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    This list includes footnotes about "guides" that have been written for some of the suggested hunting areas. Where are these guides to be found. I did a search by the author of the guide and found nothing.


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      Goblin mines are nerfed to lvl 60s so don't try it at lvl 39- 44. you will die.
      best place i seen for lvl 39 to 50 is echo caves solo underbulks, the tasksmaster ect. loc Pos 750 Neg 1000 when u get to 44 go kill the skellies and the taskmaster.
      snar pull if more come FD but make sure u watch for the 35 min spawn of the wanderer. Pull you target to the wall there is a pathing there that makes it so they don't go back to others when feared. Snare fear send pet dot dot fear easy as pie. If you can pick up a staff in Bazaar called Staff of the dreadgazer it has invoke fear which will save you some down time. 20 hrs of solo in that area should get you from lvl 39 to 48.

      Have fun Good luck and be safe

      I hope this helps


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        nice list =D
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          I appreciate the list, Can anyone give me a good suggestion as to finding good solo strategies, I am a lvl 24 DE Necro this is the only character i've ever played and still I struggle after 2 and a half years of enjoyable play.


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            does any one have information on what lvl it would be good to go to the grey and kill the undead snakes around the enrance to SSR. i would love a guide on this zone if any one has any EXP with it!!

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              Butcherblock dwarves are candy from 34-39. They're ok money as well. Just kill anything that's not red or a guard.

              Echo Caverns "hard" side can be done as early as 34 without real problems. If you're a real masochist you could stay in Echo most of your 'life'.

              Static mushrooms in dawnshroud can be done at twenty, and random garbage in the zone can carry you past forty.
              - Again, only to be attempted at the risk of one's sanity.

              And hello.


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                only suggestion as you asked.. nothing set in stone or nothing i would ever claim as "the best route"

                24 -30 i did Lake of Ill omen Red Charbones (but for me that was mainly cos it was a lighty zone and i could get pvp as well )

                30 - 35 Snoreverthere SF ramp and outpost fearkiting anything that moved apart from tigresses (yes teh tigresses seem to resist more than the high lvl tigers)

                35-45(ish) vary between Rathe Mnts fear kiting giants and butcherblock mnts the dwarfs on the shore.. only 1 house needs fd splitting if i remember right but it gets trickier as your faction gets worse...

                45(ish) to 52ish snooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore sorry burning woods giant fort and wurms surrounding. Easy kills fear kite works nicely from the right of the ramp as you approach it. Its DULL in fact its DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLL nowadays u got PoP so the choices are a lot more plentiful this would be my lazy option )


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                  Hi everyone

                  Just wanted to share where I hunted. I am a Iksar Necro, and I soloed everything.

                  1-8 Newbie zone FoB, LOIO and SONH (I was doing Skullcap quests)

                  8-16 FoB in the pit (save ya spider silks, sell in bazaar).

                  16-22 LOIO at the Windmill. The zone is empty now, great exp and good loot. PC is over-rated, great exp, but it's always crowded (Great if you can get there in the off peak time). Another good place is East Karana, mostly over looked, Crag Hill is a gold mine, to the cash restricted player. I haven't done it with this char, but I did it with my Chanter at this lvl.

                  22-24 Warsliks Woods. Another zone which is empty. Giant Fort is great, nice exp, ok loot, with the added bonus of a Forest Loop dropping.

                  24-28 You have loads of options. Stay in WW and kill giants and Brutes at 26, LOIO is still great for exp. The guards in Highkeep Hold are great for loot, but expect downtime for mana regen and pet heal, but it is well worth it, if you are short on cash. Boglings and Needlites are good exp and good loot in Echo Caverns.

                  Thats as far as I have got, it was nice traveling around in my last few lvls. Well back to Kunark for me, time to get my next lvl skullcap.

                  Good Hunting and Safe Travels


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                    Another great spot from say 14-22 is the caimans and crocs in oasis. Usually empty, and they do not aggro. Excellent alternative to Paludal, when it's crowded.
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                      Originally posted by Fml1554@Jul 9 2004, 02:59 PM
                      If you can pick up a staff in Bazaar called Staff of the dreadgazer it has invoke fear which will save you some down time.
                      Is this staff clickable from inventory?


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                        Look up items on Allakhazams by the way.
                        You don't have to stay anywhere forever.


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                          Originally posted by Delei Bloodshadow@Aug 12 2004, 12:46 AM
                          I appreciate the list, Can anyone give me a good suggestion as to finding good solo strategies, I am a lvl 24 DE Necro this is the only character i've ever played and still I struggle after 2 and a half years of enjoyable play.
                          it took you 2 and a half years to get to level 24??
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                            I just turned 49 and got all my nice new spells, and was looking for a place to level. I thought I'd check out Natimbi and see if I could pay those turtles back for the pain they had inflected on me in the past. I really shouldn't have tried them in the past, but what did I know. At 49 I could solo them, to the surprise of the non-necros in the zone. I could solo the stonemites too, both for roughly 2% xp. They drop crap mostly, though, now and then you get aligned ore (I got one once) or a blue diamond supposedly, but there are a few drops that are part of a quest turn-in that may be useful, one for a mana pres 3 item that you may still need, having deigned to purchase the mucky drape, and the other for a necklace that is still better than what I'm wearing.

                            Both the turtles and the stonemites can be found right at the wayfarer camp. I usually get there by going from POK to BB, magus to Nedaria's Landing, magus to Natimbi. The mobs in the zone will not attack you on sight, at least not these two, but they will assist each other in battle, so pull them near the camp. I like to pull em to the water line just down the beach from the camp, but far enough away from the zone in to avoid annoying people who show up. I wait till one's relatively alone, then send pet to attack, and then pull pet back to wherever I want to fight em, casting as I pull pet back. Get a Virt on you and your pet, Cascading Darkness, Asystole, Insidious Retrogression, Bond of Death, Ignite Blood, Lich, and heal pet as needed. Jump in to take a few blows to mitigate the damage the pet'll be taking, and don't forget to backup enough to cast as needed to avoid being stunned.

                            The beastie:
                            A Turepta Cragwalker
                            The drops:
                            Succulent Turepta Meat NO DROP
                            The quest:
                            Kiki's Turtle Soup
                            The reward for a turn in of 4:
                            Kiki's Recipe Book
                            LORE ITEM MAGIC ITEM NO DROP
                            Weight: 2.0 Size: MEDIUM
                            Slot: PRIMARY SECONDARY
                            Wis: +10 Int: +10 Agi: +5 Fire Resist: +5 Disease Resist: +3 Cold Resist: +5 HP: +30 Mana: +50
                            Mana Preservation III

                            The beastie:
                            A Shore Stonemite
                            The drops:
                            Intact Stonemite Eye NO DROP
                            Intact Stonemite Leg NO DROP
                            Intact Stonemite Meat NO DROP
                            Intact Stonemite Shell NO DROP
                            The Quest:
                            Fienne's Wildlife Specimens
                            The reward:
                            Strand of Sea Pearls
                            LORE ITEM MAGIC ITEM NO DROP
                            Weight: 1.2 Size: SMALL
                            Slot: NECK
                            AC: +11 Str: +5 Wis: +5 Int: +5 Agi: +5 Fire Resist: +5 Disease Resist: +5 Magic Resist: +3 HP: +40 Mana: +40 End: +40
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                              Thanks for the good guide!
                              Were allll addicts!


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                                Someone before mentioned the BB dwarves...they were nerfed about 6 months ago and are no longer snareable. I used to quad this with my druid and found out the hard way about the nerf. All so as of the patch on February 15 2005 the argo range on on the skulking brutes in WW has been changed. It is much larger! The room with 3 in them if you try and pull one another one will come.
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