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    Underfoot Guide

    Underfoot Features

    12 zones, all designed for end-game level 85 players
    New extended / enhanced targeting window & system
    New Achievement system

    The Underfoot expansion is split into 4 basic tiers of content, with difficulty being the seperating factor. In fact, difficulty seems to be the theme; this is exclusive level 85 content and not intended to be experienced until you have completed the SoD expansion to to include a complete set of tier5 gear including all type-3 non visible items. The baseline for this design stems from the continued tiers in Seeds of Destruction. Old Bloodfields, Old City of Dranik and Korafax being tier 5 (per devs); thus the entry level zones of Underfoot start off at tier 6 where Korafax left off...but that increase from t5 to t6 is quite steep. So entry tier Underfoot will be the equivilent of SoD tier 6, and the third tier of Underfoot will be the equivilent of SoD tier 8. Etc. From this moment on, I will refer to Underfoot zone tiers as 6-9.

    All of the trash mobs in the expansion should be hitting harder & more accurate then anything in korafax. Expect to start off with your tank taking 7k hits, and the very real possibility that your t5 healer mercs simply are unable to keep up with that kind of damage until you start gearing up your tanks & get some boomerang gear (see below for more info). In tier-9 trash mobs hit for over 10k. Most named mobs, in addition to hitting like a freight train - have additional special effects such as AEs or single tgt procs & spells.

    This expansion is generally anti-solo. Most things summon, mob density is high - and everything can quickly kill a player without support. This expansion will force you to group & group often to experience any serious measure of success. However, there are always places, mobs & strats that will allow the Necromancer solo options from tier 6-9 - and there are zonewide random drops that can get you gear soloing. Here is a link to a thread describing how & where to solo and here is a link to a thread describing "unconventional" ways to progress in UF.

    The ZEM (Zone Experience Modifier) in Underfoot zones are MUCH higher then previous zones in SoD to account for the increased HP values. The increased HP values were meant to increase the length of fights to help balance sustained and burst damage somewhat as well as providing more over all challenge. The experience gain rate in Underfoot zones is very good, both for normal experience gain and for Alternate Ability rates. Remember, AA gains are tied to the mob level v. your level.

    The Zones

    If you open your in-game map of the Underfoot atlas, this is what you see (minus my convorteum paint addon)

    To travel to the Underfoot the basic running paths are from The Hole, and Corathus Creep.
    Pre-orders received (and likely, future expansion purchases will also include this) a clicky teleport device to Underfoot, similar to the sceptre of draconic calling with The Serpents Spine. This one is called Mark of Brell, It ports you to a safe spot in Brells Rest with a 72-minute recast timer. Since the normal run paths include either corathus creep or the hole...a clicky to ANYWHERE in Underfoot will save you tons of time.

    Also, your Guild Hall teleport stone vendor Zeflmin Werlikanin has been upgraded to carry Unrefined Brellium Ore for 209p. This will teleport you to the same zone-in spot in Brells Rest as the Mark clicky & teleport spells.

    Here is a zone connection map I made for myself for getting around easy - until you get familiar with tiers/names/travel, this may be handy to print off and keep handy:

    Click the zone links for more specific information on that zone!

    Tier 6
    Brells Rest
    Cooling Chamber
    Pellucid Grotto

    Tier 7

    ------------ Progression Required to enter tier-8 zones

    Tier 8
    Fungal Forrest
    Lichen Creep
    Kernagir, The Shining City
    Brell's Temple

    ------------ Progression Required to enter tier-9 zones

    Tier 9
    Volska's Husk

    ------------ Progression required to enter Convorteum



    As with every other expansion, there are no in-game maps provided by everquest development. However, follow this link to download the most current maps from mapfiend.net . Also, having updated named spawn markers/ph's is handy - the best site so far is very slow to load & has some annoying banners but worth it. Be wary of using Raspers locations! Mob PH's were consolidated after Rasper quit playing, so the link given above from Wizdons is the most accurate & I personally can verify around 95% of them.


    In continuing with the SoD theme, there is group progression required to unlock zones & content. In Brell's Rest zone resides The Gatekeeper - and he will tell you in yellow text which is the next NPC you need to speak with, if you would like to figure out the progression on your own and do it incrementally. Additionally, using the new Advancement system - you can easily tell which parts you have completed; and using either a cheat-sheet or comparing to another player with completed progression - you can deduct which quests you are missing.

    The short & sweet version: you need to do all the final group instanced tasks (missions) in each zone. There is only 1 per zone that actually counts for progression. Some have pre-req's though, both solo & group tasks. Most have taskadd lockout checkpoints, and some are horribly mis-tuned in difficulty for their tier. During the actual missions themselves, there are no loot-dropping named, no dropped spells and no dropped random items. However, each mission win results in spawning a Chest - within that chest is a random drop from that tier. Also, rank-1 spells/tomes are earned via mission completions. In the below zone description posts I have outlined the progression mission in yellow.

    Remember, you do not have to complete all the pre-reqs to progress - you only require the one mission per zone. Only if you wish to actually request the progression mission must you have completed all the pre-requisites. Many pre-reqs are more difficult than the actual progresion missions! And, the missions themselves are not hard...its getting to the missions that is hard. So, if you dont have a lot of time & help - asking in general chats for people to request missions for you can be a super fast way to get your progression. Or, if you have a regular "group" - consider having one person in your group do the solo pre-req tasks instead of having everybody do them.

    Follow this link for a Progression Quick-List to keep it simple.

    Progression-granted Items:

    While you are completing the various tasks & missions for progression, you will notice part of many quest rewards includes a new currency, called Brellium Tokens. These tokens have a singular purpose - to allow you to purchase various items from Brellium vendors after achieving various levels of progression. Brellium tokens are No-Trade.

    Once you finish tier 6 and tier 7 progression, you can access your first Brellium Vendor in The Foundation - Dermott Saltagger.

    Once you finish up tier 8 progression, you can access your last Brellium Vendor in Kernagir, the Shining City - Vendor-Bot Model CM. With tier 8 progression completed, he only offers tier 8 items. You must complete both Volska's Husk -and- Convorteum progression missions to unlock tier 9 items.

    Both of these vendors will also purchase various items from you, with Brellium Tokens. Of note, save all the cosgrite purity shards you can - dont let them rot...not even the lame 5 & 10 purity augs. These vendors purchase the purity augs for a very high price - offering far, far more for a couple 20-purity augs than you receive for the entire progression sequence. A general rule of thumb regarding item sales - if the vendor sells an item, they will also buy that item back at a severe discount, usually 80% of their sell price.

    Both of these vendors offer only the most common of items, in type-7 versions only (no type-3 slots), and a small selection of augmentations. They are definately worth checking out.

    Also with progression completion, you unlock the ability to purchase upgraded slot-15 chest emblems from the Useful Automated Vendor in Brells Rest; hanging out near Brells Temple zone-in. He offers 4 emblem types, 1 per completed tier of progression. Each of these emblems are a dramatic increase in power over last years' SoD chest emblems. Dont forget about these! Also, the tier-9 emblem is not necessarily the best...each of the 4 emblems offer a different variety of mods, stats & heroics - so you need to check them out via this link.

    Quests & Missions

    Underfoot has a large variety of quests and missions available in each zone. Many quests will require you to travel to different zones to complete objectives. The vast majority of quests & missions have a 6-hour lockout timer. Many quests have no time limit to complete. Though all missions have a 6-hour time limit, most have objectives within the mission that require swift action & will result in failure if you fail to meet them.

    The experience rewards for completing quests in Underfoot has increased dramatically! Many quests & missions offer as much as 4.5 AA base as reward.

    Unlike the last few expansions, Underfoot offers no large quest series that ultimately results in a powerful augment.

    However, the former Coldain Prayer Shawl from years past has gotten an upgrade! Well, that is - if you are a master tradeskiller and are willing to undergo an epic quest. Intersted? Here is the link to the start of the Coldain Shawl 2.0.

    The Spells

    The amount of new spells obtainable within The Underfoot expansion is surprisingly small for the expectation of a year's worth of content. However, since the level cap did not increase it does stand to reason that new spells would be limited. The SoE development team has stated multiple times that standard increases to existing DPS spells were excluded by design. One of the underlying themes of this expansion is to "catch up" melee DPS, especially group, with that of casters. Expect your melee friends to see ~60% increase to their weapon ratios (43/23 from Korafax to around 70/24 tier8).

    Rank 1 spells/tomes are granted as reward for completing various missions, and are no-drop. Rank 2 spells/tomes are random drops in the open zones and can be tradable player-to-player.

    The Rank-2 spell/tomes are "Trade-In Gem: Spell_Name" when you are seeking them in the bazaar. You take this trade-in gem to Holdegar Bairdun in Brells Rest, hand it in and you are returned the no-drop scribable spell or tome.

    Rank 3 spells/tomes are raided.

    Spell #1
    Spell #2
    Spell #3
    Spell #4

    Level 75 TBS expansion spells became researchable! Check out these recipes for the silk archetype, or if you are into melee research check out these recipies, or if you want the priest stuff check these out, or lastly...for hybrids go here. Considering only a precious few TBS spells ever got upgrades, and the pain it can be to get ally faction in katta - there are some money-making opportunities here as well as bypassing a lot of content.

    Alternate Abilities

    Echoing the same surprise from the spell section, the number of AAs given in Underfoot are quite smaller than expected. There were "plans" to continue introducing more AA after the expansion, though they tended to be more generalized AA and not really much class-specific. However, some very important series got extensions, and we did get some new AA that should be appreciated. And yes...we finally got a AA version of burst lich that may blow your head clean off your shoulders!! Seriously!


    The new AA developer is Elidroth. The necro team had great luck in beta working with him, and he seems like a guy that really enjoys his job & everquest.

    New Target Window

    This was the biggest & most touted "new feature" of the expansion. Check out the details here.

    Achievement System

    Another "new feature" with Underfoot is this Achievement System. The 2nd thing you probably noticed when you logged in after Underfoot went live, was getting spammed like mad with a bunch of yellow text saying you met xxx achievement. Well, go here for details.

    The Gear

    • Tier 6 (entry) is an upgrade to SoD tier 5 gear.
    • Finally, for the first time ever...Breastplates/Robes at the entry tiers still retain their focus/clicks! No more seeing your BP focus/click vanish every expansion until you reach the top tier again.
    • Focus Effects have been overhauled. Instead of increasing only the upper end of a focus effect (0-45%, 0-55%, etc) there are now minimum focus percentages. This boosts the average focus amount without increasing the maximum amount. Overall, it's a definate win. Tier 6 boosts everything to 0-60%. Tier 7 boosts 5-60%. Tier 8 boosts 10-60%. Tier 9 boosts 15-60%.
    • As expected, pet focus items on group entry level = pet focus level from previous expansion raid level. This means tier-6 grouper pet earrings will have Enhanced Minion IV. Yes, a huge upgrade. Tier-7= EM V. Tier-8= EM V. Tier-9= EM VI.
    • Upgrades clickies are already in place! Some clicks are intentionally rare, but you should be able to stop lugging around old clicks in your bags for things like hp, mana regen, mana pool, etc.
    • The name for our class gear is Grimblight.

    Tier 6 = Stellite Grimblight.
    Tier 7 = Celestrium Grimblight.
    Tier 8 = Vitallium Grimblight.
    Tier 9 = Damascite Grimblight.
    • Our Breastplate click will blow your mind! What started out as a gimp lifetap proc that wouldn't stack with our buff that procs lifetap...had been changed, via extreme swarm of the beta necro community...to a Chaotic Power type click! Even better, it STACKS with chaotic power (though only 1 effect can be in use at a time, BP click takes priority), has a 20-hit autofade...and it's got hardcore minimum focus to limit the randomness of the focus! Expect average focus to start off around 40% and go up.

    Now, on how to obtain & create this uber Underfoot armor - check this out. Finally, upper tier armor no longer requires previous tier armor to build upon. Considering necro's really dont rely on armor to be effective (minus a couple spell focus slots) it's very possible for you to skip gearing up per tier and simply concentrate on the final & best armors. Tanks on the other hand seriously require gearing up as they progress, as they alone must suffer the brunt of Underfoot's difficulty in mob dps.

    Making another slight come-back with this expansion are evolving items. Unlike previous evolving item standards (where the item started off much poorer in quality than similar equipment and took extreme effort to get evolved to slightly better quality than the tier you looted it from), these are intended to start out a half-tier lower than their base (with a very quick first level) and then end up 1.5 tiers higher - so the tier 6 ones will start at 5.5 and top out at 7.5. However, these evolving items are only available as class weapons from running the "boomerrang" tasks; no evolving weapons/items available as normal drops. I'll add more on boomerrangs later.

    It is unknown yet if these evolving items can be "charged" with old evolved items yet to speed up the evolutionary process.

    Zone-wide random loots are back!...at least for "many underfoot zones" which translates loosely to the entry tiers. Most of the zone-wide random loots arent zone-wide random at all, but rather drop from specific model-type mobs as rare randoms in specific zones. However, you can pick up a complete set of tier 9 armor visibles purely from zone random trash - it wont be as good as class armor but it's decent. Most of the random stuff tends to be utility clicks such as shrink, levitate, illusions, etc.

    Lastly, Sympathetic Augmentations are in! Read about these incredibly powerful items & how you can use them here!


    Yep, tradeskilled armor is back with a vengeance! In fact, pretty much every tradeskill got some loving this expansion to include additional recipes.

    For making class armors, the typeset used will be Immaculate silks & spinnerets. You will need a piece of tradeskilled armor template to make each and every piece of visible underfoot armor. Dont fret! However, unlike the SoD and previous themes of armor tiers building upon each other...the Underfoot armor progression is absolutely un-linked. You can loot a tier9 breastplate clay and create a tier9 robe without ever having seen a tier6, 7, or 8 clay. Specific details on how to create your class armor will come here....

    New Caster Potions
    They are called Tonic of Resonant XXX, where the x's mean either fire, cold, poison, disease, magic, combination.

    These new potions produced by alchemy are a 30-minute base duration buff (spell casting reinforcery AA increases the duration to over 50 minutes!) that gives you a "sympathetic" type proc on your spell casts, which seems to be around 25% procrate. If you are using a Tonic of Resonant Fire, for example, each time you cast a fire based spell there is a chance to proc the effect. The pattern holds true with each of the resistant types. Elemental potions do less damage, but have no resist restrictions. These will break root!

    XII does 2250 damage (uses sunshard powder) trivial 420
    XIII does 2625 damage (uses aderise burr) trivial 460
    XIV does 3000 damage (uses cosgrove powder) trivial 500

    They will crit & get your crit damage multiplier. Except for the single dropped component I listed beside the damage, every other recipe component is vendor purchased. So be sure to consider these as part of your DPS arsenal! If you'd like the recipes for the fire version, here.

    Boomerang Missions

    UF introduced a non-combat means of "gearing up" to help bridge the difficulty gap from SoD to UF. These are very simple 15 minute missions that reward players with the alternate currencies Gold Token and Silver Token depending on how well you place in comparrison to other players & NPCs. You can use these tokens to buy a variety of items that are Underfoot Tier-6 quality in all respects. Silver Tokens will allow you to purchase non-visible type-7 items, sympathetic augments & melee agro augments. Gold tokens will allow you to purchase non-visible type-3 items, more augments and the evolving class items.

    Silver Tokens are tradable from player to player, and you can usually always find plenty for sale in the bazaar or by asking in general chat channels. Gold tokens are no-drop.

    For details on the Boomerang missions, check out this link.

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    Brells Rest


    Zone Designer Description:
    Brell’s Rest is where the worthy of Brell's worshippers go when their mortal time on Norrath has ended. Some worshippers are given places amongst those of the Underfoot, to work & craft the world, but few find it to their liking. Many spend their afterlife in an "ideal" setting for the race. Dwarves, gnomes, gnolls, kobolds and others all live in or around Brell's Rest, or perhaps in the city just out of sight on the sphere above. However, most of the residents of Brell's Rest are gnolls and kobolds. Their violent and destructive tendencies tend to keep them out of the Shining City.

    There is much conflict between the gnolls and kobolds in this domain, since that is their nature & what they love. Dwarves tend to stay in the Shining City brewing their beer and crafting things in stone and metal. The Gnomes mostly tinker, though some of them also wander the land to see what's up out there.

    There is an Arena dedicated to battle in Brell's Rest. Here, groups of warriors challenge each other to games to prove their superiority.

    However, there is Trouble in Paradise

    Gnoll and kobold warriors have clashed joyfully on the battlefields of Brell's Rest for millennia, but recently the kobolds have found fewer and fewer sparring partners. The gnolls have been acting stranger and stranger, as though they are hiding something from the rest of the realm. In fact, most aren't speaking at all - but those who do speak will only whisper of one they call "The Destroyer" or "The Undying One"; their faces twisted by equal parts fear and adulation. Whoever or whatever The Destroyer is, the gnolls do not appear to have it under their control just yet.


    Scrat's take: Brells Rest is your singular entry point into the Underfoot. This is an open (tier-6) zone, and has a mixture of friendly & KOS mobs. Before you wander off, be sure to /con NPCs and if possible remain invisible. All named mobs see invisible and are KOS...however some quest mobs have names and are not KOS.

    To travel to Brells Rest you have several options:
    1) Click your preorder item Mark of Brell
    2) Use Guild Lobby teleportation stone & portal, purchase Unrefined Brellium Ore from Zeflmin Werlikanin costing 209p, hand back to him and step into the portal
    3) Manually run through The Hole (The Ruins of Old Paineel)

    The zone-in location for all 3 options above are all in the same area. In this confined area all mobs are friendly, and nearby are quest NPCs and the NPC you give trade-in gems for in exchange for your class spells/tomes.

    This is also the only zone in Underfoot that you can be bound.

    Alla's link to Brells Rest

    Quests and Missions

    Gnoll Who Your Friends Are - Group task - Help a gnoll find out why he's not allowed access to the Shining City. Begins with Berrina Saltidnarik. Very simple.

    Clash of the Kobolds - Group task - Find out why the kobolds have been more aggressive recently, and help them resolve the issue. Begins with Berrina Saltidnarik. Very difficult, need excellent tank + healer + crowd control.

    Gnoll with the Punches - Group task - Talk to the gnolls to discuss the problems the Kobolds told you about. Begins with Berrina Saltidnarik. Moderate difficulty, need ability to kill 20 weak con mobs at once such as a riposte melee disc

    Don't Fear the Destroyer - Progression Mission - Find out what the Destroyer is and who is behind it. Begins with Algera Shinglebolt. Requires finishing Berrina's quest line to obtain. Very easy

    Nogol and the Bandits - Solo Task (but best with a group) - Help Nogol get back his prized possessions. Begins with Nogol Bandras.

    Paradise Lost - Solo Task (but best with a group) - Tasnise Underbelly has a problem with Eldinn Sturdyboot. Begins with Tasnise Underbelly in Cooling Chamber.

    Too Hot to Handle - Solo Task (but best with a group) - Kill the dangerous creatures in the lava. Begins with Firnel Missynstip.

    A Nest Full of Trouble - Solo Task (but best with a group) - Kill nestlings. Begins with Firnel Missynstip.

    Steaming with Anger - Solo Task (but best with a group) - Kill steam elementals. Begins with Firnel Missynstip.

    Buried in Death - Solo Task (but best with a group) - Kill burynai. Begins with Firnel Missynstip.


    Rare NPCs

    Guardian Romix - Gnoll Shadowknight
    Vrolg the Charger - Gnoll Warrior
    Bermax Flamepaw - Gnoll Druid, casts single target 4826/tick DoT
    Soothsayer Wroulf - Gnoll Shaman, spawns pup adds around every 20 seconds
    Champion Oricx - Kobold Paladin, casts targeted stun AE, range 60'
    Dargak the Warder - Kobold Druid, casts PBAE 125' -1000 atk debuff & 3k dd
    Hunter Nargik - Kobold Rogue
    Defender Choxar - Kobold Warrior
    Namirba Aelstrom - Dwarf Berserker
    Neppigrim Raztupit - Gnome Warrior
    Cenobite Denuar - Burynai Cleric, heals itself for 175k
    Steamshear - Steam Elemental, casts directional 8k AE
    Thornscrape - Spinebloom, casts PBAE 75' 4kdd+3kDoT+40% snare
    Slurid - Greken (lava worm), casts directional 100' 7500 AE
    Cragma - Lava creature

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      Cooling Chamber


      Zone Designer Description:
      The Cooling Chamber is the source of cool, refreshing water for all the lands of Norrath. The water starts off at boiling temperatures near the volcano heart, and goes through a series of chambers where gnomish alchemy & other magic work in conjunction to cool the water. In the lowest chamber, it pools and forms a small glacier to perform another function.

      When all is going well, the Coldain use their magic to shepherd and cool the water. But things are not going well. Some of the goos that are responsible for carving new tunnels and keeping the place clean have taken to eating whatever comes near! Somehow, there are now undead roaming the lower chambers. There is even a rumor that the ice keeping the great beast trapped in the lowest chamber has begun to melt...


      Scrats Take: Cooling Chamber is an open zone being tier 6. It is accessed from Brells Rest by traveling down the pit in the middle of the lava & steam area. The zone is fairly large, but also very confining in most places. The majority of dwarves are friendly, and only the "traitorous" types will kill on sight. Other denziens are hostile. The lower you go in the dungeon, the more difficult mobs become.

      This zone is vastly under con regarding difficulty, and has undergone a couple of "tuning" passes already. The primary hunting targets for progression will be undead in the lower parts of the zone - and these undead have a variety of special attacks that can decimate poorly prepared groups with a quickness. There are undead that proc a buff on their target to increase melee damage taken; some can stun you, some can snare you and most have destructive DDs or DoTs to help make your time spent here absolutely miserable. The spells the NPCs use against you are mob_type specific i.e. looking below at the named listing, every ghoul can cast that debuff; every zombie can cast that DD, etc. Virtually everything here has some extra effect to make them more difficult. That being said, most things here do not summon and can be snared and rooted.

      The entry areas has a few cave networks that house various oozes - these are 'weak' con mobs and are a popular target for hunting zonewide random drops. However, they come in groups of 3 minimum and are agro linked - so you are forced to fight 3 at a time.

      Quests and Missions

      Rodrick Cleanheart:
      Investigate the Dead!Undead so pretty difficult, though you can root rot

      Hunt the Dead!Extremely difficult due to named adds - have a fd class drag an add or two far away when group wipes on named, then kill the add for the quest drop

      Kill Tanise Underbelly - Progression Mission The named in this task are average, Tanise has a couple million hp so bring your dps game; otherwise much easier than the Hunt the Dead pre-req by a mile.

      Thorbin the Elder:
      It's Getting Hot In Here!
      Still Too Hot to Handle!
      Goos Gone Wild

      Foreman Gronkin:
      Traitorous Dogs

      Thelga Muntik:
      Goo Kill Hunting

      Taelin the Fearless:
      Vanquish the Dead

      Valcamph Shadowfrost:
      Banshee Hunt
      In The Face of Danger


      Rare NPCs

      Ephraim Deeprocks,dwarf, casts single tgt 10.5k DD + knockback
      Glindah Rockchip, dwarf, casts single tgt 10.5k DD + knockback
      Edward Coldbiter, dwarf, casts single tgt 10.5k DD + knockback

      Donan Twest, dwarf, casts single tgt 11k DD + blind
      Eldaa Kemph, dwarf, casts single tgt 11k DD + blind
      Angram Coldheart, dwarf, casts single tgt 11k DD + blind

      Gnawing_Goo, goo, casts single tgt 5k DoT + root
      Rock_Crunch_Goo, goo, casts single tgt 5k DoT + root
      Acidic_Goo, goo, casts single tgt 5k DoT + root

      Zombie Deathmaker, zombie, casts single tgt 10.5k DD
      Tatters, zombie, casts single tgt 10.5k DD

      Zendrilla the_Dread, banshee, casts single tgt 6500/tick DoT
      Shrieking Death, banshee, casts single tgt 6500/tick

      Bonechips, skeleton, casts single tgt 10.8k DD

      Rags, spectre, casts single tgt 5k/tick DoT

      Rampaging Ghoul, ghoul, casts single tgt root + debuff that increases melee dmg taken by 30%

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        Pellucid Grotto

        Pellucid Grotto is an open, Tier-6 zone. Travel to Pellucid Grotto is from Brells Rest, or from Cooling Chambers, or from Fungal Forrest.

        Zone Designer notes:

        The Pellucid Grotto is an area of the Underfoot where primal mineral underpinnings of Norrath and other worlds are managed. Bright and colorful purple and blue stone formations are accented by ambient orange light shining through translucent crystal layers above great fissures in the ‘ceiling’, giving the zone its colorful name . Strange crystals thrust up from the ground or emerging from the cave-like walls act as dim light sources. The race of Brell known as the Crystalkin have made this their home since before memories were made.


        Scrat's take:
        Pellucid Grotto is kind of a weird zone - large but tight due to narrow pathways. There are quite a few see-invis mobs here, but the agro range is somewhat small so you can avoid them with a little practice and move around the zone freely.

        Pretty much everything here summons, but snareable. There are a lot of named mobs and the spawn rate for named seems quite high. The crystalkin type mobs that regard you as an ally will add if you attack another nearby mob, so exercise caution when pulling.

        Quests and Missions

        A Many Faceted Dilemma – Solo Task – Investigate the sacred memories of Brell himself and defend them from any hostile forces Begins with

        A Delicate Matter – Solo Task – You must transport the memories of Brell to Gol`Kulnar within Geodech Begins with

        New Mates for the Menagrie – Solo Task – It is now molting season for the crystalline primal creatures inhabiting the Field of Cinders, and you are to retrieve their spawn-shards. Begins with

        Filling the Repository – Solo Task – Harvest various unfinished gems from the Primal Crystallines. Begins with

        A Most Foul Encounter – Solo Task – Must find the vile ooze and retrieve Erudine’s scroll-box Begins with Soldys Falfenaar

        Only You Can Prevent Elemental Fires – Solo Task – Kill elementals. Begins with Magnite Ordinator Bammor.

        Quell the Autarchian Rebellion – Solo Task – Kill Autarchians. Begins with Tronten the Subnexus.

        Hinder the Cliknar Invasion – Solo Task – Kill cliknar. Begins with Tronten the Subnexus.

        Thinning the Ooze – Solo Task – Kill oozes. Begins with Soldys Falfenaar

        Thinning Out the Sessiloids– Solo Task – Kill sessiloids. Begins with Magnite Ordinator Bammor.

        Seeding Frenzy Progression Mission – Whatever is threatening the safety of the Repository enough that Bammor would send him a message of distress, must be dealt with at once! Begins with Tronten the Subnexus.


        Rare NPCs

        Xorus the Faceted, casts single tgt 20k DD
        Igeraun the Unstable casts PBAE 400' 14k DD and despawns in 90 seconds
        Foul Deeping Ooze casts single tgt stun+2500/tick DoT and a slow+7k/tick DoT
        Hergnan the Malefactor, casts single tgt fear and also PBAE 15k DD also increasing melee dmg taken by 20%
        Ker-Klik-Klik casts single tgt mez and also a directional 22k AE
        Atopalit casts single tgt 13kdd+slow
        Gluttonous_Sesseloid casts single tgt stun +22k DD
        Gyi the Lifter
        Conical Terror casts single tgt root
        Scour casts directional 22k AE
        Laval Guardian casts 300' PBAE 22k, also has 150pt Damage Shield
        Rock Guardian
        Mithril Guardian
        Anarchist Agitator Clatktu casts single tgt mez
        Tratcita the Punisher casts single tgt 12k DD + stun

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          Underquarry is an open (tier 7) zone. Travel to the underquarry is pretty simple, being straight off Brells rest.


          The Underquarry is a complex mine that produces just about every building material known. It is worked by dwarves, golems, burynai, gnomes, and whoever else among the creatures of Brell Serilis who wish to spend all eternity in relaxing toil and soothing labors. Their combined efforts produces a seemingly endless stream of raw material for delivery elsewhere in the universe. It is said that because it is part of Underfoot, the Underquarry can never deplete its uncountable supplies of precious metal, stone, and marble.

          This multi-purpose mine typically provides precious metals (gold, silver and copper) to the jewelers and stone for masons and carvers. Originally the Underquarry was a pair of linked sinkholes in the dense forest area that blankets this part of the Underfoot. However, Brell's servants have expanded the natural caves while seeking gold, silver, copper and many types of stone (mostly marble). One is not able to get to the surface from inside the mines, but they will be able to see the sky through the massive sinkholes in the ceilings.

          The geography of the Underquarry, beyond the lava-rift chamber with the waterfall, is one of vast mining and quarrying galleries; winding tunnels connecting them together in a labyrinthine maze. Just about all of Brell's minions have a place to work in these mines, from massive stone golems and giants to the smallest burynai.

          However, since Brell Serilis stopped showing an interest in the day-to-day affairs of the Underquarry, tensions between the various creatures have risen, especially since the arrival of several bellikos messengers bringing teachings of something called the Church of Self. This has caused the Burynai miners to cease all production and simply gather together in the metal mines. The usually reliable golems who patrol and labor in the Underquarry have run out of instructions from Brell and have lost their sense of purpose as a result. Dwarves and Gnomes working in the Underquarry have also begun to deviate from the eons-old routine, noticing that their ore and stone are no longer being delivered by the golems and genata because Brell has failed to provide new instructions.

          As the chief engineers of the Underquarry attempt to come to grips with this problem, a new threat has emerged. Invading ant-men known as the cliknar have invaded and appear to be either looking for something, or claiming the Underquarry for themselves, or both. As they invade, the other races have fallen to bickering and even open violence, previously unheard of in Brell's domain.

          Before all of this began happening, the Underquarry was utterly idyllic (from a miner's perspective) and easily managed with scant instruction from Brell. Now, however, Clontik Beardburner must enlist the aid of outsiders to put things right, especially since only a tiny fraction of his workers appear willing to listen to him during this crisis


          Scrat's take: At realease, Underquarry was a pretty rough zone because of the insane amount of see-invisible mobs; it was not uncommon to have a monk, bard or rogue drag corpses to a camp because you just couldnt get there without some special travel / cc ability. However, Underquarry was the recipient of a zone re-tune several months after release - and a lot of the mobs previously that saw through invisibility no longer do. Today, travel within the Underquarry is pretty easily accomplished - though there are still a large variety of mobs that see invisible, so be wary!

          If you are a tradeskiller and decide to do the level 85 Underfoot cultural quest, you'll be spending some time here getting impressions from gold golems.

          The Underquarry contains a lot of large spaces, connected via itty bitty tunnels that wind & twist so much it's difficult to be very efficient. This is a pretty decent place to gear up in Tier-7 gear if the popular camps over in Arthricrex are taken. A top-10 tank augment drops here, as well as Enhanced Minion V pet focus for us pet archetypes.

          Most things in here summon.

          Quests and Missions

          A clean mine is a safe mine

          An alternate explaination

          Chaos in the stonequarry

          Clicknar Attrition

          Golems Amok

          Mercurial metal

          Overheated production

          Scent of a Woman Progression Mission

          The box of Abu-kar

          The Lone Adventurer

          Unrest in the Metal mines

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            The Foundation

            The Foundation is an open, Tier-7 zone. To travel to Foundation, from Brells Rest enter the Underquarry zone and run straight to a tunnel leading to Foundation. The brief entry area of Underquarry you run through is not hostile, you can make this run visible.

            Zone Designer Overview

            This is where all mountains and islands in Norrath and other realms are supported from underneath. Every mountain that ever has risen in Norrath was actually lifted by one of the massive giants, known as Genari. These giants of stone are responsible for the movement of the mountains of Norrath...not a result of some geological theory involving techtonic plates. The Genari stand in a huge cavern, arms raised to hold up the roof as their feet very slowly sink into a swamp. As they sink, mountains get slightly lower. Mountains do not erode in Norrath; it is just that the Genari holding them up have sunk a bit deeper.

            The workers here are struggling to keep up with the mining of Clay of Cosgrove while having to contend with Autarchian rebels and the invading Cliknar in the east. Both seem intent on disrupting the work of the workers loyal to Brell.


            Scrats Take: The Foundation is perhaps one of the most underused zones in Underfoot and for good reason: The zone design / pathing is the most horrible I have seen since original release version of SolB. In fact, it's probably worse. You can tag a mob, feign immediately so the mob only moves around 3 feet - but that mob will then make an epic journey zig-zagging for 8 miles all over the place before it makes it back to where it was. And because the pathing is so hokey, so is the agro radius of mobs - some mobs in specific locations agro from impossibly far away. As such, there really are no safe "camps" to stage your group as the agro'd mobs pathing back to their spawn location virtually have zero limitations on where they might train.

            As such, most players will do in Foundation what they absolutely must in order to meet progression requirements - and move on. Forever. Outside from tanks who will probably wish to farm one of the best AC augments in the game, there is nothing in this zone you cannot live without.

            However, Foundation is also where the Tier-6/7 Brellium vendor is located, Dermott Saltagger. So, you will probably travel back to here after progression one last time to puchase any augments you may want. Being a Underfoot Tier-7 zone, random trash will drop 5-purity augments. Named mobs will drop 10-purity augments. Save these, sell back to brellium vendor to purchase other gear & augments.

            In this zone, all belikos type mobs see invis. However, belikos are somewhat isolated, and the normal bugs & other mobs do not see invis. Travel in and around Foundation while invisible is pretty easy.

            The bug type mobs do not summon, and can be root rotted or kited if you dare the pathing. Most other mob types summon, but can be snared & rooted.

            Quests and Missions

            Cliknar Clay – Solo Task (but best with a group) – You are asked you to recover some of the Clay of Cosgrove. Begins with Trullica

            Feet of Clay – Solo Task (but best with a group) – You are asked to verify the delivery of some of the Clay of Cosgrove to some folks in need of it. Begins with Trullica

            Rock the Worlds – Solo Task (but best with a group) – You are asked to discover which of the Genari are being disrupted from holding steady. Begins with Trullica

            Harvest of Sorrow – Solo Task (but best with a group) – You are asked to help with some experiments Trullica wants done regarding the harvest and the clay. Begins with Dorillis

            Scouting for Land – Solo Task (but best with a group) – You must find suitable areas that can be used for the possibility of additional farming. Begins with Dorillis

            Beetle Bashing – Solo Task (but best with a group) – Kill beetles. Begins with Foreman Gribblebitz

            Insecticide – Solo Task (but best with a group) – Kill insects. Begins with Foreman Gribblebitz

            Baelorat Stomping – Solo Task (but best with a group) – Kill baelorat. Begins with Foreman Gribblebitz

            Burynai Braining – Solo Task (but best with a group) – Kill burynai. Begins with Foreman Gribblebitz

            Cliknar Crushing – Solo Task (but best with a group) – Kill cliknar. Begins with Foreman Gribblebitz

            The Search for Saunk Progression Mission – You must find the real Saunk and destroy him if necessary to keep him from becoming even more powerful! Begins with Darott the Adherent


            Rare NPCs

            Agriculturist Spong casts targeted 200' AE of 10k DD + 2500/tick DoT
            Fetid Boring Beetle spawns Reborn Fetid Boring Beetle at death
            Creeping Mold spawns single adds time-based
            Tilda Grintwisdom spawns multiple adds
            Ragbeard the Morose casts directional 22kDD AE
            Reborn Fetid Boring Beetle spawned by death of Fetid Boring beetle
            A red gold golem casts single tgt 2.5sec stun also casts blind
            A brass golem casts 200' PBAE stun + 5k/tick DoT
            A flint genati self buffs a 200-pt damage shield
            A sand Genata casts 300' PBAE 13kDD+5k/tick DoT+80% snare
            Trag casts single tgt 22.5k DD
            A master soldier casts single tgt 25kdd also a directional AE 1250DD that decreases melee critrate by 50%
            A master scout casts single tgt 15kdd+6k/tick DoT
            A master hunter casts single tgt 10-second duration stun+ also a single tgt 3500dd with melee slow effect
            Arabella casts directional 200' AE 22kDD + stun

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              The Arthicrex is the name of the great ant-hill of Underfoot and the lands & spaces leading up to it, and the eternal home of the ant-like race known as the Cliknar. Once, the cliknar were orderly servants of Brell Serilis i.e. tending their farms and feeding the denizens of Underfoot all by themselves. But since Brell became too preoccupied to leave his inner sanctum of the great mountain temple, the cliknar have been forced to take their own path. When their hive begins to move, anything on its path is liable to be trampled.

              The southern end of Arthicrex is currently home to a group of disaffected Underfoot races who have built a temple to the idea of Self, a notion being spread by followers of a new cult which calls themselves the Autarchians. Though the cliknar also received the indoctrination of the Autarchian messengers, they interpreted the message differently, being a hive mind. The unity of the hive mind, together with the teachings of the Church of Self, have caused the cliknar to deviate radically from the plans of Brell Serilis, and to cause the ruin of vast portions of Underfoot as area after area falls under cliknar attack.

              Across the chasm to the east of the Temple of Self, a strange, ill-constructed stone building serves as a residence of sorts, manned by servants who await their missing master. At the bottom of the intervening chasm, harmful oozes roam and bubble, waiting for their next meal to come along.

              The northern half of Arthicrex is a large desert, formerly fertile and beautiful but given over to spider infestations, mining, and military maneuvers as the cliknar perfect their plan for the conquest of all of Underfoot, reaching for goals which include much more than territorial acquisition.

              The main warrens of the cliknar hive await in the northwestern region of Arthicrex, beckoning adventurers keen on somehow demolishing a grave threat to Underfoot, and perhaps Norrath and the Planes of Power as well.


              Scrat's Take: Arthicrex is possibly the most popular open zone, driven by the "density" of desired loot camps. Everyting in here is hostile, and a lot of mob types see invisible..including some that can spawn at the zone-in area. Luckilly, the agro range of these see-invis mobs is pretty small; you will have to learn this distance on your own and just trust it. However, paying close attention to your surroundings and patience to let see-invis types roam out of your way - allows you to travel around this zone with ease. Most things in this zone summon.

              This is a fairly large zone, but only with a few "camps" i.e. places groups like to stage to farm named for drops. The spawn rate of named in Arthicrex seems high compared to most UF zones, but that could be a personal impression based on the random number generator. However, I hear this sentiment echoed a lot. A lot.

              As you move on from Tier-7, you will still be using Arthicrex as a required travel point for a couple Tier-8 zones, and all Tier-9 zones. You will become intimately familiar with travel routes.

              Quests and Missions

              A caustic path

              Buying the Farm

              Finding your faith

              Irrational Fears

              Abandon all Hope

              For Those who have Fallen

              A desperate deed

              Of Like Minds

              The cost of individuality

              The ants go marching

              Who is scouting the scouts?

              To Serve Sporali - Progression Mission

              Rare NPCs

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                Fungal Forrest


                Fungal Forest is a Tier-8 zone. Access to this zone requires completing all progression for Tier-6 and Tier-7.

                Zone Designer notes: None provided, though general NPC info is.


                Scrat's Take: Fungal Forest is a very colorful, busy zone. Some people absolutely love it. Some of us absolutely hate it. The zone is stuffed full of various flora & fauna that have loud colors and very densely placed with varying heights, making familiarity with mob placement crucial to enjoying this zone. There are see invisible type mobs, so be wary. A few mushrooms do not summon, and can be root rooted or snare kited if you are confident with the local area.

                The group mission for this zone is epic in duration, but not difficult.

                Rare NPCs
                This zone has 15 rare NPCs. Each should be a challenge for a group of players. They should appear in the zone about once every 70 minutes (though this is random).

                Enforcer Stoutspore (Sporali Warrior)
                The Enforcer has taken it upon himself to regulate what happens in the Fungal Forest. He has reacted dramatically to the confusion and disarray that has overtaken the Underfoot lately, and is violently punishing anything that he sees as out of place or unusual, and this always includes intruders from the upworlds.

                Mindlock Spore
                • He shouts "Freeze!" at a target and hits them with this targeted, small area spore cloud that locks the affected targets body (stun) for several seconds.
                • Sweeping Blow - He uses a massive mace recovered from some fooling dwarf. He wields it to knock targets away from him. It's an explosive knockback with some serious damage. Frontal cone.

                Fungalshock (Sporali Shaman)
                The Fungalshock is a rare, mutant breed of sporali that stores electricity and releases it in huge fields of shocking lightning when disturbed. Most folks don't disturb them...
                • Fungalshock - a PBAoE with a large instant damage (30K) and a small DoT (3K) that also stuns the targets for a few seconds.

                Sporeflame (Sporali Wizard)
                The Sporeflame is much like the Fungalshock, a rare sporali that folks stay away from. When upset the Sporeflame sends out spore clouds that stick to anything nearby, burrowing into fur and flesh. After a few seconds the spore burst into flame, usually leaving a corpse the can fertilize the next generation.
                • Sporeflame is a minor DoT that can be cured with a cure disease spell. After 3 ticks, however, the spell dooms a massive DD and DoT spell -
                • Sporeflame Infestation (17439) - that lasts a while and cannot be cured.

                Creeping Deathspore (Sporali Undead Warrior)
                This sickly sporali is avoided even by its own kind. It constantly exudes a terrible smell and has been known to make creatures deathly ill just by walking near them.
                • Malodorous Aroma - an aura attached to the NPC will hit players inside the area with a DoT that will be increasingly worse. Each stage will be replaced with the next every time it triggers (which will be every 6 seconds in the aura).
                • First stage is a 24 second, 3K DoT. Cure with a simple remove curse.
                • Second is a 36 second, 5K DoT. Cure with a simple remove curse.
                • 3rd is a 120 second, 7K DoT that also lowers AC. Cured with remove corruption.
                • 4th is a 180 second, 8K DoT with lower AC, STR, DEX, INT and WIS. Cured with remove corruption.
                • 5th is a 300 second, 8K DoT that does all of the 4th, plus a stun that lasts 30 seconds. Not curable.
                • Creeping Clot (17445) - Casts on a random person on his hate list. 30 second melee, casting and movement slow.

                Solenopsis (Clicknar Soldier)
                Otherwise, attacks fast, good AC and more HPs that the average rare. The beater type.
                • Tendon Slice attack

                Uisce (Mephit)
                Uisce has been spending his time lately trying to change himself. He believes that by eating a little bit of everything in the Underfoot he can attain a bit of their power. He started eating dirt, loam, rocks, and other such non-living things, but now he's moving on to things with real power. He just wants a tiny bite of everything, including players.
                • Gnaw (17446) - a single target DD spell. Preceded by the announcement the Uisce is hungry.
                • Up and Away (17447) - flings a target away and drops him from hate list (not the most hated player, though). Preceded by "Uisce think you taste terrible."

                Ceannaire (Telmira)
                Ceannaire has been touched by the belief in self. She has grown self important, and despises those that don't share her thinking. She will not start out agro to players, but can be made angry by a conversation tree.
                • Relativist Fallacy (1744 - rejects combat abilities of a player because she does not have them. Amnesia for a short duration. Preceded by "If I can't do that, it can't be done." Cast on melee or hybrid (random chance of this or
                • Ad Hominem (17449) - Since the target is not a Telmira (and isn't Ceannaire) it isn't possible that they can use magic at any functional level. "You aren't one of us! You can't possibly expect to use magic." Targets casters or hybrids (though hybrids will get Relativist Fallacy as often as Ad Hominem).
                • Poison the Well (17450) - since the PCs are upworlders, they can't be any good. Therefore, I should have more power and health than they... PBAoE mana and HP drain with a health return to the caster (no point in giving her mana, since she won't be using it).

                Gaiscioch (Gigyn)
                Just a big beater, with a great AC and HPs. Hits slow and hard.

                Orangeback (Frog)
                Highly resistant to spells.
                • Poisonous Skin (17451) - Defensive Proc. Procs a poison DoT on anyone that hits it called Poisonous Slime (17452).

                Silent_Death (Spider Black)
                • Silent Death (17453) - Weak poison DoT, with a doom that could kill someone if not cured.
                • Death (17454) - is the doom, does 50,000 damage.

                Gore (Rhino Beetle)
                A big beater.
                • Gore Charge (17455) - big KB, big damage DD.

                Azurestrike (Insect Blue)
                • Azure Blast (17456) - fires a targeted AoE at someone random on his hate list. Small radius, solid damage.

                Death's Hand (Beetle Death)
                • Death Grip (17457) - Horde of tiny beetles root the player and gnaw on them. DoT with root and maybe some tiny beetles.

                Ring (Snake Coral)
                • Venomous Spray (17458 ) - Cone with KB, DD and DoT, can be cured by cure poison.
                • Venom Fang (17460) - nasty curable DoT, STR and DEX reduction.

                Hungry Earth (Goo Black)
                Feign Dead-eating ooze. It has an aura on it that does damage every tick -
                • Slow Dissolution (17459). This NPC will seek out characters that are feigned in order to eat them. (only when Idle... they are the obviously freshest corpse around so the tastiest!)
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                  Lichen Creep

                  Lichen Creep is a tier-8 zone. Access to Lichen Creep requires completing all Tier-6 and Tier-7 progression.

                  Travel to Lichen Creep is from Brells Rest, to Underquarry, to Arthicrex's zone teleportation pad, to Lichen Creep.


                  Zone Designer Description:
                  This cavern has been slowly mined out over eons for valuable levitating stone ore that is used to power various creations in the Underfoot. The mining work has been carried out by lava mephits and their golem workers as they continually burrow deeper into the earth, processing and sending loads of stone up through the hole in the top of the cavern. When large chunks of levitating stone are uncovered, the mephits burrow into them for the more valuable ore, and leave behind levitating husks that they have converted into living quarters and various other facilities.

                  Recently, the autarchians have taken up residence in a small section of the cavern that was explored and abandoned by the lava mephit workers. A small group of sporali have also found their way to Lichen Creep.

                  Are the mephits really using the floating ore for legitimate purposes, or are they up to something more nefarious?


                  Scrat's Take: Lichen Creep is misleading; not too many lichen. This Tier-8 zone is the most hostile zone for this tier due to the plethora of see-invisible mob types. A few months after release, Lichen Creep had a slight tune that included removing pathing see-invisible hostile NPCs from the zone-in area. Even though there are see-invis mobs pretty much everywhere, their agro range is quite small so you can run around the zone somewhat comfortably after you gain some familiarity.

                  Lichen Creep was also the zone destination for one 11th Anniversary Event Augment quests; the reward was a pretty decent augmentation and this quest will become available every March during anniversary events. Lichen Creep also provides a top-10 tank augment.

                  The zone learning curve is somewhat high due to all the see-invis and the varying levels within the vast cavern. Initially it is somewhat difficult to figure out how to get from one area to another because of the lack of height differentation on the in-game maps provided from mapfiend.net.

                  Quests and Missions

                  Blazing a Trail – Solo Task (best with a group) – Defeat some of the mephits & golems for Explorer Durgan. This task is given by Explorer Durgan in Lichen Creep.

                  The Grand Experiment – Solo Task (best with a group) – Inventor Biddlebokk needs your help to begin an important experiment for Brell himself. Secure the proper forms needed to begin the experiment. This task is given by Inventor Biddlebokk in Lichen Creep.

                  The Experiment Begins – Solo Task (best with a group) – Collect the needed materials for Inventor Biddlebokk’s experiment. This task is given by Inventor Biddlebokk in Lichen Creep.

                  What Could Go Wrong? – Solo Task (best with a group) – The experiment has a hitch… This task is given by Inventor Biddlebokk in Lichen Creep.

                  Searching for a Cure – Solo Task (best with a group) – Collect gems to feed to a sick sessiloid named, Sessy. This task is given by Shiani in Lichen Creep.

                  The Trouble with Lichen – Solo Task (best with a group) – Help rescue Splari’s sporali brethren from the mephits in Lichen Creep. This task is given by Splari in Lichen Creep.

                  Golems Fabulous Golems – Solo Task (best with a group) – Defeat some golems for Sienna so she can examine their remains. This task is given by Sienna Flamestalker in Lichen Creep.

                  No Sess Outta You – Solo Task (best with a group) – Restore the natural balance of Lichen Creep by defeating sessiloids. This task is given by Xanathan Foxheart in Lichen Creep.

                  Futile Resistance – Solo Task (best with a group) – Restore the natural balance of Lichen Creep by defeating cliknar. This task is given by Xanathan Foxheart in Lichen Creep.

                  Self-borne Pests – Solo Task (best with a group) – Restore the natural balance of Lichen Creep by defeating autarchians. This task is given by Xanathan Foxheart in Lichen Creep.

                  Bonfire of the AdherentsProgression Mission – Gweddon Tinkertasker, one of Brell’s mephitologists, has become convinced that the cult known as the Autarchians have abducted nearly all of the other Adherents of Brell left in Lichen Creep. Help save his friends, and prevent a complete takeover by the Autarchians. This mission is given by Gweddon Tinkertasker in Lichen Creep.

                  Rare NPC’s

                  Steamed Mephit casts directional 35k conical AE

                  Mephit Workmaster casts single tgt 25kDD+3k/tick DoT

                  Maddened Mephit casts single tgt fear, and a 200' PBAE knockback/tossup

                  Sessiloid Calcifier casts single tgt mez

                  Dwarven Stalwart no special effects

                  Gnomish Rockomancer casts tgted 150' PBAE 25k DD

                  Anvil Golem casts single tgt 35kDD+knockback/tossup

                  Ash Golem casts 200' PBAE 20000/tick DoT for 3 ticks !!

                  Frantic Sporali spawns add pairs every 10% life

                  Flame Spirit casts 200' PBAE 10k/tick DoT+attack slow+increase dmg taken by 35%debuff

                  Cliknar Ravager no special effects

                  Cliknar Hunter casts single tgt 30k DD + stun

                  Ancill the Collector casts single tgt 35k DD

                  Confused Grekan Pup buffs itself with 500pt damage shield

                  Gygin Enforcer no special effects

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                    Kernagir, The Shining City

                    Kernagir, The Shining City, is a Tier-8 zone. Access is granted only after completing all progression missions for Tier-6 and Tier-7. .


                    Zone Designer Description:

                    Kernagir is the place where the chosen of Brell go to live out eternity in Underfoot. Most of the residents are craftsmen of some variety, though others have managed to gain entrance. Life here is normally peaceful as Brell was fairly restrictive about who was let in. Recently though, things have taken a dark turn in the Shining City. A rift has formed between those who live there. Many of the residents are no longer interested in cooperating with their fellow craftsmen. Fortunately none dare to break the peace of Kernagir so close to the Master's temple, but there is no telling how long this peace will last.


                    Scrat's Take:

                    Travel to Shining City is from Brells Rest, to Brells Temple teleportation portal.

                    Shining City is one of the larger zones of the expansion, and is absolutely visually stunning. It may take your breath when you first step foot here and view the vast winding white stairs & traditional greek architecture. It is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful city zones in Everquest. It is also the least hostile zone in the Underfoot expansion - only named mobs are KOS. And, only 'unhappy' mobs will even add if you are fighting another mob within range. As such, it is extremely easy & safe to navigate - and camp multiple areas at the same time running round from PH to PH. This is a common stopping area for gearing up in Tier-8, or a "trophy" zone.

                    On named..Shining City introduces a new group mechanic of requiring saying a specific phrase to a PH in order to spawn the named. These special PHs vanish, and the named spawns in its place scowling, ready to attack.

                    Shining City also houses the Brellium Vendor Vendor-Bot Model CM for Tier-8 and Tier-9 purchasing. This vendor becomes accessable to sell Tier-8 wares only after you have gained Tier-9 access into Volska's Husk. He will offer Tier-9 wares only after you have completed the progression mission in Convorteum. So even after you finish progression completely, be sure to come back to Shining City to hit this guy up for some excellent augment choices.

                    For you raiders, Underfoot allows you to trade in 2 unwanted / extra weapons in exchange for a weapon for your class. Of course, the weapons you turn in + weapon received must be of the same tier. Speak with Saria Everhot for the details.

                    Quests and Missions

                    Yedrin Ironbender
                    --Fight For Our Right
                    --Outrage against the Machinists

                    Thalia Chromagear
                    --Strayed from the Path
                    --Heavy Metals

                    Tareg Earthsteel
                    --Changing of the Guard
                    --Replenishing the Ranks

                    Schelly Starflight
                    --Is it Contagious?
                    --Where did it Come From?
                    --Sifting for Clues
                    --The Scrying Game

                    The Silent Schism - Progression Mission

                    Rare NPCs

                    A Wary Guard – a covert agent sowing dissent among the citizens. Get them to reveal themselves by pushing their buttons. Say "understand" and it spawns Sirana, the Knife Mistress

                    a shop sweeper – a covert agent sowing dissent among the citizens. Get them to reveal themselves by pushing their buttons. Say "i believe in such faith" and it spawns Trelinna, Lady of Pain
                    --Wave of Shock - Targeted 150' AE 3sec stun
                    --Rain of Stone - Rain Spell, 120' AE, 50k waves

                    a raging gygin
                    --Very high damage and HPs. Not so much AC or avoidance.

                    an overgrown crystalkin
                    --Adds, spawn at intervals of time AND at health %.
                    --If more than one is up, she will re-absorb it and gain health.
                    --Casts a 110' PBAE called Crystalline Shard Volley - does 17kDD and 4k/tick DoT

                    Bekthar, kobold mob leader
                    --When he spawns he will spawn with a horde of lesser kobolds. These kobolds will mostly run off through the city and attack people until Bekthar is agrod - and they will come to assist him

                    a harbinger of the Undying One
                    --Killing him once will not be enough. His respawn version will have the loot.

                    A Guard - a covert agent sowing dissent among the citizens.

                    Granth, The mad sizentist
                    --Shrink Ray - single target height really small for a long time. Reduces Attack and increases damage taken by 30%. Also does 1200/tick DoT damage.

                    a rogue builder
                    --Hypnotic Dance - 200' PBAE Mez, no resist
                    --Rock Crusher - 100' PBAE 23kDD damage.

                    an abraded Genari
                    --Hits hard. High AC. Lots of HPs

                    an energetic guardian
                    --Stunning Smash - single tgt 15kDD Damage and 3sec stun
                    --buffs with Shield Defense - short duration massive Block boost (always from the front, often from the rear)

                    Tani the fire alchemist
                    --Alchemical Fireball -150' targeted PBAE 26kDD damage
                    --Alchemical Immolant - single tgt 8k/tick DoT damage

                    an oversized burynai
                    --Large, hits hard and has lots of HP.
                    --Resounding Roar - 150' PBAE explosive knockback/popup and 3sec stun

                    a resonating crystalkin
                    --Resonant Hum – 200' PBAE, 75% slow and make drunk
                    --Song of My Beauty - Conical AE 26kDD, knockback/popup

                    a cliknar invader – randomly has one of the abilities listed below
                    --Slicing Chitin - single tgt 10kdd + 5k DoT
                    --Acidic Spittle - Frontal Cone 200' AE 26kDD damage
                    --Flanking Cut - 100' Directional Rear Cone 17kDD + 6k/tick DoT

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                      Brell's Temple

                      Brells Temple is a Tier-8 zone. Access requires completing all Tier-6 and Tier-7 progression.


                      Zone Designer description:
                      This is where Brell's workshop is located. Within its walls lies a vat of the Clay of Cosgorve and a basin of the purest water. It is here where Brell's creations are formed, each with a distinct purpose.

                      In honor of their creator his creations built a temple around the workshop. While he has no need for the temple, he is proud that his creations were able to do something outside of their purpose just because.


                      Scrat's take:
                      Travel to Brells Temple, from Brells Rest travel up the long curving elevated arches to the gatekeeper area. From the gatekeeper, simply walk north into the Brells Temple zone line.

                      Brells Temple is a pretty compact zone. The zone-in area is safe, and the straight run to the "center" area has some wandering see-invis stragglers. Once you veer off the central areas, travel within Brells Temple becomes quite deadly due to the plentiful see-invis mob types. Due to how compact the zone is, npc pathing along the halls can be absolutely crazy...and so can the agro through walls. However, the slightest adjustment in your location makes a world of difference so dont give up after a couple wipes...move over a little.

                      A few named here have some fairly special special effects that will destroy your group in mere seconds if you are not prepared and react wisely. However, with preperation and some research - this is a very farmable zone.

                      Rare NPCs

                      This zone has 7 rare NPCs. Each should be a challenge for a group of players. They should appear in the zone about once every hour (though this is random). One of the rares is a global rare meaning he can spawn at almost any spot.

                      Thunderous Clap, directional cone 150' unresistable 32kDD + 3sec stun
                      Shield of Shards, buffs himself with this, increases his damage shield by 1000 and 1600AC

                      Gigyn Brute
                      Brace for impact - self buffs himself with this, increase AC by 3000, increase HP 20,000/tick, decrease damage shield by 100
                      Ingranite Crush - single tgt 19k DD + 4sec stun

                      Mishappen Formation
                      Noxious Spash - targeted 75' AE 23k DD

                      Evil Grin - single tgt unresistable charm

                      Pristine Creation
                      Impale - single tgt unresistable 20k DD + 4sec stun
                      Radiant Shock - targeted 50' AE 15k DoT + blind

                      The Groundskeeper
                      Deadly Vines - targeted PBAE 0' 10k/tick DoT + 90% snare
                      Photosynthesis - targeted 75' AE reverse damage shield of 3000 ** this is a PROC you cannot keep dispelled, so do not have any melee hit this mob or they die fast. Use tank taunt discs & aa and burn this down with ranged DPS**

                      Empowered Reflection
                      Shatter - PBAE 100' unresistable 18k DD + 4sec stun

                      Quest Givers, Quests and Missions

                      Mangling Mephits
                      Likely Candidate
                      The Scientific Mephit

                      The Laws of Physics
                      This Magic Moment
                      Give my creation. . . Life!
                      Fire In The Hole -Progression Mission

                      Sanctus Persant
                      The One True Faith

                      Master Alchemist Vakros
                      Alchemical Advances - Frozen Hearts
                      Alchemical Advances - Exotic Locales
                      Alchemical Advances – Wing Fragments

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                        Volska's Husk

                        Volska's Husk is a Tier 9 zone. Access requires having completed all progression missions for tier 6, tier 7 and tier 8. This was the only tier-9 zone that was released with the Underfoot expansion; the convorteum was released several months later. To travel to Volska's Husk, you must use a teleportation pad from Arthicrex zone. This pad is very near the pad to Lichen Creep.

                        Zone Designer Notes:
                        None provided.


                        Scrat's Take:
                        Volska's Husk is well, the inside of an ancient dead goliath bug husk. Maybe the name of the bug was once Volska, who knows? Only the close confines of the zone-in area is safe; every non-quest NPC in this zone is KOS. However, only named mobs see invisible - so travel within the zone is pretty safe.

                        The actual zone name is Stonesnake. If you do a /who to somebody here, it will return stonesnake. Also, your map files in the everquest folder are also called Stonesnake. So, volska's husk is actually just a nickname.

                        Originally, mob density was quite high and the respawn was crazy fast - preventing all but the most hardcore groups from doing much. However, a few months after release Husk got a zone re-tune and the mob density was decreased dramatically, and the spawn time was set to the UF standard of 22mins for dungeons (17mins for outdoor zones). So, Husk is actually a very accessable & farmable zone for even casual groups today.

                        Rare NPCs

                        Deathspore - targeted 200' AE 10kDD + 3500/tick DoT

                        Foreman Growl - casts 50' PBAE 9-12kDD + 1250/tick DoT

                        Mature Greken - casts single tgt 2.8sec stun

                        Mistress Lisjani - casts 100' PBAE 2.5sec stun

                        Scout Flametongue - casts single tgt 1100/tick DoT +root

                        Skin Borer Beetle - casts single tgt 45k DD + knockback/tossup

                        Slag Golem - casts directional 200' 15k DD + 2sec stun + knockback/popup

                        Stoneskull Spider - casts single tgt 3200/tick DoT + 30% slow & snare

                        Taskmaster Jialli - casts 50' PBAE charm

                        Trickster Flamescar - casts single tgt 4sec stun + blind

                        Quests & Missions

                        A Dish served Cold

                        Into the Fire

                        Uncover the Truth

                        Autochthonous Support

                        The Arms of Brell

                        Brells Will be Done

                        Kill the Hatchlings - Progression Mission

                        Short on Supplies and Patience

                        Stocking the Pantry

                        Stop Bugging Me

                        What a Tangled Web we Weave

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                          Come in standardized rank 1, 2, 3 format. We only get 4 new spells, period, and no DoTs or Nukes.

                          Bestow Undeath. Self-only buff that autocasts a 6/7/8 hit limit 1k+ lifetap on your target with every detrimental spell cast. Outstanding DPM, designed to boost group DPS without boosting solo / raid DPS. This is inteded to be a "front load" spell while your puller is out. In practice, this can be a great compliment to counter the effects of death bloom - or recovering health from taking hits. Mileage will vary; some love this spell and some never use it. Lucy link.

                          Necrotic Postules. This is a targetable buff that has a defensive lifetap proc, you can cast on players and pets. The lifetap is 400s damage/heal, can crit and exceptional if your target can. Really good DPM, it mimic's the druid/mage high damage 4-hit DS spells. Ours is 3 minute duration, a proc when taking a hit, and has a hit limit to autofade. Another spell intended to be "front loaded" while puller is out. In practice, you will have a hard time justifying a spell gem with this spell.
                          Lucy link.

                          Necrotize Ally. Casts self-pet-only short duration (16 second) buff that will feign & stun your pet when it fades, along with doing a PBAE to all nearby mobs. The range of the AE is very small, like the pet melee area. Very limited usage. Exceptional for faction or tradeskill farming mobs 50 levels beneath you.
                          Lucy link.

                          Call Skeletal Swarm. Casts 15-second duration swarm pets similar to the mage gargoyle series raging servant. This calls 3 skeleton pets. They are improved with Pet Focus and all of your innate pet crit/flurry aa ranks. They do pretty decent damage, though cant take much abuse & die to AE's and enrages on group mobs nearly instantly. Our only DPS spell this expansion.
                          Lucy link.

                          For some limited parses on skelly swarm check this out.
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                            Alternate Advancement

                            * Are new series to our class, released with Underfoot


                            Combat Agility 29-33 (5 ranks) costs 8/9/10/11/12
                            --adds another 0.5% avoidance armor class per rank.

                            Combat Stability 29-33 (5 ranks) costs 8/9/10/11/12
                            --adds another 0.5% increase to armor class cap per rank

                            General Sturdiness 11-15 (5 ranks) costs 6/6/6/6/6
                            --adds 100hp per rank

                            Mystical Attuning 8-12 (5 ranks) costs 5/5/5/5/5
                            --increases the amount of buffs you can have by 1 per rank

                            * Mystical Shield 1 (1 rank) costs 9
                            --Grants you an innate 5% chance to resist virtually any detrimental spell



                            Armor of Wisdom 6-10 (5 ranks) costs 6/6/6/6/6
                            --Increases your armor class

                            Companion's Blessing 7-9 (3 ranks) costs 8/
                            --Increased pet Heal over Time & Mitigation buff

                            Companion's Durability 7-9 (3 ranks) costs 3/3/3
                            --Increased pet base HP

                            Critical Affliction 7-9 (3 ranks) costs 9/10/12
                            --Increased DoT critical chance by 2% per rank

                            * Divine Companion Aura (1 rank) costs 9
                            --Makes your pet invulnerable to attacks, duration extended via spell casting reinforcement series, pet continues attacking & maintaining agro, 15 minute reuse

                            Expansive Mind 21-25 (5 ranks) costs 8/9/10/11/12
                            --Increases your worn mana regeneration cap by 1 per rank

                            Fury of Magic 13-15 (3 ranks) costs 8/10/12
                            --Increases your instant / nuke critical chance rate by 1% per rank

                            Hastened Companions Blessing 1-3 (3 ranks) costs 5/7/9
                            --Further reduces reuse of Companions Blessing

                            Hastened Forceful Rejuvination 1-3 (3 ranks) costs 5/7/9
                            --Reduces cast time of forceful rejuvination by 5% per rank

                            Hastened Mass Group Buff 1-3 (3 ranks) costs 8/10/12
                            --Reduces reuse of MGB by 10% per rank

                            Mental Clarity 19-23 (5 ranks) costs 5/5/5/5/5
                            --Increases your natural, innate mana regeneration by 1 per rank

                            Mental Stamina 6-10 (5 ranks) costs 5/5/5/5/5
                            --further increases your mana pool by 50 per rank

                            Mnemonic Retention 3-4 (2 ranks) costs 6/6
                            --Grants 1 additional spell gem per rank

                            Persistent Casting 7-9 (3 ranks) costs 7/9/12
                            --Increases the chance that you will continue casting a spell after being stunned.

                            * Quickened Encroaching Darkness 1-3 (3 ranks) costs 7/9/12
                            --Decreases the casting time of Encroaching Darkness aa by 10/25/50%

                            Shield BLock 4-6 (3 ranks) costs 8/9/10
                            --increases the chance you completely block a melee attack with an equipped shield if you are facing your opponent.



                            Acute Focus of Arcanum (1 rank/upgrade) costs 9
                            --Further increases the chances that your spells will not get resisted.

                            Army of the Dead 13-15 (3 ranks) costs 12/12/12
                            --Reanimates up to 5 corpses to attack your target.

                            Blood Magic 3 (1 more rank) costs 12
                            --Longer duration phases of blood magic

                            Companion's Agility 4-6 (3 ranks) costs 9/9/9
                            --further increases pet base avoidance by 2% per rank

                            * Dead Man Floating 1 (1 rank) costs 6
                            --grants you an AA version of the spell, not duration extended via spell casting reinforcement series

                            * Death Bloom, costs 12
                            --4000 damage/tick returns 2400 mana/tick for 42 seconds. 3 minute reuse. Not duration extended via spell casting reinforcement series.

                            Death's Wrath 16-20 (5 ranks) costs 12/12/12/12/12
                            --further increases the chances that your pet will score a critical attack by 1% per rank

                            Destructive Cascade 8-10 (3 ranks) costs 6/6/6
                            --further increases the damage of your DoT critical strikes

                            * Dread Incarnate 1 (1 rank) costs 12
                            --this innate ability grants you complete immunity to fear spells & effects

                            Gathering Dusk 3 (1 rank) costs 9
                            --more damage, more hate

                            Gift of the Grave 2 (1 rank) costs 12
                            --new illusion, unknown small boost in survivability

                            Hastened Blood Magic 4-6 (3 ranks) costs 6/6/6
                            --further reduces the reuse timer of blood magic by 3 minutes per rank

                            * Levant 1 (1 rank) costs 7
                            --grants an AA version of the spell Levant

                            Hastened Swarm of Decay 6-7 (2 ranks) costs 4/4
                            --further decreases the reuse time of Swarm of Decay by 3 minutes per rank

                            * Reluctant Benevolance (activated) 1-3 (3 ranks) costs 7/9/12
                            --Grants short duration group buff allowing 25% chance to proc a group heal when casting a detrimental spell. Rank 1 = 2k heal, rank 2 = 3k heal, rank 3 = 4k heal. If the caster can exceptional heal innately, these group heal procs can also exceptional heal. Duration is 3 minutes, reuse is 6 minutes

                            Rise of Bones 4-6 (3 ranks) costs 8/8/8
                            --More powerful version of Rise of Bones

                            * Sense the Dead 1 (1 rank) costs 2
                            [I]--grants an AA version of the spell. [I]

                            Spell Casting Reinforcement Artistry 1 (1 rank) costs 8
                            --Further extends the duration of beneficial spells you cast by 10%

                            Sturdy Companion 4-6 (3 ranks) costs 7/7/7
                            --Further increases the durability of your pets somehow, finally it's a parsable mitigation upgrade...but not much.

                            Swarm of Decay 10-12 (3 ranks) costs 6/6/6
                            --Improved version of Swarm of Decay that can do as well at melee DPS as it does ranged DPS
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                              Tonic of Resonant Fire XII (420 trivial)

                              1x Sunshard Powder
                              1x Platinum Embossed Potion Vial
                              1x Angelica
                              1x Bundle of Blue Nightwort
                              1x Bundle of Tri-Fern Leaves
                              2x Handful of Allspice


                              Tonic of Resonant Fire XIII (460 trivial)

                              1x Aderise Bur
                              1x Dragon Runed Potion Vial
                              1x Angelica
                              1x Bundle of Blue Nightwort
                              1x Bundle of Tri-Fern Leaves
                              2x Handful of Allspice


                              Tonic of Resonant Fire XIV (500 trivial)

                              1x Cosgrove Powder
                              1x Chronal Infused Potion Vial
                              1x Angelica
                              1x Bundle of Blue Nightwort
                              1x Bundle of Tri-Fern Leaves
                              2x Handful of Allspice
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