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    How and when will a pet assassinate? I keep thinking of a rogues ability, but isn't that level restricted? If I'm with a group and fighting red con's - will my 63 pet have a chance of assassination when the mob hit's x hit points? Or even if I'm kiting blue's/yellows - will it still do it then? What type of frequency will it occur at?
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    I believe it's only applicable to mobs below level 46... so if you're kiting low light blues, you might see it happen .


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      I have only seen it whilst kiting in Dulaks Harbor...is pretty cool to see pet hit for 32000hp.
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        remember it is also very rare for it to go off. So likely you will only see it when you are kiting low blues (46 still lb at 63?) or greens. I don't think I have ever seen it honestly, if I was ever killing mobs that were applicable for it to go off, I was always using LoZ (ie. why bother kiting when LoZ can man handle the mobs?).
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