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    Well, I'm back to EQ again ;p I'm on Firiona Vie. I thought some other newbs might be interested in the path I took.

    I love Kunark, so I made a little Iksar necro and I'm going to stick to that continent as much as possible while levelling. For some reason, the newer zones just aren't as fun to me. I dunno why. I am particularly interested in seeing all the dungeons. With the new gear I suspect I can solo them pretty handily. My son dared me to see if I could get to 70 without changing my bind spot from Field of Bone!

    Anyhow, from 1-10 or so, Field of Bone is pretty great. You can do Lake of Ill Omen also, but Field of Bone is just a fun zone with a big mix of mobs. At level 10 I did go to Crescent Reach to get the mighty Stick of Beating from the quest on the 3rd floor of the main building. It's a great newbie weapon. Be sure to pick up your mercenary while it's still free, also. There are no Iksar healers! I had to be satisfied with a slave from a lesser race. I only keep them in my pocket for free rezzes, hehe, or for buffs if I'm gonna try something pretty hard.

    At level 10 I went into Kurn's Tower, and worked my way up into the tower, then down into the basement and into the pit. Awesome zone, I just love it. At this time the Anniversary quests are still active, and I also made about 150,000 pp from selling Collector's Skulls and Excavator Claws, har har. At about 22 the experience started giving out, so I went to Frontier Mountains, to be continued in the next forum

    I have a big thing about defense, probably from my days as a cleric, so I tank everything and keep my defense and dodge maxed up. With bits of defiant armor it's pretty easy to do. Also, tradeskill junk and defiant armor drops like crazy in Kurn's Tower, if you need bazaar stuffs to sell.
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