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    OK, I have sorta played a necro before on the PC (I played a couple of months around the time PoP/LoY came out), and since I bought a Mac, I decided to go back in time and play on Al'Kabor (they seem to have nothing new since PoP so I sorta remember a lot of the low level stuff). So this thread will be similare to persephonae's thread with the tiwst that it's a guide to trying to make it untwinked on Al'Kabor
    Levels 1 to 11

    First let me list some of the things that do work and are helpful to an untwinked necro on Al'Kabor:

    1) Fire Beetle eye quest works great. Head to the top floor of the necro guild and hail the quest NPC (Noxhil V'sek) and say, "I will collect beetle eyes" and he will hand you a box that has 10-slots, tiny, no weight reduction. You collect 10 beetle eyes, combine them, hand him the box, and get around 15 sp and a decent amount of exps (at level 5 like 15% maybe of a level).

    2) Newbie armor quests (given by Talorial D'Estalian) work, but the stats are not the same as those listed at alla because they were upgraded on the PC and we never got that upgrade. Even if you are not gonna do the newbie armor quests, you can get the 10-slot, large size, no weight reduction box (weighs 10-pouds so it isn't light) to use as a container. It's better than nothing as you have no containers starting out.

    Here are some of the stats on the Al'Kabor, newbie armor (I am working off memory and will correct the stats when I edit this post later today):

    Bracer: AC1, 1 int 2 mana
    Boots: AC 2, 1 int, 3 mana
    Legs: AC 4, 1 int, 4 mana
    Sleeves: AC 3, 1 int, 3 HP
    Gloves: AC 2, 1 int, 3 mana
    Cap: not obtained yet
    Robe: not obtained yet

    Getting the halfing skins is easy. The "newbie log" area is where you farm the Halfling Scouts. Usually 2 walk up about every 15 min. The matted halfling hair is fairly common drop. There is a third one you can pull that is near the hobbit circle, but it's tricky. You need to park your pet fairly far behind you on guard when you pull. If your pet is next to you, when you aggro the hobbit, he will nuke you and your pet will run up to hit him. At that point ALL the other hobbits in the circle will add and you will die. If you park your pet a ways away on guard, you can eventually pull the scout far enough from the hobbit circle so that when you pet attacks the other hobbits won't add.

    I have had ZERO luck getting embalming dust from the zombies and lesser mummies that can be spawned at the undead camp near the EC zoneline. Killed maybe 20 without a drop so I can't make my robe. I have everything else. I am gonna try along the west zoneline near the Rodocet Nife camp where I saw some zombies and lesser mummies walking before. Maybe they drop it since the ones at the EC undead camp sure as heck are not dropping embalming dust.

    I have had almost ZERO luck getting deathfist scout scalps (2 in like 40 kills). Unlike the hobbit scouts that spawn 2 at a time and walk back and forth from the hobbit circle to the newbie log along a known path making it easy to farm them, the deathfist scouts spawn at two or more spots. One is south of the river where they walk back and forth from the EC area undead camp to the deathfist encampment west of the road. The other one is north of the river just a bit and they walk back and forth between the 2 deathfist encampments that are located near the east and west zonewalls just north of the river. This makes it harder to farm them since the guards killem fairly often when the scouts cross the road. What a pain in the arse!

    There is a spot north of the river near the east-side orc camp around neg 30 neg 180 where you can park yourself and wait for wanderers. I spent a few hours there and discovered there are 3 mobs that spawn and wander back and forth between the east-side and west-side orc camps. It seems that legionaires, templars and scouts all can be one of the 3 wanderers but that scouts seem to be the common spawn of the three. These three seem to spawn on a 15 min timer. It's slow going but at least you can farm them. You can kill black mamaba's to that wander through for some extra tiny exps while you wait.

    3) If you just want more containers for bank storage, there is a quest giver for newbie armor for every class that can start in Neriak. I actually wandered around and gather up a few to stick in the bank for additional storage slots. These boxes work well for that purpose and are FREE but at 10-lbs they are too heavy to carry more than one around at a time.

    4) The woven grass amulet quest works. Collect these when you are killing the halfling scouts and turn them in 4-at-a-time to Perrin in the cleric guild in third gate for exps.

    5) The leatherfoot raider helms quest works. Collect these up 4-at-a-time and turn them in to Narex T'Vem at the warrior guild in commons for exps, 4 gp, and a 12 dam/56 delay weapon that at this level ROCKS as a pet weapon. I just wish the darn thing was magic (it isn't) so that it could hit wisps! I will post the name of the turn-in NPC later.

    6) Selling spiderling silks in Bazaar worked to make pp. I sold 2 stacks for 40 pp total which allowed me to get my remaining level 8 spells and a couple of level 12s.

    Things that do not work:

    1) You can't get a fine antique poinard from the Carver in Grobb by handing him 4 halfling foot bones. His quest text is different on Al'Kabor and you can only do the Cleaver quest. What a friggin waste of time farming halflings for footbones. I just destroyed all 4 I had collected. I think the fine antique poinard quest was added after the trolls were relocated to Neriak after the next expansion (LoY). You can still get it out of PoK from the collector's box series of quests but forget it. I can't get those needed items.

    2) You can't get the froglok skin mask on Al'Kabor from Ranjor. Well, at least I couldn't even at indifferent con (hid behing Ranjor). If you hand him a black wolf skins and a ruined ash drakling scales he hands them back. His quest text only says, [willin ta test]. At dubious or indifferent con, he won't give the next quest prompt if you say, "I am willin ta test". He says you have bad breath and to go away.

    Maybe if you had aimiable it would work, but I sorta suspect this quest was added after the next expansion when the Trolls were relocated to Neriak (LoY). If anyone has any info about this maybe it would be helpful. I mean, is that the correct first prompt for the froglok skin mask quest for instance? Also, is there an easy way to raise troll faction and finally what faction do you need to complete this quest if that is the case? I guess I better save money for a sarnak blood and try and get the fine antique mask.

    3) I found the Griknar Kobalds in Steamfont to be a complete waste of time. The drop rate on the fangs and skins was too low to be worth trying to farm for gp and on Al'Kabor these kobalds ARE social. So at level 5-6, you will probably end up dead. At level 8+ where you could farm them they are all green. At level 7 you can farm them but most are green, so again it's a waste of time.
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    Necro progress from 12- to 16 on Al'Kabor

    NOTES from an untwinked Necro on Al'Kabor from level 12 to 16

    Decided to give up on the remaining newbie armor pieces. Went to bazaar at level 12 and went trader mode to sell again. Sold 2.5 stacks of spider silks and 3.5 stacks of spiderling silks for 1 pp each so I had some cash. Finished buying remaining spells levels 1,4,8,and 12 so spell book is full finally and had enough left over to buy a Coterie General Cape (AC 8, 5 str, 4 int, 40 HPs) for 25 pp that seemed lik a good deal and filled an open slot.

    Headed to Kurns to ding 13 and get a nice buffer before heading to Sister's Island. Grouped with a couple of clerics at Kurns and very quickly wasted undead and got to level 13.5.

    Headed to East Freeport and found the secret entranceway to the Freeport tunnel system and bound myself in front of the necro trainer in the tunnels. Hopped the boat and jumped off and swam to shore before docking at Sister's Island to avoid aggro. Set-up camp on the eastern shore a little south of the dwarves and well outside their aggro radius. Got a named add on the first darn pull and had to gate--almost died--sigh. Came back and had no problems and easily dinged 14 without dying or gating again. All the Sisters were DB to White (even) cons at level 13 but now some turned green at level 14 and the rest were LB or DB--grrr. Continued farming them till I dinged 15, but it was significantly slower now. Most con green now at 15 on Al'Kabor so that's it for this camp. I wish I had came here right at 12.

    Headed to Feerrott to farm spiderling silks grabbed 8 stacks of them and sold them all for 300 pp within a couple of minutes of zoning back to PoK--woot! Bought all level 16 spells (except the 2 that are research combines), bought a sarnak blood, 2 cloudy potions (to hotbutton for the run through Droga) and a SoW potion. Then quickly did the fine cut, diamond inlaid mask quest. Bought a Decaying Bone Idol (50 pp) for range and dumpster dived and found an Eye of Kvaknak (spelling?) for 3 pp on a vendor for secondary.

    Ran out to Kurns and dinged 16 very fast grouped with a cleric and another necro.

    I still have a ton of open, gearless slots (body, both ears, neck, head, both fingers, and waist) so I gotta do something about these bofore running around trying to level fast and finding myself way over my head fast without gear. I'm probably the only level 16 toon on the server who still looks naked since I don't have a robe! LMAO!

    I think I might farm some more silks and try and buy an 2 enchanted velium bars, a black sapphire and a fire opal and find a GM/JC3 jeweler to make me a ring and a necklace next before leveling up some more. My HPs completely blow and mana is also an issue especially since I can't find a polished bone bracelet for sale (Affliction Eff. I) or a HQ cougar skin (for the fine antique ring with MPII).
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      wow you write a lot
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        Ya its sorta an Al'Kabor untwink guide


        OK, time to start seriously working on not just leveling, but on gear. Only way to get gear at this level is to buy it. Pretty much all cash is coming from spiderling silks that sell for 2pp each to tradeskillers. I also sold a few celestial essences but others are selling them too so that's harder to do for pp.

        By this method I bought 2 electrum black sapphire earrings (35 HPs/25mana), a velium fire wedding ring (AC6, 65 HPs), an HQ cougar skin and a cockatrice beak and farmed the eye and tongue to make a fine antique ring (AC4 35 HPs, 25 mana, Mana preservation 2), Green sSlk Drape (Affliction Haste 2, AC 8, 9 dex, 9 stam, 3 int) and brought my self-buffed HPs from under 400 at level 20 to 740 at level 27. So slowly getting to a reasonable amount of HPs before I hit Call of Bones. I want to be over 900 HPs self-buffed by level 29 and 1100 HPs by level 34. A black sapphire necklace and a couple of golden jade bracelets should get me close to my level 29 goal. I still need a shoulder slot item which I just cannot find. That really blows! Been hoping to see an Elder Wolf Hide for sale but no luck yet.

        Leveling spots were Palaudal Caverns, mainly solo, from 16 to 24. Not very unique, I know. From 24 to 27 it's been almost exclusively Marus Seru and the Greyhopper aggro kiting. With KEI and SoW can kite up to 3 even with crappy ole Engulfing Darkness as my snare. Mainly I wanted hides for TSing tailoring and for making leather padding for resale (I think I can get 10 pp each if I have them in stacks).

        I tried the Needelites but that camp seems kinda slow actually. Killing them is fast but they take forever to repop. And while the loot sells for 2-3 pp, the long repop time and lousy drop rate = bad camp for pp and exps. It is good for defensive skillups, so I'll probably go back just for that purpose before too long.

        I also went to Warsliks hoping to do Brutes in the caves. Guess what? On Al'Kabor there are no Brutes in the caves. It's all Iksar bandits that were mainly green to a level 24. so that part of Persephanae's guild doesn't apply to Al'Kabor.

        Future postings will move to the level 26-46 forum.
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          Ah memories.. my first FV character was leveled when PoP was the top expansion. I did all the armor quests.

          But then I headed out into the Commonlands and the deserts of Ro. And Paineel.

          Ironically, your server is the only one that still has those zones (they have been revamped).

          So many people asking for an "old school server". It may not be the original trilogy, but this is pretty old school.

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            Take up tailoring. I did this on my druid back in the day( Spring 2000). I hate empty slots. I made my own armor.

            eq traders:

            Raw Silk Robe
            Slot: CHEST
            AC: 6
            WT: 0.4 Size: MEDIUM
            Class: MNK NEC WIZ MAG ENC
            Race: ALL
            EQ item ID: 1163

            Find recipes that use this item

            item|sources|full list

            Tailoring Components: Silk Swatch(2), Tunic Pattern
            In: Deluxe Sewing Kit, Large Sewing Kit, Loom, Planar Sewing Kit, Tanaan Loom, Coldain Tanners Kit, Collapsible Sewing Kit
            Yield: 1
            Trivial at: 36
            Nice AC, no stats but will help a bit until you level and or get gear.
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              Al'Kabor is still open? I have a necro there.

              One thing cool about that server is that they still have the old Plane of Mischief. Be sure to check it out when you get high enough, L46 I think.
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