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    I keep mine up for push and when full DPS is needed O.o thats about it on raid. Always have him up solo or grpng. =)
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      Originally posted by Felicite@Nov 11 2005, 01:16 PM
       70    Dark Assassin(65)     ?     100/300s   Backstab, Quad Attack, Dual Wield, Enrage, Lifetap, 
      I believe that pet has somewhere in the vicinity of 4000 hp. Not like it matters much, it's still vaporized on raids, same with Lost Soul.

      As far as how I use pets on raids: Pet Affinity is a very nice AA, so I have a raid buffed pet to use after raids, as I don't even bother using a pet on raids 90% of the time.
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        Its about 50/50 for me if its content I know to be buggy on control for the lil fooker he is gone, if its not he is probably out, now as to whether or not I will remember to send him thats another story=P.
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          Half the time now, I'm happy if the pet survives a boss mob that I had him /pet held the entire time. Some of these AEs are too rediculous to even consider using a fully buffed pet on.

          Mostly only use pet when I know the raid well enough to know I can use pet (no huge AEs, no AE ramp, mob can get cornered pretty well), and even then, only if I'm getting a line or 2 resisted (Rav's in Zoo event anyone?)