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Undead and Oashim in Valley of Lunayn

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  • Undead and Oashim in Valley of Lunayn

    I have found this place to be absolutely excellent for XP.

    I apologize for the vague description, but, in the Valley of Lunayn, in the south eastern part of the zone, there is a small set of ruins, between two sort of ruined forests. I have had great xp and great luck root rotting in this area, with few, but predictable, and controllable adds.

    I start in the southern part of the ruins, and I can keep 3-4 rotting at a time, resulting in very good and low stress AAXP gains.

    Here's my sequence.

    1. Root
    2. Snare
    3. Firedot 1
    4. Firedot 2
    5. Firedot 3
    6. Firedot 4
    7. Root

    I've found four dots to be sufficient. The last root refreshes the first root, leaving the mobs to die rather quickly, and if the root does break, the mob is snared.

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    Hey buddy, good tips. I have been hunting here lately myself and found it to be both rewarding and profitable.

    I have found a spot along the eastern wall of the valley next to a tree where I get 0 adds. I can get a /loc later tonight if anybody is interested.

    The rats can be killed as low as lvl88. Although the kill rate is quite slow it is nice to see the big bump in XP.


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      - New Hot Zones have been implemented! Head for the following zones in the following level ranges for bonus experience, and see Franklin Teek and Skal Nethul in the Plane of Knowledge for new quests.
      -- Level 20 - Warslik's Wood
      -- Level 25 - Marus Seru
      -- Level 30 - Frontier Mountains
      -- Level 35 - The Dawnshroud Peaks
      -- Level 40 - Jaggedpine Forest
      -- Level 45 - Burning Woods
      -- Level 50 - Corathus Creep
      -- Level 55 - The Bloodfields
      -- Level 60 - Undershore
      -- Level 65 - Plane of Air
      -- Level 70 - Wall of Slaughter
      -- Level 75 - Oceangreen Hills
      -- Level 80 - Hills of Shade
      -- Level 85 - Old Bloodfields
      -- Level 90 - Valley of Lunanyn
      -- Level 90 - The Grounds


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        For anyone leveling up, while this is still a hot zone, get there fast!

        I hit 100 and will most likely find better places to AA now. But in the far southern tip of the zone, there is a hill you can have your back to, ahead to the left is a camp with several rat oashim spawns. Ahead to the right is several Alaran. There is a wandering orc, spider, and oashim that path back towards the hillside to worry about but easy to manage.

        Root rot, kite, whatever you want. Super easy and laid back, but still found it to be very good xp.


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          Just hit 100 here at the undead Wraith camp tonight, with 26% buffer. Was a nice little camp for sure, especially with the double xp weekend. Side bonus was being able to level up the Stone Tear which is currently at 9/20. Definitely recommend this camp as you can xp, and evolve your tear at the same time. Now to work on that magelo profile I've been neglecting to do.
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