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Twinking your pet beyond godliness

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    Very good guide. What you forgot to mention was how addictive mag weaps are. It's really hard to go and solo without them now. Now Gibabner's been in rehab for 1 mo. and still has the shakes. Always askin me, " May we stop at POK and get some mag weaps Master ?" Junkie pets, sheesh !


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      wouldn't it be great if using reclaim energy gave you back anything you've given to your pet?

      i didn't even think of going to bazaar and getting cheapo weaps..duh...that would beat the hell out of trying to find a damn mage when i want toys...they are never around when you need them...and i hardly ever see mage summoned stuff i bazaar...though i do look heh

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        I think you should get back pet weapons unless the pet is killed in battle. I would have my pet with uber weapons though. Just think for pets running around with wurmslayers (not that I'd spend that much)

        I always wondered why you can't remove items from a pet though. Maybe EQ will let you soon. If anyone played diablo 2 when you hire a guy you can equip them and remove it at any time.



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          Originally posted by Hellter@Mar 5 2004, 11:59 PM
          As Soulsapper said the lariat drops are pretty rare. I was there getting summon corpse at 49, at first I couldn't find the room so I went on a all out killing spree, ended up with 2 lariats and about 8 daggers of dropping in 3 hours.
          I have taken my Sarryn's companion / child of bertox into sp and I used to come out with 10 or more in an hour, now I can totally obliterate the entire zone and only get 3 in an hour or so... seems extremely unfair to spend so much time getting something that lowby for our pets. Mages can summon all sorts of stuff for their pets, sure would be nice to be able to summon a phantom blade of paralyzation for our pets. :-)
          None.. don't play EQ anymore.. just WoW.


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            Originally posted by Captain_Crunch@Mar 20 2004, 08:20 PM
            And no I do not have begging skill but I have NEVER heard in my entire time playing this game (pre-kunark to before PoP, then starting up again post-PoP) of begging getting any more then money, and not much at that. Trust me you will NEVER get ANY items, including the weapons, from anything including your pet.
            I can attest that this was not always so, though I havent tried with my rogue to pp anything off a pet in a LONG time. Used to a rogue most certainly could pp items that were given to a pet. I have no idea if this still holds true. I guess I should go try it with my rogue to see if you still can.
            None.. don't play EQ anymore.. just WoW.


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              i belive that the pet ignores weapon delay and damage theese days only thing that weapons are used for now is procs. and some say u need 2 wepaons to activate dual wield.


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                One of our pets does need two wep to dual wield want to say 24 may be wrong. Pets do ignore dly that was changed a long time ago when handing 2 rusty daggers to a pet ment you were god of the zone. Dmg on wep only matters if double the dmg would be mroe then pets max hit. There is an axe from burning woods giants that is something like 50dmg 100 delay which can be handed to pet then get a 1hand wep and he will dual wield the 2h and a 1h wep. the thunder staff i think it is has 31 dmg stun proc on it and can be stuc in maind hand while pet offhands a mage wep or gnoll lariat. 2h wep also have increased chance to proc as I have been told so more stunnage and if pet max hit is less then 62 will add some dmg to pet.
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                  Originally posted by Captain_Crunch@Mar 4 2004, 10:32 PM
                  Twink out your pet! find out what armor you can give him
                  A lot of you don't know about how you should twink out your pet, what equipment to give him and the like. Well I am here to enlighten you on your pet twinking situation . A pet's equipment is just like the equipment we wear-- with an exception to the weapons. You can give him ANY piece of equipment--breastplate, helmet, belt, if you can wear it he can wear it (and sometimes even when you can't wear it). Not many people know when making a new necromancer you can twink out your pet as well as yourself, for considerably less too. There is not much more to be known about this as obviously everything that is found out is rather theoretical (the only way people know the armor works in the first place is comparing figures since obviously the graphic doesn't show on the models). As I found in an earlier forum however for some reason shields can fit in your pet's range slot. Ill probably be doing some experimenting on exploiting the armor system later, though except for the fact your pet can wear anything (and apparantly every slot can be filled despite the slot it is "supposed" to go to) it wants to.

                  What to beat up mobs with-the pets weapon guide
                  Anyway the main decision of what to give your pet comes to the weapons. Unlike the armor the pet is VERY different in how your pet and you associate with weapons. The pet has a natural delay without using weapons, as obviously shown when you don't have any weapons on him. As you slowly increase in pets, that delay decreases. However when applying weapons to your pet the delay is COMPLETELY--thats right COMPLETELY ignored. The damage the pet does comes down to whether or not the damage on the weapon is better then the innate damage that the pet does. if the damage the weapon (or weapon's) does is less then the pet attack it ignores the weapon altogether, and despite showing (graphic and text messaging) that your pet is using a weapon all of the statistics come from your pets base attack. So what does this mean to you, and more specifically how can you exploit this?

                  Taking advantage of the system (what to give your pet and why)
                  At lower levels the damage your pet does is everything. Now that you know that delay doesn't affect your pets attack, what are you going to do about it? well since your pet can't dual wield until the 30's what I suggest is getting a low cost high damage insanely high delay sword from the bazaar (I am too lazy to look it up right now but I remember a "reaver" sword with a 51/112 attack/delay which would be PERFECT for your pet) and keep a couple of those along with you when you decide to go hunting. Your friendly mage will probably make some phantom armor for your pet and stick it in a neat bag for you, and despite being rather useless at higher levels this helps A LOT for lower level pets (they can survive 3-4 times as long on this stuff). Remember preparation is the key. After you have your sword and armor, (note tyou should only be doing this 30 and under when you get your dual wield go to the next paragraph) go watch your pet demolish everything in its path :blink: .

                  lean, mean, dual-wielding machine(going from damage to procs).
                  You are probably asking yourself "why would I go to procs my pet still does more damage with 2handed swords?". Well the simple answer is that once you are dual wielding that means that it doesn't get activated (well then again I am not sure I think verant fixed that in their overhaul when LoY came out) until you have two weapons, but like I said don't quote me on that. However I DO know if you are still using 2handed weapons that you DO void the double attack/dual wield abilities. Would you prefer to be attacking twice for 40 or quading for 30? Of course unless you are insanely twinked you cant afford two 1 handed weapons that outdo your current damage. So where does that leave you? Well the answer is to turn to weapons that proc. Now unless your a millionaire you are not going to find many weapons that you can afford for a pet that procs, but I only use 2 kinds of weapons in that department: the gnoll hide lariat and mag summoned weapons.
                  mag summoned weapons are good for most kiting situations, where the pet is coming from behind. the reason for this is because the proc is a damage spell, and although increasing aggro this is the best for damage output. of course you aren't always going to be in a kitable situation, and this is where you should invest in gnoll hide lariats (they drop off level 30 guys in the splitpaw a real cinch). if you are pet tanking these proc a stun, and proc quite often, so your pet gets hit less and ultimately gains A LOT of aggro, which means no being pwned by a 400-quading mob!

                  What to kill with... (specific mag equipment and wrapping up)
                  Basically there are 3 weapons and 2 GOOD pieces of armor that you can buy/bum off a mage. The weapons are hand of ixblat(u should be using this until your 49 pet, read ahead to find out), Blade of the kedge (procs only on the 49+ pet and up) and the blade of... walnan I think (procs again 49+). The two armors is the muzzle of mardu and the belt of the magi'kot. I still use these are level 52 and I find them as useful as anything (unless farming, and usually still then, I don't go anywhere without these). You aren't missing out on a whole lot without the two blades, the three weapons are exactly the same, and the procs the same damage-- the only difference is the type of sv they are (hand = fire, walnan = magic, kedge = cold). The gnoll hide lariats drop from gnolls in SK, and in the splitpaw, they are a cinch 40+ so don't worry about dying (and if you are lucky you might grab our 39 summon corpse while you are there, though thats pretty deep).

                  Quick summary of your now almighty pet

                  Except for attack/delay, treat your pet as another person. Pretty much if a pc can wear it, and in the case of mag even if they can't, your pet can wear. not many people know you can give armor to them, but it does help at early levels so DO IT. Treat your pet well, my young necromancer, and you will go far.
                  Ummmm, Sorry i disagree with your suggestion. First of all Necromancer pets only need weapons. Their stats when changed do not make barely any change. But i WOULD suggest asking your magician friend to summon you pet weapons (one is h2h best for lower lvls because it procs, and one is slashing weapon which procs at lvl 40) a summoned haste belt with some stats that has 500hp on it, and a mask that has haste on it. If you are pretty desperate, you can always get Phantom gear. Their is no reason to give your pet your hard earned money =) Also because of the new patch that allows your pet to zone, get buffs for your pet =)

                  Hope this helps.
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                    First of all Necromancer pets only need weapons. Their stats when changed do not make barely any change
                    This is very untrue.

                    Level Spell Name Hit Points Damage Skills
                    12 Convoke Shadow 200 16 / 6(normal) Bash

                    Ok with just summoned Hand of Ixibilat(sp?)

                    Boner does about 20 hit damage and 6 bash damage.
                    With just the gear (no wep) he does about the same.
                    The gear adds hp and +10 to all stats.

                    With both he does about 21-25. I just tested this today and it seems the stats do make a difference. THough it might be a smaller difference then just the weps it is still noticable.


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                      Door....didja HAVE to quote the ENTIRE initial post....DUH :P
                      And then post poopie?


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                        seriously its called a reply for a reason. Quoting the original post, unless singling out a singal part, just takes up space.


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                          Don't melles get a discipline Disarm that knocks the weapons from their opponents hands or something like that? I wonder if we could use a melee to get back at least weapons from boner? Worth trying out I guess.


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                            Might be interesting to try. I could duel my wifes ranger this evening and try it out, will use a low level pet that wont hit for crap and just have her disarm it. Neat idea.
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                              A point mensioned but not talked to was buffing your pet. A level 1 pet with Temperance (20p or so) suddenly has 800hp and 5 times that AC, add to that the 500hp from the summoned girdle and your lvl 1 pet rocks you to lvl 16 in an hour or so. (FoB lvl 1-5, Kurns Tower lvl 6 - 16)

                              Once you get a 49 pet, Virtue and a host of long durations Shammy buffs become availible. Virtue can last over 4 hours. 1400hp plus 500hp with the summoned girdle.

                              My lvl 49 pet when buffed has over 4K hp (noted from cleric heal). Not a bad killing machine.

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                                Well you are in for a treat people. Pets can take spells from any level. ANY level, which includes virtue, from level 1. get your pet FoS and virtue instead of temp and he just will not die.