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    Hi there everyone , i am Sarumond of Cazic Thule server. I have only been playing for about six days now and i wanted to share some spots that have been shown to me in game and through reading many forums. This is really for new players like myself so please if this seems like something that was said over and over again just pass by and thanks for reviewing. Now for those like me that like to explore and get the skinny on most zones please read on 8).

    1-10 Tutorial which i think everyone knows already. I got all my armor slots and made sure i went to that Thurgidan hope i spelled it correctly in Great Divide and recieved my free festival Doll , amazing stats on this for my range or secondary item. Make sure you do this before level 10 i was told so if u die going there you wont lose any xp. ( collect as many Bows from the barrels as you can because they sell for 1plat and some gold , also you get bags small and large from barrels)

    11-15 Palauda Caverns Ok i am putting this here because I found a spot i thought i should mention while working up a rogue. I went to The cat city and zoned into PC from the ST zone in. The bettles here and mushroom mobs were good from levels 10-15 , just thought i add this in. The xp bounus here is bette then kurns and its almost never camped from what i see. No drops other then quest items for cat city.

    11-17 Warrens was a good spot for me using tap/tanking method , there were so many kobolds you really cant sit very long. I was told to buy a DS potion so i did and this went really fast. i would just tap one kobold and then stab another while pet assisted me and they just get beat up on your DS. Yet to get any magic item drop here , i have not killed a named , might try with another character once i make him and post more here.

    11-17 Kurns tower was another really good spot for me , great for necromancer and shadowknights. lots of bone chips. There is plenty of skellies and burial something running all over. Ok little more to this place , i have to say i am loving my necromancer , I used this method soloing in here , i did not fear any monsters. I would pull with my darkness line spell add my pet , throw a heatblood and leach and then tank and life spike as needed. I only pull reds and yellows this way. I think its amazing , i grouped with a warrior for about a hour and i told him to just assist me , when he pulled the red and yellow took him to 45% health with just my spells , with me tanking i never droped below 85%. Hope this helps worked great for me. I do have some items now that help with range , durations , cast haste and damage. This i think has helped me greatly. I did not have any buffs other then Lesser shielding and Dark pack to gain mana and as a Iksar i lose no hit points when doing this. With leach and death pack i was actually just fighting and gaining HP's and mana and tanking was a blast. I so far have not killed a named monster and there for have no big loot as of yet from this zone.

    11-17 Blackburrow was also very good , allot like kurns with how many mobs were around , gnolls drop lots of weapons. This was also good but not like warrens in amount of monsters to kill , and i dont believe like Kurns xp. So far no named killed so i can't comment on what i found droping here or what i did to kill them.

    11-16 Goblins in Butcher block mts was also very good , drop heads and blood which made me the most money , think i tried them at level 14 thou so not sure about 11-13. best plat was here but again not as many monsters as Kurns / Warrens. Not sure there are any special drops here , nothing as of yet.

    11-18 Crush Bone , this place was really nice for me , i was in the castle so there was plenty of action in there , lots of orcs in zone , and the belts and shoullder pads off leggioneers can be used for xp in Kaladim. This zone was fun , and i know most of these are old zones but there are empty and fun for a few friends. Ok killed a Trainer and got a shield and whip , both were nice for the level. I focused on clearing the Centurions first then pulled with darkness/sick pet/heat blood and then leach , then i tap tanked him down , he was even to me. I lost only 5% health in my fights with trainer.

    11-17 Lavastorm was also very good thou i think it would be great if you teamed up with a mage or druid because of all the summon here. Tons of monsters and decent loot as well , really like this zone. No speacial mobs as of yet , i do like the loot here for the kill , lots of monsters and merchants in the zone.

    11-17+ Upper Guk this was very hard , lots of casters and they run , must snare hehe , not sure about zone to really trash it , but its very confusing and i dont have a map so..... i left lol , will try again later.

    11-18+ South Ro the Dev camps and Orcs , this was tuff solo for me , i think its because i dont play that well yet , but it was a challenge. I did like the xp here just wanders kept getting me , so i was always fearing them and trying to finish off a Derv , the dervs cast as well so can be hard to split and single pull. Again i am just starting out , there is a method i am sure to pulling and this is very good xp. Have not gotten any real good drops , some rings with +2 dex on them so far.

    18-22 High Hold Pass Ok i was not here long because another player trained the guards on me ( Iksar ) hehe dont think he ment to no one was in zone. The orcs are ok xp but i found this boring and just not enough. No drops , was there only 15 mins thou and had to FD from guards.

    17-24 Paladual Caverns This is like everyone said in other posts THE PLACE TO BE , this was the quickest xp for me , thou players are really rude in this zone and constantly fight over Bandit camps , its still a great first full grp xp at level 17. Drops were Insig Ring +2 agi a bracer with some stats so far , was here till level 24 last night now 9 days playing and have to say the xp just moves. Even at light blue here you can take them to 25 if you want to help someone or just solo till you ding.

    19-30 Menru Sarus : Ok i came here because i read another guide , this one was for Beastlods , the Grey hoppers are good from 19-22 then lightcrawlers with grey hoppers to 26 then 26-30 killing most anything in zone. Loot is bad , but i was told to save high quality skins from all that droped. Xp seemed very good here. Only level 24 will tell you how it goes when i get around 26,27.

    22-28 Netherbrians Liar Ok not to sure how this place is but the zone is off of the nexus. There are two zones after that , one being Menru Sarus ? not sure if i have this correct , and another i dont know. Well when you come to the center of the zone there is a turn right , or you can keep going straight. Right is to MS. To the left there is a cave with alien looking monsters. I was not here long but killed a few and the xp was ok at level 24. Have nto grouped here yet. There are also red skin monsters i have not yet tried if you go straight past the intersection coming from the Nexus. Will try more tonight.

    Thats the zones i have seen so far , and look forward to doing more , i like to try different zones every night , so if anyone has a posting for levels 25-34 with options like i have posted i think it would be awesome. I heard Netherbrian liar was the first place i should stop off at so i am going to. I am going to keep posting my travels as i level hoping to help any new players or those just looking for something different.

    Thanks Sarumond

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    Welcome to CT (Brells), Sarumond. Hope you enjoy your stay!


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      Wow you are well traveled for 6 days playing :P Thanks for sharing your experiences! Sometimes we get focused on the higher end zones that we often lack good experience (guides, suggestions, etc) from perspective of the lower levels. Makes me want to create a newbie necro again h34r:

      Welcome to Eq and Necrotalk
      Has fro, will travel
      Wire Gnekroe


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        Great Thread, especially for someone like me.

        But I dont think the Goblin Heads are worth as much as you say in Butcherblock, I killed a few and I didnt get any PPs for them.


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          Good advice Sarumond. Ive been playing a Necro for 6years. You have good advice,but, Im just gonna throw out my personal routine for new Necro's. Take it or leave it =). And if you dont like it,Sarumond has listed other places.
          1-10 Tutorial.
          11-15 Kurns Tower.
          16-18 Paludual Caverns. Solo Phlarg Fiend's,Bugs,and Mushroom at the crossroads area if you can find it.
          19-24 Paludual Caverns still. Move to either Bandit camp.


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            1-5 Tutorial
            5-10 Befallen
            10-13 Unrest
            13-18 Paludal Caverns
            18-35+ Castle Mistmoore (zone in at lower levels, graveyard mid/upper 20's, outside castle up to 35 with some pulls from just inside.

            of course, if youre not on a power grind trying to race to 75, but want to stop and smell the roses, experience content, have fun killing and fear kiting some, then do the charm quest in tutorial, hit pok taskgiver just inside the door to library, do a couple quick tasks to 3 or 4, head out and kill...

            still hit befallen, its a fun zone. you learn alot about assist agro, trains, consequences of not keeping a walking mob snared, etc...

            unrest, unchanged, lots of fun

            13 - 18 skip pal caverns, hit that bard misty storyswapper (red con at 12) in west karana, near the qeynos hills (btw, qeynos, spelled backwards, spells out "sony eq"). you can pull her with snare, and run around the village there, if you get in trouble, jump on the tent above her, then onto the hut roof, she cant hit you there.

            18- 30:
            a - barbarians at fishing village by water in west karana (lars/junth/ulrich)
            b - treants on wall in south karana, the aviaks in south karana, especially at aviak house

            30'ish - 35:
            a - cougars in iceclad
            b - rangers at druid rings in west commons
            c - i dont remember, but i think redwing and company in everfrost were around this level, but wooly mammoths at south tower in everfrost were fun grind too.

            just some other stuff to see in older content. befallen and unrest were awesome zones, fun to play in, and have a wide range of levels, the further in you go. same with mistmoore.


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              Kurn's Tower is almost a must...going from 10 to about 17ish there will supply you with ample amounts of bonechips to last for a very long time. lake of Ill Omen can take you from 17 to 30 easily moving from camp to camp as your lvls progress and there is little to no competition for camps there.