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    Woohoo! Activity on here, I love it. AA XP isnt bad in HS, Sathirs, Gorowyn, etc at 115, especially if you are working on merc and partisans. Don't forget to run Overseer missions as much as you can. Very nice for padding regular XP and merc XP.


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      i am a returning player, i left when 105 was max level, now its 120 (i have bought TOL)

      I have been hunting in The Overthere, found a nice litlte spot, with none of those darn rhinos, cats or cactus that all have various effects i didnt like.

      so my area is just by the zone to skyfire, killing stoneleer coctrice ( they can be snared /rooted)- avoid stonegazer and stoneglint, and wander by sarnacks and chokodi

      I like to root rot, i know some people sneer at that method ( although i have no idea why - especially as you can kill red con mobs) and have gone from 105 to 110 in a couple of weeks (im only casual)

      at 110 there are still some white and yellow cons,. so i imagine another level here will be ok.

      Had a look at howling stones, but too many summoners for my liking, adn have never successfully made it to sathirs


      I am in truth getting a little bored of OT, so if any body has any good suggest of a next place to root rot, prefferably where mobs are lvl 112 - 114 that would be great