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69.1 at 70 or go to 75-78?

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  • 69.1 at 70 or go to 75-78?

    Hey all,

    Dinged 70 recently and am now weighing the best paths to 85. Up to this point my best exp spot was minotaurs in DSH (probably not the best I know) as I could make around 5 aa per lesson, but from what I understand, the 69.1 DoDh mission (lost notebook?) features some of the best AA exp you can get at any lvl.

    Is it worth hanging around a bit at 70 or are the Spiders in Icefall at 75 or crocs in LP at 78 virtually equal?


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    I started the spiders in Icefall at 71 and LOVED the AAXP/Reg XP there! You could probably do them at 70, but expect some major downtime. You can also hunt the Gobbies in Buried Sea (I found them while doing the Jonas Dagmire quest) and the XP/AAXP for them seems really decent and a pretty steady stream of mobs to hunt, even for me at 75 (although the XP is much slower now). I haven't reached past 75, so can't give you any more info than that. Whatever you choose, just make sure it stays fun! That's why I bring up the Gobbies and the Jonas Dagmire quest -- really breaks up the monotony when you have something to strive for other than bubble-bumps!
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      69.1 @ 70 was awesome, it's a close call v. icefall spiders @ 75 for me. I think part of the awesomeness of 69.1s was the xp rate was unheard of. By the time icefall hit the scene - it was a great replacement but 69.1 had already become legendary to everybody that did it.

      I would suggest (at the very least) doing some time in 69.1 just to experience it - and to get your core aa up to speed (dot crits, feign, spell gem, gom, etc) and then go hit icefall to judge it for yourself. Odds are you'll stay there because it will be new to you, and the xp flows nicely to easily get you caught up to the lvl 75 essentials. You'll have to make the call when to move on, or to stay and get some less essential aa - whatever floats your boat.

      For pure level speed, it might be worth your while to check out the daily tasks offered in dragonscale hills that was inserted for factioning. As well as - check out the grand illusion quests in SoD for even better normal xp. I don't know the level requirements, alla's lists the dragonscale dailys @ 70 and the grand illusion @ 65. You could hit a few of these for normal xp, then go do your preferred aa grind elsewhere.
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        Personally I would stick out 70 until you have at least 300ish aa. Just my opinion but you can get that aa count very easily doing those 69.1 missions. I never got to 75 because my necro is a box and I recently cancelled his and my cleric's account so I could focus more on beast in sod. As a result I couldn't tell you whether it was worth going higher. Would have to know more about your play style too. I guess I would look at it this way;

        A) If you are gonna solo stop at 70 and get those important dps/mana aa and again at 75 and then again at 80. Take your time and do your factions along the way so as to make sure you have your RK 2's
        B) If you are gonna group alot do the first part of A until you get the bare bones of your aa's done. You'll need the added dps for those high HP mobs in SoF and SoD (where the majority of groups are now). Then grind 85 asap. Higher level groups are more plentiful imo than lower level ones.
        C) Gonna raid? You need alot of aa's and max level as well as decent gear. I'd grind my aa's at the 70 and 75 sweet spots then again at 80 and 85 /shrug. Work the rk2 factions and void access in sof the gear will look good on an app but preference is given to high aa lvl 80-85 toons.

        Hope that helps >.< just my thoughts



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          Follow the guide listed in this link. If you have everything it lists for your level then move on if you don't then stay and catch up on AAs, but only until you have all the ones listed. Its pretty simple and the best gague of weather or not you should be getting AAs or Leveling.


          At the end of the thread is the most current guide, up to date as of SoD.


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            I personally leveled up to 72 mostly without any AAs (but run speed). Then i started doing some hundreds of AAs. i leveled up 1 or 2 levels when i became bored of casting the same spells all the time.
            For AAs i recommend:
            • run speed 5
            • Spell Casting Mastery
            • Secondary Forte
            • Mnemonic Retention
            • all dot dps increasers (at every level max out what you can get)
            • Encroaching Darkness - the fast casting low mana snare
            • Cloak of Shadows - the instant casting granted 8 minutes self-invis
            • death peace (FD)

            At level 85 and 750+ AA i still dont have Gift of Mana or further GoM enhancements. In these times of fast leveling, leveling up and getting more powerful spells seemed more valuable to me. Instead i put my further AAs in defensives, aggro reduction, buff slots, mana regen, the spires of necromancy (3rd is best i think) and some in the pet.

            Katta greenhouse killing shissar alchemists and shissar herb tenders is steady and very save aa/xp. I made up to 7 aa per lesson dependent on which herbs would drop. I did this up to level 80, allthough XP became slow at the end. At some point on my way AAing and leveling up, instead of waiting for the 11(?) greenhouse repops, i added some shissar close in the SW to my kill cycle. Be careful: some of those are summoning.
            Level 72 is good to start katta greenhouse, since the 72 rk2 snare will not be resisted much. i cant say much about the SoD snare AA because i didnt have it at that time.

            Greenhouse: Do (1) the collect-4-herbs-quest (quest giver is the female alchemist right from the pyramid entry) and (2) the kill-20-snakes-quest (quest giver is the commander or captain close to the levant spot).
            Bind at greenhouse and levant to the quest givers as needed. When doing the herb quest make sure to have 4 empty bags in your inventory and in your bank as well. The herb drop rates will vary widely.
            These 2 quests also raise your katta faction so you can buy the few (level 71-74?) merchant rk2 spells for orux (still you have to do other group tasks to earn orux).

            Level 81-85 save XP/AA grinding i did mostly in Field of Scale killing mostly Iksar Messengers (can drop RK2 spells). For our best SoD rk2 DoTs you'll need to do many faction quests in the SoD 'theme' zones, which give xp/aa as well. For SoD/theVoid(A+X)-Progression and nameds dropping armor enhancement essences you'll need groups.
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              Originally posted by Zark View Post
              At level 85 and 750+ AA i still dont have Gift of Mana or further GoM enhancements.
              good to have talked about this. i always thought GoM line effect would stop 5 below the max level. i read it again and work on these now (GoAERM).
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