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lvl 10 TSS vs kurns tower

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  • lvl 10 TSS vs kurns tower

    where sould i go? thanks!
    Do you get a skill up in bakery for preparing your pet to get eaten by a mob?

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    At early levels I like Paludal Caverns on the Shadeweaver's Side. You can level there from 10 to 24 or so.


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      quests: blightfire
      pretty nice exp too.

      My SK stayed there for quiet some time

      PC is great, but after leveling toons there 5x, I tend to go to BF.

      Kurns is nice, but exp really dies off at 13/14.
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        PC is also a favorite of mine. But I have to admit to really liking the TSS zones nowadays. The quests from level one on up are great xp, with many of them being better than if you were to just simply grind (that's info gathered from many different sources, not just my own experiences). Not to mention that a lot of the quest rewards returns items that are worth having, even at low levels. Also TSS mobs tend to have pretty good vendor trash, at least a lot better than PC would have. And while PC always seems to have a pretty healthy number of people in there at any given time, the TSS zones are very popular on Quellious, throughout all the level ranges.

        As big a fan and with as many toons as I've taken thru PC, I've got to put my vote solidly behind TSS.
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