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Lvl 1 to 63 in one month SOLO!

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  • Lvl 1 to 63 in one month SOLO!

    No matter what lvl you are always buy Magician Pet toys, it will significantly increase your kill rate from level 1 to 55

    Since I made a buncha guides this one will put everything together in 1 thread.

    Yep I created a new toon, started w/ nothing but a bag of mage summoned focus items and whatever newbie items u get when u create ur character. No need twinking or anything, necros are good soloers. Buffs are your friend when u hit 45+
    Twinking won't help that much, skills > twinks =) Virtue at lvl 46 > any hp items u can get for ur necro.

    Quick Tip: To keep no rent mage focused items when u log off. Go to the Arena in bazaar. /shout can someone please kill me in the arena? That's it get kill, u lose zero experience. log off, when u log back on loot ur corpse in arena, focused items will stay on corpse =) That's how I kept my focus items from lvl 1 to 64 =) still using them right now. I ain't uber and I ain't twinked.

    lvl 1-4: Anywhere is good, I like freeport personally. Kill whatever that moves, pet w/ mage pet toys = 1-4 in 10mins.

    lvl 4-8: East Commonlands, kill bears, young lions, anything that con's yellow. Pet w/ mage toys will solo everything yellow. 4-8 in about 30mins.

    lvl 8-12: Field of Bones, kill everything in the pit area, pet w/ mage toys again, will own everything. 8-12 maybe 1-2hours.

    lvl 12-24: Pauldral Cavern about 8-10hours.

    lvl 24-29: Lake of ill Omen or Dawnshroud's Peak about 10hours or so.

    lvl 29-39: Dawnshroud's Peak approx 20hours.

    lvl 39-49: Echo Cavern Approx 20 hours.

    lvl 49-55: High Hold Keep Approx 12-15 hours.

    lvl 55-57: Blood Ravens at Plane of Nightmare Approx. 25 hours.

    lvl 58-63: Plane of Storms Frogs or Plane of Nightmare Gargoyles Approx. 20 to 40 hours depending if u choose frogs or gargoyles. Provided you have all your spells also, example: Funeral Pyre =)

    Lvl 63-65: POV/HOH/Tactics, too lazy to write this guide, plus I don't want u bishes to take my camp spots =)

    There u go folks, good luck. 55-58 is the worst, once u get through that it's gonna be cake. Good luck.

    EDIT: Gonna add this in here, it's really common sense.
    When you want to lvl fast....................ALWAYS
    1) find spots w/ zero risk of death.
    2) good sustainable experience w/ minimum downtime
    3) Always kill blues, any con higher is just not worth the downtime, and risk of death. (Exceptions are POS frogs/PON gargoyles).
    4) Find places that's has easy and fast access to POK (this is were u get buffs).

    Sure u can kill mob_01 at insert_lvl_here, but is it worth it? Can you sustained ur kill rate w/ minimum downtime? Is there a big chance of ending up dead? Are there other camps that is easier and faster?

    These are the question u should ask yourself when deciding which camp is better than others when u are trying to lvl fast. If it takes you 10mins to kite something that gives 1-2% a kill chances are there are easier and faster kill rate camps. Let's face it 1-2% a kill that takes 10mins = 6-12% exp an hour. which means it will take u anywhere from 9-16hours to get a lvl OUCH. But like always there's gonna be ppl who's gonna tell u this and that spot is better. Dulak comes to mind lol, avoid LOY at all cost, experience blows there.

    When I was lvling up I read these guides here about how good Dulak boats were, went there for an hour made 6%, instantly gated. Guys 6% an hour is not good experience FYI. If you are making less than 12% an hour something is wrong, u should find a better camp.

    BTW if you're reading this and your name is Stromm.Animosity go tell your mom to jerk you off and go to bed. This guide is probably too hard for you to understand.
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    Very good guide. Not sure about PoN at 55 without the person getting smoked a fair amount unless he is really good, but if they could then would be good exp.

    Definitely get the mage toys though. Effectiveness will diminish as the level increases.. but in the lower levels they are like a free power level.
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      Hello all,

      How do I go about getting these Mage Toys? What level magician casts these summon items? And how do I get them back from my pet so I can go get killed in the arena to keep them? Just thought I should find this out so I can follow the guide :P ! Thanks for all the excellent advice guys.



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        I've seen lots of 55s in pon...atleast the raven spawn would be solable, and probably the trees and spiders by the zone in, obviously I haven't tested this....

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          From my experience in PON at 54+ the Static spawn of Ravens is the only worthwhile spot at 55. Hunting around the entrance takes too long to drop a mob and you end up getting adds.
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            Originally posted by Fillapus@Feb 28 2004, 06:09 PM
            Hello all,

            How do I go about getting these Mage Toys? What level magician casts these summon items? And how do I get them back from my pet so I can go get killed in the arena to keep them? Just thought I should find this out so I can follow the guide :P ! Thanks for all the excellent advice guys.

            Go the zaar and do a search for "summoned". This will bring up a list of the mage summoned toys. Look for the blade of walnan, hand of ixilbit, kedge blade, mask of mardu, belt of girdle of mag'kot. Spelling is off on those but whatever, you'll see what I mean. Once you give them to your pet you can not get them back so dont lose the pet, or... buy 2 sets of the mage gear.

            These are from higher level mages. You can also buy mage rings/bracers for faster casting and burning affliction. It's all no rent tho so spend wisely.
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              At least at the lower levels it's also useful to get summoned bags of plate armor, and a summoned shield. That makes the pet quite a bit tougher when it's getting hit, and the pet can still equip the shield in the back slot even when dual-wielding.


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                I've seen necros solo frogs in PoS as low as 55 but you have to be reaaalllly good. those frogs are highly resistant to snare and hit VERY hard. Almost as hard if not as hard as tactics mobs. Oh and best place to solo in tactics is safe room :blink:
                but dont steal his camps Lol.


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                  Hey Thanks Skulmar!

                  That was a huge help. I found the stuff and leveled from 13 to 17 in about 3 hours at PC!!! That's fast for me at least :P .

                  I was just wondering though, how can I be sure my pet is equipping the stuff (like the belt) that i give hime. Can i check the pet's hitpoints?

                  As usual thanks for the expert advise and happy hunting!



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                    Originally posted by Doomfir@Feb 28 2004, 04:40 PM
                    "Not sure about PoN at 55 without the person getting smoked a fair amount unless he is really good, but if they could then would be good exp."
                    I was in PoN at 52, took a while per kill, but the method is very simple. SoW and HoV are your friends. I wish I could go back to 46 and try this now that I know the method and see how tough it would be.
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                      PoN is doable at 51...i know this for fact...just gotta learn how to'll die once or twice but the xp is wonderful.


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                        Tomandy what was your strategy? I'm 42 right now, I could go try it at 46 if you want.

                        Just wondering.

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                          very nice guide. i have a few questions though:

                          anyone care to detail the mage pet toy price list? i&#39;m curious to what&#39;s available and about how much they "typically" sell for.

                          also, what do you solo in paludal caverns?


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                            I was in PoN at 54 fighting ravens.

                            Sometimes it got really nasty with quite a few resists (so far Darkness and Plague are the ones that get resist more often, with Darkness being top resisted). I was fear kitting like the guide says and where it says with no trouble.
                            Fear does break quite easily and never ever have your pet tank, specially if using the 53 one, they will die like flies, unless of couse you need to run and FD.

                            Things there hit and hit HARD so don&#39;t panic. I always had Manaskin up so if i got hit (which doesn&#39;t happen often once you get the hang of it and learn your space) that would absorb quite a good ammount of the damage.

                            Only other problem i found there besides the resists is that there is no loot (at least from ravens).
                            I then decided to move to HHK. At 54 XP there is a lot slower than PoN but you is minimum risk with the plus of making a few plat while getting some XP. Oh, and i love to wrack my reputation with humans and elves&#33;


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                              In my opinion..... The easiest way to solo any mob in Planes of Nightmare are.... agro kiting with your pet. Fear kiting is dangerous in PoN. Here is what I do at 55.
                              summon rogue pet.

                              Only two spell essential... darkness and level 8 fear spell.
                              you can kill treants... ravens... basicly if you can snare it... you can kill it.

                              pull with darkness do not sick pet just yet...

                              cast level 8 fear spells on mob once or twice to build agro. you will see a message that the mob is too high a level for the spell to work. this counts as a resist and builds MAD agro on them.

                              sick pet on mob and take it for a walk. go in circles. as long as you don&#39;t forget to keep that buggar snared your pet will do all the damage.

                              If you have a mount... you can med while kiting. By the time its dead you will have close to full mana and reddy for another.

                              Pet toys will improve damage output of your pet and kill it much faster. Downside of pet toys is that they will do more damage and make more agro... you may have to cast fear a few more times to hold agro.

                              Edited for spelling and grammar =)

                              Hope this helps&#33;