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  • 82 Kiting Gators

    Best way to kill these lmao.. Been reading and decided to do gators over warrens.. I'm kiting for aa's btw.. No xp
    - Feriexn of Stromm

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    snare aa, scorching shadow, soul reapers reapers snare another and repeat.. will end up with at 3 or 4 at a time, and the damage is enough to kill them without reapplying, I am not sure if I had raid foci or not at the time I was kiting them, so your milage may vary. In any case, just move from one end of the beach to the other. It is possible to kill them all before repops start happening, even with the fast repop on these mobs.


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      Had a personal best last night in LP, 11 1/5 aa using lesson @ 83. I am by no means a raid geared necro and have nothing above rank 2 as far as spells go. Upgraded foci help lots with these guys, went from using a full lineup of dots to using 6 including snare. At this lvl, even w/ the aa snare, I've been using Auroral Darkness for the great dpm (focused, i'm getting over 500/tic) and it procs gom quite often, saving tons of mana on Ashengate. Searing Shadows (I think thats it, the lvl 80 fire dot), Eranons Decay (great for timing snare), Visziaj's Pallid Haze and one of the Pyre of the forgotten or lifeless, not sure which. Basically, I just made sure everything I was using would be high enough that any gom procs could cast my two most expensive fire dots. Sending pet after I get the first four dots on, I never had any aggro issues, even if the mob was still above 97% life when my pet engaged. I think the only significant upgrade I got for foci was EM6 over spire servant, but with mage toys, my pet was holding his own on multiple pulls when the new mobs would aggro him while he beat the old mobs.

      Basically, if you can't clear the beach in LP before repops, check out your spell lineup and foci, chances are, there is something you're overlooking in the efficiency department. I cleared half the beach with over 75% mana left and got down to around 20% by the time it was clear b/c I decided to have fun and kite 4 to spice it up.