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    Pet numbers

    Does anyone have the stat numbers on pets 100+ ? I am a raiding necro, 14k AA, and EM XXII ear from Arx. I gear my pet with full Dimensional Gear, and player made TDS non visibles. Crunching some fast numbers, it seems my pet, (warrior)when guild lobby buffed and fully geared , reaches 145-150K HP. However that seems kinda high for a pet. Can anyone post the non-buffed HP/ AC stats for pets 100+ ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      While specific numbers will be very difficult to come by without a parse what you posted seems pretty much in line with what others have observed. A pet with 150k HP may seem like a lot when you look at the DI curve of a freshly summoned pet (ie, no gear) when tanking mobs you'd see that those kinds of HP pools are necessary.

      Your pet's DI will shift substantially when you gear it up with dimensional gear. Awhile back there was a huge thread on the Sony boards about how pets mitigated too well. This of course led to the pet mitigation nerf. So while our pets no longer take hits as well as they use to at least their HP pools were left alone.