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  • Pet Weapons??

    Some of the Necros I have talked to say that they want the level 67 pet daggers from mages for their rogue pets because they have seen up to 30k BS this being higher than the level 98 pet weapons. I have tested this on my 100 mage and 92 necro and cannot find any evidence this is true.

    I have tested Water pet with normal swords and the daggers and both had the same backstab damage regardless of the position or weapon level difference.

    I also tested this with a level 92 necro using the level 90 pet with the same results.

    Can anyone please provide me some insight into this.

    I have the data I have collected from my tests if interested.
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    uber pet tank

    I have a friend that makes me Dimensional Armor for my tank skelly 105. I search bazaar also for mage summoned weapons called "Brightedge" Those weapons have a 2.5k proc on them which helps to hold agro, and the dimensional armor puts my pet ( unbuffed ) close to 140k HP, 11k AC. It can tank most yellow con mobs easily, with a good healer merc. using that pet equipped with that gear, along with swarm pets, makes it easy to molo DB/Yellow con named in TDS.

    During the lower lvls, ( 15-100 ) defiant gear and mage summoned is good stuff.Personally, I dont use a proc weapon on rogues when kiting, as it takes agro from me at times.


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      dimensional armor

      105 pet is the rogue pet. Do you use the dimensional armor on rogue pet and use it as a tank?

      Thanks, curious.



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        There is hardly any difference between the rogue pet and the warrior pet now. The rogue pet does about 200 more dps. The warrior pet has more hp. That is about it.


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          warrior/rogue pet

          I thought the warrior pet had more mitigation than the rogue. Also thought the difference in levels made them pretty even in hps. How do I find the exact stats now?


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            yes, I know that the 105 is a rogue pet. I was thinking of my personal lvl. I only use rogue pet in raids,and give it mage summoned gear and fire swords.It seems that pets a certain % of haste/damage they do due to their lvl no matter what the dam/delay is on weapons. Thats why i use a high damage proc weapon. I use Dimensional gear only on Tank pet.