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A question about the Beast raid

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  • A question about the Beast raid

    Okay the raid force I am with is going to try this event in the next week or so. I keep hearing 2 things that seem backwards.

    1) It AE Rampages.. stay at max melee

    2) It is a Belly Caster Mob, meaning I have to be way inside max melee (under her belly), not way outside a per normal to get anything to land.

    So. I guess my first question should be, are both of these true? if so how do casters deal with this? RB procs for the win? lots of healing for caster groups? AE is timed and so you can joust in and out? The belly area is safe from AE Rampage?


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    If you are at max melee you should be fine. Spells will land at max melee distance but any further than that away and you're in trouble.


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      thank you


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        I belly cast and rampage isnt an issue. I do suggest you make sure everyone, EVERYONE pays attention to emotes, without doing so, youre doomed.

        RB is a nice toy for raids, comes in handy quite often. This particular event really doesnt call for RB.

        Did I mention emotes?


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          I don't bother trying to find max melee range anymore and just jump right in for less resists. RB is enough to keep me alive through rampage, with maybe some druid spot heals on occasion. Like Manser said, failing emotes is MUCH more an issue than rampage.


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            It's so easy to find max range. Cast any pet and see where he stands.