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Twinking your pet beyond godliness

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    49 pet has 2400 HP
    53 only 1600
    56 closer to 1800.

    Numbers are approximate.

    Now lets give pets their own forum so these things can be split out into separate threads instead of mashed into this long chain.
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      Originally posted by Captain_Crunch@Aug 19 2004, 12:11 AM
      Well you are in for a treat people. Pets can take spells from any level. ANY level, which includes virtue, from level 1. get your pet FoS and virtue instead of temp and he just will not die.
      Have you actually tried that with lower level pets? They specifically changed pets to follow the same level rules as their owners about 2 patches ago. Prior to that pets were not restricted at all on buff levels, but they are now unless it's broken (which may be the case and why I asked if you tried it).
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        Damage and Delay...

        I REALLY wanted to make this a separate thread in a Pet Board but that does not seem to be working out. :angry:

        Anyway, I have seen a TON on Pet Information. But one thing I do not know is the pet Delay. I mean they ARE melee classes so they would have a Delay and a Damage factor. This does nto APPEAR to be weapon related, but may it is and it is unclear. :blink:

        I want to know what my Pet's delay is, how I can improve that (beyond just Haste stuff and spells). So is a pet a Delay 20 by default and that changes to match the weapon? If I have a very low delay weapon is he Ginzu?

        Gang, I think knowledge on our pets is lacking in general. I had a good friend, a rogue, explain the whole Delay vs Damage vs Dual Wielding vs Double Attacking thing and it is kind of cool. But I do not have the correct information on my pet and therefore I doubt I am making the best use of his talents.

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          The pet's approximate delay as Child of Bertoxxolous is about 35 -- 3.5 seconds between each new attack round. That means his Rune of Death delay is around 2.4, or about two and a half seconds between attacks. However, due to quad-attacks, he seems to be constantly in an attack animation, because the slices never catch up to the number of attacks he actually makes.

          Weapons haven't altered pet delay in years, but two-handed weapons cause the pet to lose his dual-wield ability, which is bad unless you're below Level 29 or so. There was a thread somewhere that had the exact delays calculated, but you can do the math yourself, really -- every second that passes in-between one round-opening swing and another is considered '10' delay. Just get a stopwatch.
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            I know for a fact that damage does not affect pet's delay. There is a reason for this two. Back in the day, it used to affect it, and the damage wasn't affected. So what people would do is slap a couple of daggers on a pet and they would have close to 0 delay but they would still be doing the same damage, so Sony fixed this by making delay not affecting the pet. However the cure in turn increased this exploit, and today Sony has not fixed this.

            As for the any level thing, I know my pet got Legacy of Bracken (or w/e that 60 group thorns is) on my magician's pet when I was pling him int he paludal caverns. The pet was about level 16. This was 2 days before the patch where pets could zone and I haven't tried it since so you tell me if that one patch has made it so or not. At any rate my magician and my necro both have pets above the level cap so I can't really test it atm.


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              Best thing to do to check pet procs is dual another pc hopefully you are running from the mob the pet is on so you'll miss alot huh something to do tonight my war hates me=).
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                Ight, i dont care who you are,if ur dissagreeing about ne thing on this board,this is an amazing guide,i dont care wat anyone says,jus thought id say that lol
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                  w00t the first guide ive ever written (this one) just got 10,000 views! happy 10,000 to me lol :lol:


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                    OK, long time pet owner here but just started a necro on a new accout. My other one never had access to the nice toys for pets (he is pre-Kunark).

                    He now has the level 29 pet. i have been trying to get it to DW decent weapons. I was using the weighty pole arm and read here that the pet could DW with a 2hander.

                    Here is the deal, tell me what I am doing wrong...

                    Gave pet the pole arm. It went to primary. Gave pet a mag summoned hand. The hand pushed the pole to 2nd and took the main slot. Well, i thought that sucked (and it did, the pole does much more damage for that pet than 2 mag hands). I watched the messages hit hit hit slash, etc. So, it obviously had both weapons working.

                    Next day, I wanted the pole in main. I give pet mag hand then pole. Pet ate the second weapon and would not equip any thing other than another hand. Bummer, more wasted plat. Whatever though, i did this before with just rusties hehe so i drive on.

                    Now, I try 2 weapons other than a summoned item. I give the pet a dagger. It equiped it. Then I hand it a mace of the fallen crusader. It equipped the mace and ate the dagger. I tried giving more weapons to get it to DW but no luck. More wasted plat. Maybe I should just wait for the 34 pet ....



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                      Hard facts from our borthers with the animals:

                      Coprolith's Comprehensive Defense parses

                      This post made me a hard core believer in the power of armor for a pet. Now, I don't always get the armor, but when I know that I will really be pushing it and pet tanking I will get the full Phantom armor and Jewlery kit. That and a HP buff hehe.

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                        Something I am rather curious about...

                        One of my most frequent partners in game is a mage, and he claims that pet foci (not sure if he is talking about just the higher end ones like we have, or all of them...) effectivly give your pet full mage summoned armor.

                        AKA Giving them the armor makes zero difference. Now, I trust him on it for mage pets, but has anyone read / seen / heard any parses for necro pets that would indicate the same?

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                          It is just for the mage pets. Remember when they upped dmg mitigation and all that crap a while back? That was one of the perks mages got afaik.


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                            on topic with the getting weops from pet debate...

                            I was grouped with a rogue once in the PoH who asked if he could give goner some pet weopons...

                            next thing you know... I'm getting tells asking if I can get them back... Evidently he gave the pet a 30k weopon his main piercer LoL

                            but I have to admit I have done simular things... left expensive items in no-re bag... doh!


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                              i gave my pet one of these that i picked up rotting Fabled Throneblade of the Ykesha

                              not sure if they can even use 2-handers
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                                Well, as far as I've noticed and been told, pets cannot use "formerly" NODROP, "currently" NOTRADE items. They can use 2 handers, but I've been told to have them equip two weapons to put the dual wield into effect.
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