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Minion of Eternity v.s. Minion of Chaos?

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  • Minion of Eternity v.s. Minion of Chaos?

    I currently have the MoE focus on my lvl 72 pet. I will be 75 shortly and be able to aquire the MoC focus for him.

    Is there a noticable difference in dps and tanking ability?

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    Servant of Chaos +23% DPS
    1: Pet Power Increase(40)
    2: Limit: Max Level(80)
    3: Limit: Min Level(66)

    Minion of Eternity +15% DPS
    1: Pet Power Increase(25)
    2: Limit: Max Level(75)
    3: Limit: Min Level(59)

    If the pet spell you will use is 76+ Minion of eternity stops working at all.

    Other wise it looks like a 8% DPS increase.

    I never had pet tank after the Invoke Death pet at around 49 until SoD expansion with EM 4 and higher, so I don't know how the change will effect it's tanking ability, beyond if you use a 76th level spell to summon the pet, Minion of eternity focus is like haveing no focus at all so Minion of Chaos will certainly be better than no focus at all.