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83-86 leveling spot

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  • 83-86 leveling spot

    I am looking for a good spot for a 83 necro and 83 beastlord. I am looking for reg exp so I can level up. I have tried all the suggestions here, but all of them are 4-5 kills for 1 pct exp. I am looking for more of a 1 pct per kill place.

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    Xp significantly slows down around the mid 80's if you are killing 1 mob at a time. I knew an altoholic that would start a new toon because she hated to level her main, and would always be the last one to max level. She would talk about how much easier it was on the new class to get xp.. but by the time she hit 85th level.. she would abondon it because it got slow again.

    If you can get with a ranger or zerker or sk or whatever other classes can swarm, they can PL you very quickly.

    In anycase it will take more than 100 mobs to see the next level without double xp and stuff.

    That being said, Loping Plains crocs are good at that level I think. they are low hp and quick respawning.