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    I have noticed that if I hotkey /pet attack even off the lil board that auto pops with him that I have to wait until I finish a cast to be able to click it.

    If I use the autopop hotkey when pet is summoned I can click it during cast and pet will go do his thing. Minor thing and maybe its just me but being able to send him just a lil faster is nice.

    I just have pet hold key I think I will try and make /pet hold /pet back off key though as my lil bastage gives me problems sometimes, and if fix is that simple rather then me havin to hit hold and back off repeatedly then its worth the shot.
    Larks VonCleef


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      In addition to the /pet hold; /pet back off hotkey a few seem to have, I also use:

      /pet back off
      /pause 5
      /pet attack

      Not only does this make sure his agro list is cleared when i tell him to go hit stuff, if you play with the pause number, you can use the same hotkey to somewhat position him better on a mob that's been turned around or pushed around while in groups/raids.