of where ever he lives can jump a few points.

                Rifting sucked, back for more.


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                  A Darwin hopeful you think?
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                  Message of the day - Zandramadass has removed twitch from his spell book due to his desire to avoid further punishment for others shortcomings.
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                    "Man Impales Self With Keyboard", news at 6.


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                        reading this made me think back to the differant shammies i have had ask me for twitches becuase they were lom, I didn't even respond to them.


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                          Originally posted by Jebasiz_Quoting_Some_Noob View Post
                          Negative, first i really could care less WHAT perception people have of necro's as a class, mana battery or otherwise. The fact still remains that we DO have the capability of being a mana battery, that isn't going to change. We will always be able to twitch and we will always be able to mind wrack. Because that is a fact, and is not going to change, it is to our best interest that we make it as useful and efficent as possible. The idea that our mana is better served doing dps instead of twitchin another class doesn't make sense. There are plenty of fights that will drain other classes of mana far before we are drained.... at that point do we just solo the mob? If the cleric runs out of mana and the tank dies because of it, all we are left with is soloing the mob ourselves. Passing our mana to a wizzy who can drop some serious damage on the mob would be far more useful that hoping we can kite the mob long enough to kill it, or hope the dots we have on it will kill it while we are FD, or hope we can nuke enough to equal what a wizard could put out.

                          Taking the stance of "I'm just not going to mem twitch and i'm going to fight to make sure it doesn't get upgraded by never using it" is just compounding the problem. The necro class is well known for having few spells that actually help others, and also then carries the stigma of not being team players. Necros that refuse to twitch and refuse to mind wrack take that stigma and run with it. I am a team player and always will be, and get compliments in every group i'm in because i WILL actually help the group, twitch and mind wrack. I'd much rather be looked at as a mana battery that people WANT in their group than a DPS necro who only cares about trying to do more damage than the wizards.
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                          Though there are the rare exceptions for when it is not overwhelmingly stupid to use twitch (ie, the mob is totally spell immune, wipe recovery and you're bored, enc/clr alt doing ts imbues), I've been through almost all the raid content in PoP, GoD, OoW, DoN, DoDh, PoR, TSS, and TBS, and to date twitch has never been required to beat anything. Maybe you should stop enabling other people who play their class poorly so you can learn how to play yours well.

                          I've no objection to mind wrack/flay on long duration events where a necro is grouped with multiple clr (tank,tank,clr,clr,clr,nec), or in grouping situations.
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                            I just saw this because I don't frequent inferno at work. I did one time by accident, I got red button popped up. opps!

                            Fark him and the horse he road in on. I agree 100% with Khyandys' comemnt.

                            The people who cannot play a necro are the ones who play it as an alt. Mind you, I'm an alt-aholic, but I really find it painful to play any other class now. I rarely log onto them. If the person cannot take the time to learn their class, they're posers. Read the boards, ask in game, do your ****ing homework!

                            I posted my wtf moment a while back. I'm convinced she's an alt and it really shows. I only know 1 player who plays a necro an alt & has any sense.

                            Tell this looser they fail at life and to reroll!
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                              there are no alt necros that i have met that know anything about the class.
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                                Always take the path of least resistance. Tell them "sure I'll twitch" and then don't. No one really pays attention that much to notice.
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