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  • Easy EXP from 81 to 85

    My situation is some what unique I would think but I need some ideas on where to lvl from 81 to 85 with little to no effort. I know it wont provide great exp per kill but its better than not doing it all. My necro was my main but now he is my alt and I really miss playing him.

    My situation is that I play my necro when I'm working at home while I'm waiting for things to get done so 5 minutes here 2minutes there while I have my lesson burning. When I'm afk I camp so I lose a few minutes here and there because of it. I was told the crocs, farm (sadly still camped often) so far. I'm currently in FoS against a zone wall but its pretty tight kiting there and the potential of adds suck (no mask quest and DE necro). The kills are easy but not many around and it some time with plenty of pet deaths in the mean time.

    He isn't flagged for squat either (no SoD or SoF).

    I'm trying to get him up to lvl 85 and group with my tank and shammy. Also to solo when I'm bored of tanking.

    Any ideas are welcome.

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    Free xp from the tasks

    i would start by getting him his illusion mask and doing the turn - ins there after for the free xp every 6 hours... its worth 1-2 AA's each turn-in (75% AA xp at lvl 85 and 3-4 aa's at lvl 65 per turn in) and since u box it great because the foot and hand part has to be opened by another toon and repop in 10+/- minutes which means u can have yur tank open the box loot with necro then have yur necro open and tank loot but the opener cant have the quest also kill the messengers and loot the messages that talk about raiising an undead army and then kill the 10 required mobs and turn in worth a bit of extra xp.....also if u solo then getting the mask and just kiting animals will keep the trackers and escapee's off yur back....


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      As long as you're not worried about Aggro Kiting heavy duty Red CONing mobs, then you can try the Minotaurs in DSH, Fort Mech mobs (I prefer pulling to a large underhang on the far West side, before the Zepplin) or the GyroSpire ZI mobs (a little tight but doable). That's where I am now and it's pretty good, but not great, XP.


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        What do you mean by not being flagged/no SoF SoD? I would think that you mean you don't own those, but you talk about the crocs (which is in SoF). Do you just mean you have no progression done on him?

        If you do own SoF/SoD, taking your situation into account, instances would be a decent idea. Beza/Zeka come to mind as still being decent exp, at least early 80s.

        Also, the now famous and abused by everyone iksar illusion mask can be worked at piecemeal and is fantastic regular exp if you simply save up the rewards, pop lotd, and claim them all at once.

        There really are quite a few options, a lot of it depends on your play style. Those are two ideas you should be able to pick up/put down every so often. I guess I basically just reiterated what the other two said, those are two highly popular options though.


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          I'll look into those quests and see if I can do them in a timely manner. I didn't think about the mino's in DSH. I kill in CoD VERY slowly but its possible so I'm not affraid of heavy hitting red con mobs (4K hitters). Was there with a group and the exp was decent.

          I'll give zeka and beza a try tonight.

          Vanlor I meant I'm not flagged for any SoF or SoD zones (Crystallos, MMM, Kora etc) but I do own the expansions.

          What I look for in a camp is the ease. Can I agro kite or root rot while I work on some things on the computer in between pulls or even during pulls.

          Thanks for all the advice thus far everyone I do appreciate it.


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            There is talk the Iksar FoS mask quests are going to be nerfed so that they can only be done once.
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              You might want to check out the Vrald's lost brother task in Loping. Unlimited timer, and the steps are relatively painless once you have done the task once and know the ropes. After my first run-thru I decided to bind near the Festival Grounds, and used Levant to return to Vrald for updates - saves a bit of running across the zone.

              You can complete this 5 times, and have a 6th complete up to final turn-in, then pop Lesson and collect all 6 rewards. First time I did this at level 76 I got roughly 1.2 levels for about 6 hours of running around in Loping ( Non-Iksar should get significantly more exp ). Pretty sure I could have solo'd this task anytime after level 70 which is the minimum level for the task.

              As a side note, I kept doing the task after I hit 85 to level up my shaman and cleric. Before I hit 400 AA's I was getting nearly 6 points per reward, after 400 total AA I was getting just under 5 per reward. And the first time you do this task you will get a very nice 100% weight red. bag.
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                Originally posted by Envy of Saryrn View Post
                Non-Iksar should get significantly more exp
                Wasn't the Iksar XP modifier removed a while back?
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                  Originally posted by Filter View Post

                  I'm trying to get him up to lvl 85 and group with my tank and shammy. Also to solo when I'm bored of tanking.

                  Any ideas are welcome.
                  Since you can run a box, I'd suggest doing some gyrospire zeka or beza instances. Get the task, camp the boxes and have the zone for yourself for 6hrs or until you are rdy for another. Instanced, so no respawns and ultra safe. The xp is reall quite decent even at 85 still - and there are some rare augs you can probably make good use of.

                  Would be perfect for afk'ing a lot. Just remember to stay DMF'd in case you drop the instance or run off the edge.
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                    Beza not great for kiting, shocktroopers summon need a merc or healer in group

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                      When SoD came out I did 80-82 in Beza until I couldn't stand the thought of seeing another steamwork. Then I headed to Tosk and started throwing some kite groups together. The area near thieves / 15 mobs or so next to them were an excellent choice, but you might find yourself running low on mana pretty frequently if you're soloing.
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                        I can't seem to find a updated recommendation path from 80 to 85. I haven't tried Feerrott yet, but could be good since it's a hotzone. I do however prefer kiting and I read somewhere that its not the optimal zone to do this - a lot of trees and stuff blocking sight?

                        Any suggestions to get me to 85 would be much appreciated
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                          You can go to korascian warrens. The crystalline mobs, dps them down to about 60% then pull them to the dwarves. The initial 3 can be a problem, and some have a really annoying mana drain but you can probably dispell that if you leave your front couple of buffs open.