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    Curious when gearing a pet with visible armor. I just got 97 and wanted to beast up the pet with some atunable gear. For the war in 97 pet does the gear have to say class war or can it be any atunable gear as long as the pet meets the required level. I have read around the forums and can't find an answer

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    Any attunable gear. class does not matter. Although if the Required level is higher than pet's level it won't equip it.


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      Armour Class question

      Here's a quick one, which I'm sure many people know the answer to - What happens if you give your Pet a new piece of armour which has the same AC as the currently equipped piece?

      Does it swap out or keep the old one?


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        You might have to ask the mages... I think they have something that damages the pet a set amount, so they maybe able to tell if the two pieces were far apart in hps. You know if it did 12% damage to pet or 11%. Otherwise it would take a lot of parsing to see the difference.

        One other way to check maybe to have the same weapon, aug one with a proc.. and see if it swaps out.


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          My memory is a bit fuzzy on this one but I seem to remember a dev saying a pet will only replace if the new piece of gear has higher AC than the old piece which would lead me to believe the new piece would not be equipped if it had the same ac.