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Rules for pet weapon equiping?

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    Pet tanking should be a perfectly viable method, in appropriate content, ie. slowing undead mobs in Veksar at 61 using Legacy of Zek.


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      Hell i remember fear kiting all the way to 53!

      Level 1 pet vs the bear in neriak... bear didnt even slow down as it ate him lol happy days

      I think the problem occurs that since the introduction of the procy mage weapons and hp armour pets are a lot more durable than they used to be... (plus temp line helps a lot).

      These days its possible to buff your pet up in PoK run somewhere and pet tank quite well (altho I would wonder about the efficiency). When I was levelling myself that wasnt an option. You summoned the pet in the zone you were hunting and thats what you had.

      Times have changed maybe strats have too....