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Dire Charm worth it?

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  • Dire Charm worth it?

    Hello all, I'm a returning player and can't believe how much the game has evolved. I'm currently at level 59 and grinding some aas and I was wondering if there are any opportunities or locations where the dire charm aa could really bang out some xp? Considering some of our spells ie dd against undead and slows it would seem logical that the dire pet given mage weapons maybe coupled with a healing merc while i'm dotting would do some major dmg and fast. Like I said, I've been away awhile and I know before dire charm really didn't seem worth it but I was wondering where things are currently. Thanks in advance for your time

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    I don't have DC on my necro, but I do have it on my chanter. I never got any real use out of it. The pets you can DC are such low level, and low DPS. Plus, as soon as you level up a couple more times, DC will be entirely useless. If you wanted something to tank for you (other than one of your pets) you can practically ride a tank merc to level 70 even as a non healer class.

    Necros are such a powerful solo class though, I honestly believe in sticking to what you excel at. Kiting, fear kiting, or root rotting. You'll do far more damage when you aren't worrying about keeping a pet or merc alive, you'll kill far faster than with a DC pet, you won't have a merc soaking up your XP, and all your loot is yours. In the mid level range the amount of loot you get verse the amount of money a merc costs leaves you in the poor house more often than not.


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      Btw, here's a good guide to AAing as you level.


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        Dire Charm is only for increasing your AA count. Especially now that you will cruise past the usable levels so fast.


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          Dire Charm had a brief window of usefulness back in the Planes of Power days before Enchanters got it nerfed. It's been redundant since.

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