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    What are the current "Hot Zones" for exp bonus'?


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      Originally posted by Kraevn@Nov 5 2005, 02:45 AM
      What are the current "Hot Zones" for exp bonus'?
      I don't think they've changed them since the last post in this thread:
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        Dont forget the stables/kennel in Veksar. Id say wait till 64. Exp is pretty good. Reason I say wait till 64 is because at 63 you dont have Sos or Tod, those 2 spells are KEY because the rotting hunters hit to damn hard even slowed and shadowbound just cant keep up with healing. Sos because with the line of Splurt, Saryns Kiss Fpok and your pet whacking away you can have all those dots run its course and still have to refresh Fpok. Mobs then should be at roughly 10% health at which time (Insert Undead DD here) will whach em. Sorry dont remember the name of that undead dd off the top of my head.

        The decaying "Dogs" have much less hp's than the rotting hunters. Just my 2cp sorry for the ramble.


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          Hate to revive such an old thread but I thought chime in with my bizarre tale so far. Some of this is really old and may not apply and some is very recent.

          I leveled from 1-55 in back in 2000-2001 when hell levels were in full force. I then hit a huge brick wall and cancelled and took a year off. Came back and played my monk and shaman for a bit. Quit again and took 2 years off. Played a bit more and quit again. Oh well, it's a long sordid story. I started over 6 years ago but only 3 years total subscribed

          My notable hunting grounds from 2000-2001:

          1-10: Nektulos, EC and WC
          10-15: FOB and Kurns
          15-20: Some OOT, some Najena
          20-29: Hard to remember, I think LOIO
          29-39: Dalnir and OT. Turned in lots of war braids for the Worker's Sledgemallet
          39-45: Nurga back in the days when it was for this level and spiders gave amazing xp.
          45-49: I think Burning Woods
          49-51: Ah...Spiroc Island.
          51-53: Cobalt Scar.
          54-55: Neriak Wizzies. Incredible XP
          55: Life became miserable This was in 2001

          Fast forward to 2003 for a month

          55-56: Katta. OMG so fricken boring that I quit again

          Fast forward to 2006 where I am currently

          56-59: Veksar and some OS. Yess, I love being a necro again! Undead slow in Veksar is so fun. After numerous tank/pet/dot/slowing the undead sentries, commoners and such I moved to the golem area and there is a sweet spot to aggro kite them. Really nice XP and the recent OOC changes give so little downtime.

          So the question is will I quit again for 1-2+ years? I don't think at this point I will. I'm having a blast and finally rounding the corner to 60 and there's so much to look forward to from 61+ I really hated 55+ until I found Veksar, I just wish I had known about it back in 2003.

          The only thing that bugs me about playing nowadays is the empty feeling I get running around old zones and not seeing a soul around. I remember the 100+ peeps in LOIO, SolB, LGuk, and now it's just completely dead out there. I even miss the old /auction at the EC tunnel.

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            59 sucked. Looong level. But good news. Once you get through 59, 60 is a breeze, and the xp stays pretty good till 66 where it starts to grind again.


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              I decided to give spirocs in TD a shot last night. I used the TL guy from OT. When I zoned in I started conning the Ogres, second one I conned was Fabled Oowomp. Green to me so I quickly engaged, much to my surprise he was a very easy kill. He spent the majority of the fight casting spells that I kept resisting. I looted The Fabled Sheer Bone Mask. On to something that would give me exp...I traveled up the beach and spotted a spiroc harvestor. Now I don't know if it's all the spirocs or just this harvestor (even con at 55) but I quickly cast insideous retro on him and see the message "immune to changes in run speed". I'm thinking "uh oh, this can't be good." He's hitting me for no less than 200dmg each time. I cast invoke fear on him and the message I get is even worse than the first, "immune to fear spells." Already realizing that this will most likely NOT have the desired outcome, I take off running like a bat outta hell only to see he is right on my heels still hitting me. I tap him once or twice, see my health at 35% and try casting FD...interrupted, interrupted, interrupted, LOADING PLEASE WAIT.....

              Going to check Alla and do a little investigating on these spirocs to see if all are like this or if I'm just that unlucky. Just thought I'd add this though since the spirocs are listed in the hunting guide. I will report back after I do some homework.


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                Spirocs definitely shouldn't be even cons at 55. The exp there is pretty poor after 51, I would expect they are at least light blue if not green (new con system not old).


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                  This particular spiroc is involved in rogue 1.5