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    Originally posted by GnekroeGnomicon View Post
    The 77 pet is the first pet in ages that I can remember that could effectively stand up to xp mobs vs folding like a wet towel when clipped by a mob. The old late 40's pet was a beast at the time too (level has changed since and now I have no idea when you get it).
    you get the late forties pet at 48... he is a beast...


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      Been a long time since I've read this post, and I suppose this next one fits here. You guys were right about old content mobs being much easier, and my level 48 pet Invoke Death is my favorite Bonehead yet. I don't know what you call this method of fighting but it works really well in veksar.

      1) Cast Shackle of Spirit from a distance, pull angry mob to camp and take the initial hit. If the slow wasn't resisted this will give you plenty of time to get off Hungry Earth. If slow was resisted try once more, if that is resisted FD and let Bonehead die (depends on what you're killing, but some of these mobs are viscous at full speed). Now you have two options: If root worked back off and cast Bond of Death (step 2). If it did not FD and wait for pet to catch aggro, or simply try and recast Hungry Earth. The mob is so slow it *might* hit you four times total (including kick/bash).
      2) Send pet in on slowed mob (make sure he has Augment Death up and pet taunt ON). Cast Bond of Death and Ignite Blood on mob, pet should be around 60% HP now. Cast Pact of Shadow and Corpreal Empathy until he is 80% +. Keep Pact on pet at all times. Now is the fun part.
      3) This reminded me of the Cannidance of old, but it works really well. Cast Corpreal Empathy on pet, sit and med. When spells refresh stand and Drain Soul the mob. When spells refresh Corpreal Empathy will be back up. Repeat this so pet HP stays up and mob HP goes down. You'll get the timing down quickly, it's just like cannidance timing .

      And that's it! Veksar mobs are 90% undead with low HP, and I can take down yellow phantoms this way. So for any lowbies asking the same question I did, this is one way to kill in dungeons.
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        The way I used to work this zone for xp was........

        1) Pull with Shackle, FD, Send Pet, Stand cast my best fire dot, heal pet, FD, stand and finish off with other dots and pet heals.



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          I head up the ramp and sit and wait till pet finally warps to me because it can't make it up the ramp for some reason. I found that it was easier to use the 49 pet though as he is a warr class with more hps. Inch down the hall until you can target the mob in the first little alcove. Target and send pet. Cast shackle of spirit, FD. Splurt, pact of shadow on pet, bond of death on mob. You might be able to cast ignite blood at this point but may draw agro from your pet so FD again. Recast pact of shadow. (sHould be able to get two pact of shadow's out of each bond of death) Then its mana management from there to kill efficiently.

          I started with only the first three alcoves. After finishing those three, I would have a minute or so to med back to full before the first alcove popped. At 54 veksar becomes much easier with shadowbond; though you have to use drain soul to make up for the last hp's as bond of death does not keep up with shadowbond. As you gain levels and become more comfortable, you can move further and further into the zone. With it being a hot zone, it would be something I would definitely check into.

          From my experience, not only does this method provide xp, it also teaches the discerning necro mana management and agro control; at least it did me.
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