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easy solo xp pet tanking

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  • easy solo xp pet tanking

    At 96, you can go to Shards Landing and root rot the wyverns on the hill by the center, or the dogs by the zone in from CoB. Be sure to get the charm/aug quest from the task giver by the zone-in.
    I had an EM 17 ear , so i just passed this, and went to EW. There you can kite the mammoths and wolves. I prefered the coldain camp by the bridge to Iceclad Ocean, also known as Chief camp since Chief Ry'Gor spawns there. To break the camp, i would pull with CC, and the coldain inside would agro. Pull the mob back abit, snare, then FD. Lose agro, and the coldain would leave, and the mob would stay. Send in pet, do our famous necro slow tactic against live mobs, and cast dots. To break the spawn by the campfire, I would Pest Paralysis the coldain, and that would pull the orc . when the orc is past the hut, FD, lose the agro, and send pet to orc, slow, cast dots ... Rinse and repeat
    3 different Collectables spawn there, and alot of tradeskill drops from the mobs that sells to barters. Very easy XP and very good AA xp.

    Another favorite spot is the broken bridge in Crystal Caverns. There is an 8 mob spawn, with a named also. Great spot with no adds, and once last mob is done, the first has repopped.
    Hope this helps some !

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    Though the necro slow trick is nice you shouldn't have to do it everymob. The time you spend debuffing and slowing the mob. It would be half dead. With that high of an em focus your pet can't take a lot more then you are thinking. Especially if you have your merc out. Seems like you are doing more week then you need to. Just my suggestion.


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      Swarm pets if they summon and drop swifts/pyre/ignite/term = dead mob. No need for slow but it is rough on the mana with this method. I never pet tank unless its with a named since you waste so much exp with the merc being up.


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        You both are very correct. I do the slow thing because i am just a casual player now, and I basically farm the fort for fun. I know the slow is mana intense, and really a waste of time , but it kills the time while waiting on repops while i am at work.