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  • Pet rogue AI added?

    Shortly before SOE came crashing to it's knees over this security circus me and a few friends noticed what appeared to be AI added to rogue pets. I am not sure if other pet classes were experiencing the same thing but it seemed as if the pet was moving in place behind the mobs on it's own. I did however notice that this did not appear to happen every time possibly due to mob placement and walls or obstacles. The pet would appear to strafe around the mob while attacking until it was behind it. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Does anyone know when this change was added? Or was I just seeing things?

    Overall this is a welcome change for me however I do see a minor problem arising from it. This problem being I personally do not always want my pet to be behind the mob. I use companions relocation to adjust for push during raids as I am sure many other people do. Additionally I also use companions relocation to get all pets on the same side and actually increase push when fighting some casters (mainly healer class mobs). If this AI is kept in game, which I hope it is because it is a nice change, there should be an option added to turn this mechanism on and off. Something like /pet ai on, /pet ai off or similar.

    Thoughts, ideas, and observances welcome.

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    They could just make it where if you use CR the pet doesn't change its positioning until it engages a new mob, that would allow you to position your pet manually when you need push, and still get the benefit of it auto positioning when you need it to.
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      They don't seem to be doing it anymore.