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  • Sslyther's leveling guide...

    Okay I found this over at Everquest Casters Realm forums...Its a great guide, although some of the "bugs" are outdated, its definately worth the read if youre starting out or if you are looking for a place to level.

    Fellow Necromancers,

    HI, I’m currently level 40 and I have decided to share my experience in detail on what I did so far. I have a little over 6 days played so my progress is fairly fast (IMHO - 99% solo leveling w/o being powerleveled). I hope to return to the Necro community that helped me a lot throughout my leveling progression. My gear is very standard and I’m not even wearing a piece for my shoulder and feet lol. My only good gear is the Crystal Spider Eye and a General Coitori Cape (spelling?) and a pair of 6ac 65HP rings. I have the Stein of Mog and a Cone of Mystic. I have 870ish HP at level 40 and i'm an Iksar. If you're any other race, your XP gain will be much faster than my own... and I was leveling fast!!

    Lvl 21 - 26
    WHERE: Giants Fort in Warslik Wood
    Since I last logged off at the giant fort in Warslik Wood over a year ago, I completed my level by killing the giants in the fort. Coming from the Cabalis Zone -> the Giant's Fort, take a right immediately once you're inside the fort. There's a lone tree just behind the first building and this is where I setup camp. You will not get any adds here!

    SPELLS: Engulfing Darkness / Leach / Heat Blood / Siphon Life / Feign Death / Siphon Strength / Shock of Poison / Allure of Death

    WHAT I DID: What I did was pullled giants with Siphon Strength, and ran towards the pet immediately. I'll run a little past my pet and hit pet attack before turning myself around to face the giant. Usually, the giant is nearly ontop of me when I do this and so the pet never moves much from the parked position. I dropped my DoTs (heat blood & darkness) on the giant, and went in to melee (be a meat shield for your pet). When you get low on health, just backup and lifetap a few times. By then, your pet is still at 80% health, the giant is at 20% and is running away, and you're near full health with about 60% mana. As he is running away, Cast Leach on the giant to steal some HP while you Allure of Death yourself. Sit, rinse and repeat. Giants went by fairly fast. I could take on yellows reliably using this method. It's important to tank for your pet because the giants can really pound your pet into a pulp at this early level... especially the Evergreens Giants… A hurt pet translates to MAJOR downtime.

    NOTE: I tried Fear Kiting but i found that method to be too draining on my mana at this early level. Being an Iksar, my mana pool was not high enough to be efficient at fear kiting at lvl 20ish.

    Lvl 26 - 29
    WHERE: Echo Cavern – Needlites
    Enter Echo Cavern from Shadowhaven – Entrance is hidden behind an illusion wall near the Nexus portal. When you approach the Needlite cave, hug the left wall and immediately cut around the left corner. There is a little alcove right around the corner and this is where you setup camp.

    SPELLS: Engulfing Darkness / Leach / Heat Blood / Allure of Death / Banshee Aura / Siphon Life / Feign Death / Fear

    WHAT I DID: First thing about the Needlites... they hit FAST! The strategy I used is very similar to what I used with the Giants at Lvl 24. I would make sure I have Banshee Aura (Requires: a PEARL), pull the Needlites w/ darkness, /pet attack, drop Heat Blood & Leach on the Needlite and went in melee (be a meat shield again). Between Heat Blood / Leach / your Banshee Aura (they literally kill themselves on your damage shield) / and your pet beating on them, they should run in no time. I usually cast Leach on them again when they run and Life Tap if my health is real low. Turn on Allure of Death and med. I was able to kill the whole room with time to rest before full pop using this method.

    NOTE: In the back of the room are 2 Needlites that are linked. To break the spawn, save these 2 for last! Target one Needlite and /pet attack. Retarget the other one and cast Fear. Nuke the first one down ASAP, and try to fear the 2nd one a few times before killing. Another way you can do this is to Feign Death after you kill the first one. You “might” need to suicide your pet this way… but hey, the double spawn is broken!

    NOTE 2: Another thing I noticed about Echo Cavern are the tentacles growing from the walls. The tentacles will root and DD you if you get too close. Keep your distance from it.

    NOTE 3: If the Queen spawns, use similar startegies. But instead of moving in to attack the Queen, Nuke her a few times until she comes to you instead. If it gets too hot, Feign Death and life tap.

    XP GAIN: 2% per kill and slowed to 1% to 2% per kill.
    LOOT: Needlite legs and wings stack and sells for 2-3 plats each… 40-50 plat per stack.

    LVL 29 -31
    WHERE: Dawnshroud Peak – 3 Mushroom spawn / Small Zelniaks
    Enter Dawnshroud Peak from the Neth. Zone. You can reach the Neth Zone from the Nexus. I noticed this zone is similar to “Overthere” in terms of people camping a zone line pulling Zelniaks. I tried grouping at this zone line, but the XP is terrible. So I left my group after 40 mins and ventured out into the unknown. I began by following the right zone wall (if you're facing AWAY from the Neth zone). It eventually turns left and takes you to the entrance of Sanctus Seru. DON’T go inside. You will be KOS. Before you get to the Sanctus Seru zone, you will come down a hill and at the bottom of the hill is a group of 3 Fungi Shrooms. Off in the tree line, you will see Small Zelniaks roaming around. From the 3 Fungi Shrooms, run towards Sanctus Seru and setup camp just at the edge of your pull range. This is where I camped for 2 levels.

    SPELLS: Engulfing Darkness / Vampiric Curse / Boil Blood / Allure of Death / Spirit Tap / Feign Death / Fear / Shock of Poison.

    WHAT I DID: The 3 Fungi Shrooms are on a 10 minute timer so they respawn fast. I would park my pet just beyond my pull range. I targeted a shroom and cast Engulfing Darkness. Immediately I cast Boil Blood and before the Fungi reached me, I would click on “Pet Attack”. I cast Vampiric Curse and Fear. The Fungi will wander off into the tree line but once it reaches the tree line, it will be stuck walking back and forth. I never have to move other than to turn my body to see the action. After 14 seconds, I standup and cast Fear to keep fear on the shroom. Once the shroom reaches 20% and starts to run, I cast Vampiric curse again and sit/med. Depending on the level of the shroom (they all con blue but some are stronger), I will Life Tap or Shock of Poison once.

    NOTE: You will be able to take all 3 Fungi Shrooms and still med to near FM before they respawn. No worries. Just off to your right are wandering Small Zelniaks that you can pull. They have a bit more HP than Shrooms but the same strategy applies.

    XP GAIN: 1% to 2% per kill.
    LOOT: Shroom drops loots that sell for 2-3 plats.

    31 – 34
    WHERE: Dawnshroud Peak – Zelniaks
    From the 3 Fungi Shroom spawn, I moved further down into the zone. A bit aways, if you head past the Lightcrawlers, you will come up on a Shroom Building. Stay in front of the building and keep moving in the direction of Maiden’s Eye. Almost immediately, you’ll see 2 trees situated in front of a “Tribal” camp. If you are looking through the 2 trees (imagine a field goal - football), the Tribal camp is in front of you to the left and the Shroom Building is to your right. Make a pet inbetween the 2 trees and a few paces towards the Tribal camp. This is where I camped for 3 levels.

    SPELLS: Engulfing Darkness / Vampiric Curse / Boil Blood / Allure of Death / Spirit Tap / Feign Death / Fear / Shock of Poison

    WHAT I DID: The key is to pull wandering Zelniaks to your pet between the 2 trees. I pulled with Engulfing Darkness and ran to my pet. Before they got to the pet, I casted Boil Blood and /pet Attack as the Zelniak reached the tree. Make sure your pet engages the Zelniak INSIDE the 2 trees. Cast Fear, Vampiric Curse, sit and med. Make sure you have Allure of Death on to recover your mana. I refreshed fear on the Zelniak on an average of 2-3 times but it will only wander back and worth between the 2 trees so you never have to move. Always count to 14 and cast Fear. A hurt pet = more downtime. If need be, Life Tap it once or DD it to speed up the kill. This is easy as cake because of the fear pathing. Just make sure to keep the Zelniak feared until it decides to run away.

    NOTE: Don’t pull a Large Zelniak or a Tribal even though they con the same. For some reason, they seem to have more HP and requires a few more spells to kill. This slowed down my kill time and I stuck to regular Zelniaks. Every 10-15 minutes, there WILL be 1 Lightcrawler that wanders through the “field goal” and agro you. However, the Lightcrawler is easy to spot because it wanders before the tree and walks over a hill before returning through the 2 trees. Either backup and let it walk past or kill it. Lightcrawlers wield only 1% XP.

    XP GAIN: 1% to 2% per kill.
    LOOT: None

    Lvl 34 - 39
    WHERE: Once I dinged lvl 34, I went to buy all my spells and noticed my Torbas Acid Blast sells in IceClad Ocean. I took a port from Nexus and ended up in Great Divide. I Gather Shadow and ran from Great Divide to Eastern Waste to IceClad Ocean and ended up at the spell vendor. I also noticed off in the distance, there were a bunch of Snow Cougars that conned blue and decided to setup camp here. From the campfire and facing towards the Snow Cougars, I ran maybe 50 yards and found a subtle spot on the ground where it seems to be at the highest point before it gradually slopes downwards… (and a Patrolling Gnome will usually stop right on top of this spot)this is where I casted a pet.

    SPELLS: Engulfing Darkness / Vampiric Curse / Venom of Snake / Call of Bone / Spirit Tap / Feign Death / Invoke Fear / Shock of Poison

    WHAT I DID: This had got to be the easiest camp I done to this point. Make sure your pet is dual wielding weapons to activate dual wield (not sure if it’s required). With the pet buffed (Intensify Death Always), pull a Snow Cougar with Engulfing Darkness and run back to your pet. (I played these levels on F9x4 View. It’s gives a perfect overall view.) Once you reach your pet, turn around and wait! Time your Invoke Fear to land right as the Cougar reach you. Immediately, it will wander around and start walking towards the Gnome Igloos. /pet attack, Venom of Snake, Call of Bone, and sit and med. It’s as simple as this. Invoke Fear usually runs out when the Snow Cougars are in the running mode so I usually never had to cast another spell. All spells will usually expire just before the Cougar dies. There is literally ZERO downtime using this method and the Cougar will only path back and forth right in front of the Igloos until it dies! Every 2 kills, I would Intensify Death the pet.

    NOTE: If you get 2 Cougars on your tail, try to Feign Death and re-pull. If you decide to engage the 2 cougars, Invoke Fear on one and sick your pet on the other one. Immediately nuke down the first one. The 2nd one will come immediately after you so right before it reaches you, land your Invoke Fear, /pet attack, Engulfing Darkness, Boil Blood.

    NOTE 2: At level 38, half the Cougars will con light blue. Try to pull only the dark blue Cougars. Eitherway, the Xp still rocks! 1% a kill with almost zero downtime and zero risk. Occasionally, run to the back near the docks and see if StormFeather spawns. It’s a big bonus kill if it spawns!

    XP GAIN: 1% to 2% initially. Towards Lvl 36+ it’s 1% per kill... but damn it's so effortless and fast! 4 spells (Engulfing, Invoke Fear, Venom of Snake, Call of Bone) = dead Cougar.
    LOOT: I looted 9 Cougar Claw Earrings, and many Bloodstain Fangs. I also killed StormFeather and looted one of the map for the Eyepatch of Plunder quest.

    LVL 39 – 44+
    WHERE: After reading around the forums, I traveled back to Kunark and ended up in the Mines of Nurga. On my server, I’m usually the only one in this zone aside from a few high levels. Nothing in this zone sees invisible so Gather Shadow and drop down the waterfall on your left upon zone in. Follow the tunnel and eventually you will get to the first “rail tracks”. Walk over the tracks carefully (do not fall) and keep going down the tunnel. You will reach the 2nd set of “rail tracks” which you WILL fall through. Just head up the ramp on the right. Once up the ramp, go left and eventually you will end up in an alcove with no monsters. This is where I setup camp.

    SPELLS: Dooming Darkness / Vampiric Curse / Venom of Snake / Call of Bone / Spirit Tap / Feign Death / Invoke Fear / Screaming Terror

    WHAT I DID: Around your camp, you will notice 4 sets of 2 goblins (actually 5 sets of 2 goblins if you looked hard enough) down the tunnel to the left & right in the various rooms. You will also see a sleeping ogre on the ground. Starting with any 2 goblins, I casted Screaming Terror at one and immediately ran towards my pet. The other goblin will chase you to your pet. /pet attack goblin and land Dooming Darkness, Venom of Snake, Invoke Fear, Call of Bone and med. On caster goblins (Stonechanter, Firedrowser, Boneseers, etc..), I casted Spirit Tap when the goblin is at 20%. This is VERY IMPORTANT! By the time you fire the Spirit Tap and with your pet beating on the goblin, it shouldn’t have a chance to Gate. Gating is BAD… I learned the hard way several times.

    This place is a big challenge so far at level 30 and 40. It does require you to be on your toe but you can easily handle about 8 spawns per 20 minutes. The money is good and the loot sells for good plat. Best of all, I’m building faction with Chardok to do my quest there.

    XP GAIN: 1% to 2% per kill. Very frequent 2% per kill due to dungeon bonus.
    LOOT: I farmed about 200 – 300 plat from loot and vendor junk.

    NOTE: THIS IS A CHEAT (I think)… USE AT OWN RISK!! I discovered this trick by accident when I Invoked Fear a Goblin and forgot to snare it. It took off running down several tunnels and eventually ran into a wall at an intersection. It just stood there and it did not run anywhere else. It did not pace nor do anything else. It does fight back if my pet got within melee range but keep it feared and it does not move or fight back. So what I did was pulled a goblin to this spot, /pet Attack, Invoke Fear, Vampiric Curse, Call of Bone, Med and let the pet beat the goblin at the wall. When needed, reapply Invoke Fear and sit back and med. By the time your pet kills the goblin, you have FULL MANA and FULL HEALTH!!!

    Right now, I’m at level 40.2 but it should be really fast progression to mid 40s. I’ll update again once I change my camp/strategy.
    Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
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    Hi all, here's another update on what I've done to this point. I'm currently lvl 46 and I’m still moving fast! I stayed inside the Mines of Nurga until level 44. Level 44 went by a bit slow - in about 5 hours - because half of the goblins conned light blue in the Mines. But I was able to take 11 spawns on a 20 minute cycle so it still went by fairly fast. Not to mention, I have 4 piles of Salt and 4 piles of goblin skin now!!

    Ok, on to my newest camp.

    LVL 44-50
    WHERE: After buying all my Level 44 spells, I made a special trip to Echo Cavern to buy my Undead Slow spell "Shackle of Spirit". I went back to the Nexus and took the Kunark Scion portal, which landed me in DreadLands wizard spire. From the spire, I ran directly South into a near empty outpost except for random Plaguebone Skeletons wandering about. In one of the pyramid buildings, you will find several “Plaguebone Thief” wandering about. I setup camp in front of the doorway and summoned Jobober.

    SPELLS: Augment Death / Shackle of Spirit / Vampiric Curse / Pact of Shadow / Sense the Dead / Ward Undead / Feign Death / Siphon Life

    WHAT I DID: I parked the pet several paces before the pyramid doorway and I cast Sense the Dead. It would target and point me to the closest undead. At level 44, nearly every undead wandering is good Exp. The regular Plaguebone Skeletons are easier followed by the Plaguebone Thieves. I would pull using Shackle of Spirt, /pet attack, and sit and med. Your pet WILL destroy any undead once you land Shackle of Spirit. During the fight, I would blast the Plaguebone continuously with Ward Undead. I know what you’re all thinking… Ward Undead does only 41 damage! Unless you have spent some time upping your Evocation skill, this is an awesome way to up that spell class. I started with 25 Evocation and right now, I’m at 130+ Evocation! I can chain nearly 15-20 Ward Undead spells and lose about 15% mana so my skill raised fast. The Exp is soo easy here… in fact, I can easily pull 4+ Plaguebone Thieves in succession before I have to Pact the pet.

    NOTE: Becareful of the Wraithhbone Champions and the Greater Plaguebones. These skeletons are tough! I pulled a Wraithbone Champion by accident (it conned even at lvl 44) and I had to burn my entire mana to beat it. My health and my pet's health was at 15-20% after the fight. I swear those things have near 10000 HP.

    LOOT: 0 - 4pp per skeleton. Random Words and a NO-Drop quest letter page.
    EXP: 1% per kill

    I hear Lower Guk is also good for Experience. Now that I know how Shackle of Spirit will destroy an undead, I might head out there to check things out. Maybe I’ll pick up some uber loot too! I'll be updating soon.. maybe after I get level 49 or 50 or if I move camp to Lower Guk.
    Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
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      Finally the big Ding...Level 50! I took some time after i got lvl 49 to try my luck on a pair of Journeyman's boots. LOL. I wasted literally 3-4 days of playing and no Jboots. I could've leveled at least 2-3 times instead haha. Oh well... luck is like that sometimes. Well here is my update. I have 9.5 hours played and I'm level 50.4 right now. I can't wait to get Level 51 so I can do some AA Xping

      LVL 49 - 50+
      WHERE: After I got my 49th level, I decided I wanted to get a pair of Journeyman's boot! I bought all of my spells in a few hours, including the 49th pet and Lich and took the Freeport porter from PoK. I ran to South RO and tried to spawn the AC in the desert... The zone was mostly empty except a 2 other farmers looking for the AC... so the chances of me killing the AC is fairly good. After about 2.5 hours, the AC spawned!!! OMG OMG OMG.. but it spawned next to the Dark Elf vendors and by the time I got to it, it was already down to 40% health. I got in a Torbas' blast and a few pet swings but when the AC died, it poofed into thin air *SIGH* Another 5 hours and the AC never spawned.. so I decided to check out the "static AC spawn" in OOT. While I was on the AC island, someone instructed me to pull Seafury Cyclopses from the Island to the west while I waited inbetween AC spawns. After a few hours at the AC island, i pretty much gave up on the Journeyman's boots and decided to level some more.

      SPELLS: Cascading Darkness / Para Earth / Bond of Death / Pact of Shadow / Siphon Strength / Feign Death / Siphon Life / Augment Death / (Spirit Armor)

      WHAT I DID: I ran to the Seafury island and parked my pet along the Eastern shoreline (closest to the Ancient Cyclops island) and buffed him up with Augment Death and Spirit Armor. I kept myself in Lich until FM or until my health dips below 60%. I would pull a Seafury with Siphon Strengh and run to my pet. Then /pet attack, Cascading Darkness, Bond of Death, Pact of Shadow on the pet, Lich, and sit and med the rest of the fight. Using this method, I was able to end the fight with near full health, near full health on the pet, and 10% less mana than I started. I just have to sit and med 30 seconds to get full mana. Using this method, I was able to kill 4 Seafuries in a row, was near full mana, full health, and still have near 2 minutes left on the first Seafury corpse. This is FAST killing.

      NOTE 1: The Ancient cyclopse spawns on the island to the East of this Seafury island. The placeholder is a Pirate / Cyclops / Boog Something / Aqua Goblin. As I said, I camped the AC spawn a few times and pulled Seafury Cyclops to this island in between the 6 minute AC spawn. I have yet to land the AC and I've camped him for a total of 5-7 real hours now... Maybe you guys will have better luck than me.

      NOTE 2: Stay AWAY from Quag Maelstorm. He's a complete undercon. Although he's blue and my pet can take him to 70% health w/o any assistance from me, i've died 2x to him. Why you ask? Because he DRAINS YOUR MANA. I couldn't cast spells fast enough to damage him and heal my pet. I had to Feign Death.. but it failed on me the first time. The second time, I Liched myself to 15% health to get mana and he came after me instead of the pet... WACK WACK I was dead.

      I have yet to see the Corrupt Seafury but I hear he's a tough quest mob. So stay away.

      NOTE 3: A few times, I pulled 2 Seafuries by accident. The first time, a magician camping close to me asked if I needed help and I said no. Here is what I did: I backed up and let my pet tanked both for a lil bit. I had to Feign Death to get both off me a few times. Once the Seafuries are on Jojober, I Para Earth one and kept on tellin Jojober to <Back> and <Follow> so I got some distance between the 2 Seafuries. After that, it&#39;s was easy... I Kill one Seafury normally.. and I also Dotted the rooted one at the same time. By the time my pet killed the first one, the 2nd Seafury was already at 65% health. NECROS ROCK&#33;&#33;

      LOOT: 0 - 6pp per cyclops and random jewels, random Words. I&#39;ve got about 650 plats on me and ALOT of jewels that I know sells for good PP. I even destroy some gold so I could hold more PP lol&#33; This is only leveling from 49 to 50. The loot is great here&#33;

      EXP: a tiny fraction less than 1% per kill. Took maybe 105-107 Seafury to ding level 50.
      Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
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        I&#39;m now level 51 and i&#39;m working on my AA. I need to get run3 before I continue to level. I&#39;m going to give the Seafuries a try for AA. Not sure how fast it will be


        Ok quick update on the Seafurys. I found a more mana efficient way to solo the Seafuries. This is what i did at level 50:

        Pulled with Siphon Strength and run all the way to the water. /pet attack when the Seafury is standing on the edge of the waterline. Cast Dooming Darkness, Bond of Death, Pact of Shadow, and Lich. By the time the Seafury is near 60% to 70% health, I cast Fear.

        Using this method, I used less mana than the previous method of Cascading Darkness / Bond of Death. The pet took less punishment, and I didn&#39;t have to Pact of Shadow as often = overall alot less downtime. My personal best was 6 dead Seafuries and I still had 15 seconds loot time left on the first Seafury corpse. heh

        Each fight, I would be near FM and FH for me and the pet.

        Much much easier to use and alot less mana used per kill.
        Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
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          NOTE: This "bug" has been patched, so this no longer works.

          Alrite guys.. here&#39;s my latest update on what&#39; i&#39;ve been doing lately. I&#39;m still level 51 because I havn&#39;t gotten time to play much lately but I did find something really really interesting in Neriak... might be considered a cheat unfortunately Anyhow, I&#39;ve almost got Run3 now and I&#39;ll be working on Regen3. Once I get both, I&#39;ll begin leveling again&#33;

          lvl 51-53

          Where: Neriak Commons
          I read a guide on neriak guards and I thought I would give this place a try. Basically, I was looking to farm some plats while leveling up a bit and I hear this place was rocking&#33; I ported into Neriak&#39;s porter from PoK. Run NE and make sure to have Gather Shadow up. Zone into Neriak Foreign Quarters and run up the right pillar over the wall. This will put you near the zone out to Neriak Commons. Zone into Neriak Commons and soon you&#39;ll come to a bridge with bodies of water on the right and left.

          Spells: Splurt / Bond of Death / Ignite Blood / Dead Man Floating / Feign Death / Anything else you want.. but most spells get resisted by the guards.

          What I Did:
          Basically I floated over the water on the RIGHT side if you&#39;re facing AWAY from Neriak Foreign Quarters. When I tried to pull a guard on the bridge, it would not move. At first I tried to pull it to my pet but when it wouldn&#39;t move, I just decided to "cook" it. Pretty much, I used 3 spells to kill any guard... Splurt, Ignite Blood, and Bond of Death. These 3 spells will kill any of the Neriak Guards except for Dragoon V&#39;Rette... which takes 2 Splurts, 2 Ignite Blood, and 1 Bond of Death. As long as I was floating above the water, they would not come after me... now, I don&#39;t know if this is legal.. or if you could get into trouble for this.. so please use at your own risk.

          Exp: 1% per kill at level 51.

          AAXP: 1% per kill at level 51.

          Loot: Up to 6pp a kill and Vendor loot... Long Sword (11+pp), FS weapons (4-6pp), Shield (1+ pp)

          Note: I can not single pull these Guards at level 51. Everytime I pull them and I floated onto land, 2 guards usually come at me. So make sure to keep DMF up at all times and park ur body over the water. Dont use this method if you feel like you&#39;ll get into trouble. I probably wont&#39; be here too much longer and i&#39;ll find a new and more "legit" camp.. lol. But I gotta say, it&#39;s definitely FUN discovering all these nifty things when I explore all these different zones&#33;[/i]
          Enjoy Necrotalk 2.0!
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            Happy New Years all&#33;&#33;

            Here&#39;s a quick update on what&#39;s happening with me so far. I was once at lvl 55 just playin around with different zones... but I decided to farm money and AA points so I deleveled to 54. I basically sat at the Neriak Commons and farmed for days on end... I have 12 AA points now and have enough points for SCM2. I&#39;m 1 kill from dinging lvl 55. I upgraded a few pieces of armor and I also bought Demi-Lich. I&#39;m at 1559 HP unbuffed at level 54 and I&#39;m still wearing a few crap pieces of equipment (aka... Gem Inlaid Gaunt, Foreman&#39;s Cap, etc.. lol) I&#39;ll work on my HP gear in the next few days and I "should" be able to break 1600+HP unbuffed. The only piece of gear that is ultra expensive is Robe of Haunted Dreams (I bought for 8k) and TerrorClaw&#39;s Hide (3k). Other than that, my gear is easily within reach for everyone.

            For the brief time I was lvl 55, I checked out Plane of Disease and found a few things very killable. I havn&#39;t fully explored the zone, but I&#39;ll describe my pesonal solo experience below:


            WHERE: Plane of Disease
            I zoned into PoTranquality from the book in PoKnowledge. Go out the door and turn right. Run a lil bit and you&#39;ll see a giant sewage dumb pipe thingy... go into the sewage hole to zone into PoDisease. When you zone into PoDisease, you&#39;re safe on a graveyard. From this graveyard, I DMF and ran straight forward onto the island infront of the graveyard. This is the Island I camped successfully for a couple of hours.

            Dooming Darkness / Splurt / Bond of Death / Deflux / Envenomed Bolt / DMF / Lich / FD.

            Swap out DMF for Augment Death / other utility spells as needed.

            WHAT I DID:
            The things I was killing are called Tset[something] Flys. There are a group of 5 of them (that&#39;s visible to you) immediately to the right of your camp. There is a group of 3 and a group of 2. Okay, buff up your pet (I used Rogue Pet) and have him /guard on the middle of the island. MAKE SURE HIS TAUNT IS OFF&#33;&#33;&#33; Stand on a little mound before the flys and target one. Now BACK UP until you&#39;re just within casting range and cast Dooming Darkness. Immediately FD because until the spawn is broken, 2 WILL ALWAYS come. Once the add walks back to his camp and reset, stand up and the fly you casted Dooming Darkness on will chase you.

            Run a bit away and cast Envemon Bolt. Run away, /Pet Attack and cast Splurt. Run a bit more and cast Bond of Death. By now, your Envenom Bolt should be running out.. as soon as it runs out (the mob will be around 50%ish life), refresh Dooming Darkness. When your Bond of Death runs out, cast a Deflux.

            The fly should be stuck to you like stink on s**t... Just run in large square patterns and the fly will follow you to the end of earth. What I like to do is run and sit, run and sit.. When you sit, you generate more aggro.

            When the fly is below 20%, it will usually stop chasing you and enter flee mode. Clean up and throw on a Deflux if your health is low.

            XP: Each fly will give you 2% AA at level 55. Not sure about normal XP unfortunately.

            LOOT: They rarely drop legs, wings, parts, etc... These are all vendor loot that sells for decent plats.. as far as I know.

            NOTE 1: This camp is a bit troublesome in a few ways. First of all, if your FD fails on pull, you WILL NEED TO immediately stand up, run away and FD. Keep spamming /pet backoff to keep the pet from aggroing the Fly... or else, the pet will die, you will not kill the Flies, and will waste time and mana summoning and buffing a pet. Failed FD when splitting the camp is VERY VERY ANNOYING...

            NOTE 2: There is one (1) occasional wandering Swamp Rat... don&#39;t worry, you&#39;re not within range for it to aggro you.. BUT if you pull a fly and aggro the rat, I would suggest /FD and /q to clear aggro. The rat will not reset and will most likely chase you after you stand up... and bring a family of Malaria Mosquitos. So either /FD and /q to clear aggro or kill the Rat before it wanders off.


            I think these flys will get you to high 50s. I know there are other spots in PoDisease to solo but I havn&#39;t had time to explore much. I&#39;ll be doing some exploring tonight and hopefully have something new to report.
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              NOTE: I believe these mobs have been nerfed too, in fact they may have been taken out all together...if somone could confirm this, it would be appreciated.

              Okay, quick update. I&#39;m now level 57. Work started to pick up so I basically played about 3 hours a day or so. Anyways, to get from 55 to 57, I leveled at either the Tsetian Flys in PoDisease or this place I&#39;ll describe below.

              BTW, i just picked up Augmentation of Death (lvl 55 pet buff) and it&#39;s NICE&#33;


              WHERE: Neriak Foreign Quarters
              Zone into Neriak Foreign Quarters from Nektulos Forest. Float up the right wall and you&#39;ll see a very short tunnel in front of you. If you take a right, you&#39;ll see Trolls and Ogres. This is where I split my time leveling. The entire city is not KOS to you so feel free to run around and chk things out.

              Dooming Darkness / Invoke Fear / Splurt / Deflux / Cession of Cor / Augmentation of Death / Demi-Lich / FD.

              Swap out DMF for Augment Death / other utility spells as needed.

              I also used Servant of Bone (Monk Pet) for this zone.

              WHAT I DID:
              Basically my targets were as follows: Jacker, Uglan, Capee, Svunva (spelling?), Karnan, Mrak. These guys are all supposedly near lvl 50. Of the bunch, Svunva is the hardest, followed by Capee then Uglan then Mrak then Karnan and lastly Jacker. To pull, have pet /follow you around, enter the building and Dooming Darkness on target. Immediately /pet Attack and followed by Invoke Fear. Every target will follow an exact fear path and will end up at the small tunnel, pacing back and forth (as long as you keep Dooming and Fear on.)

              To pull Uglan - Enter building on his side, cast Invoke Fear 1st, and then spam Dooming.

              To pull Svunsa - Enter building on Uglan&#39;s side, head upstairs, and cast Invoke Fear 1st. Float out the window and back up towards the door you came in from. When you see Svunsa across the room, hit him with Dooming. By the time you land Dooming, Svunsa should just right in front of you. Sick him with your pet&#33;

              Everyone else, pull with Dooming, Pet Attack, Fear, Splurt, Cessation, Deflux and sit your butt down near the stump. Majority of the time when fear wears off, your target will WALK BACK TO YOU, allowing you to recover more mana while your pet beats it unnoticed.

              As an Iksar, I get 1% every 2-3 kills.. often 3 kills. Not too shabby. I thought flys in PoDisease are faster but there are sooo many idiots kiting and training @#&#036;% on me. All I gotta say is @#&#036;% you lame ass kiters that can&#39;t control your pull. Die with honor.

              XP: Like I mentioned earlier, 1% every 2-3ish kills. Slow but steady.

              LOOT: They drop words and plats. from 0plats to 10 plats. Averages to about 5 plats a kill. Nothing fancy.

              NOTE 1:
              You have to kill both Uglan AND Capee before you can pull Svunsa. To split Uglan and Capee, open the doorway near Capee and target Uglan. Cast Dooming and run... (there&#39;s a shortcut to run up the walls) to the left of the Capee&#39;s door, there is a wall with a face of a statue on it. If you have DMF on, you can run directly at the face and it&#39;ll float you up to the top of the building. From here, run and FD at the corner of Jacker&#39;s building. From here, you will have the perfect camera angle (F9x4 and pan the view down) to let you know when Capee has reset.

              NOTE 2:
              If you are a DE Necro, don&#39;t touch Capee, Uglan or Suvavn cause they have The Dead faction (DE necro guild?) unless you could care less about it.

              Okay, that&#39;s all folks. Now that i&#39;m 57, I&#39;m going to take another trip to PoDisease. I plan on killing Goos and Rats there. Hopefully they will resist me less often than when I was 55. I could kill them at 55, but it wasn&#39;t efficient because of constant resists.

              I&#39;ll add more as time comes.
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                Alrite folks&#33; I am now level 61&#33;&#33; Believe it or not, I leveled all the way to 61 on the Neriak Trolls and Ogres. Level 59 really sucked, but I still got 1% every 3-4 kills. At level 60, the levels flew by FAST&#33;&#33;&#33; I was getting 1% every 2 kills. Anyhow, I just wanted you all to know getting to level 61 is possible here. It&#39;s safe, hardly ever any competition, and because it&#39;s in an off part of the city, there&#39;s hardly any newbies bothering you.

                Why did i stay here through level 59 and not go to the planes? Here is why: I kited goos and rats at PoD at level 59 and i often get 1% every 3 kills. Yes it&#39;s faster... BUT every so often, you multi aggro a spider, pull 2+ goos, etc.. and you have to /FD /Q and restart by summoning and buffing a new pet. IT&#39;s ANNOYING&#33;&#33;&#33; Trust me, with all the downtime included at PoD - and having to compete with other people for pulls, it was ALOT faster at the trolls / ogres.

                Neriak Trolls / Ogres
                Level 58: 3 kills will equal 1%
                Level 59: 3 but often 4 kills will equal 1%
                Level 60: 2 kills will equal 1%

                I found a strategy to pull all 6 spawns in 1 cycle. Jacker / Uglan / Mrak / Karnan / Capee / Svunsa is the order i pull them in. I use the MONK pet and it does very well.

                Anyhow, I&#39;m off to explore the world. No more xp grinding for a while. I will visit ALL the lands from Norrath to Kunark to Velious and really enjoy exploring each zones with my pet. When I do start XPing again, I&#39;ll update everyone.

                BTW - I&#39;m level 61 with 19 days played - and I did it using the exact strategies I wrote. Have fun and good luck&#33;&#33;
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                  At level 34, don&#39;t forget those lovely tree huggers in WC begging to be slaughtered by you. Decent experience plus nice loot. The ever forgiving Slea sells to anyone (maybe she is blind and deaf, who knows) so you can get rid of all them FS weapons those silly druids/rangers drop as well as the occasional jewelry item. To split the spawn is easy. Set youself up on the soutwest corner towards the wiz spires. Invoke fear the one on the right, set pet on the left one. Cast domming and fear on it while pet has it side tracked, CoB, VC, then VoS. Sit and med while it dies quickly, wait for the other to come running back. Fear usually breaks on it by the time first one is down. You should be aournd 80m when it gets back. Use same combo on it as you did on the #2. Then loot both corpses, sell to good &#39;ol Slea, then sit back away slightly from ring and wait fo rthe pop. The spawn is split nicely plus the tree huggin hippies are easier to slaughter if you get them before they buff themselves. They are each on about a 6 min spawn time, so not a long wait and plenty of cash to be had. Have fun being evil and ruining your druid faction&#33;
                  Azraael Plaguebringer
                  37 necro
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                  "...and he strode forth from the fiery gates spreading his plague across the land..."


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                    Just a general question. Is there any of those mobs (listed above) have the summonning hability?

                    - Xveer
                    lvl 58 Necro of Lanys T&#39;vyl


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                      Azraael, thanks for the advice&#33;

                      I hunted at the druid rings from 34-36 then I got bored. Yes, it is good cash...but it definately gets boring quick. Now I&#39;m looking to find a group in OT SF ramp, I heard thats good exp and seeing as that I have soloed from 1-36 I feel its time for a little change.

                      Xveer, as far as I know, no. But I havent done everything in the guide, I&#39;m sure Sslyther would have mentioned it though.
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                        Did anyone had the chance to try the Neriak Foreign Quarters? I was wondering if those mobs were removed? Also, what kind of faction hits are we getting by killing mobs other than Capee, Uglan and Suvavn (I know those affect the DE Necro guild faction)?

                        Also, did anyone tried soloing or group killing the Cliff Golems at the Overthere Outpost? They con even at lvl 58. I was about to give them a try since my factions is lost with the Outpost (see Hollowing Stones).

                        Thanks in advance,

                        - Xveer


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                          Ok, not sure if this will help but around a month ago, I was exploring Nerriak Foriegn Quarters just to see what it all has (usually Id run past it going to other places I needed to be) I happened to come upon a Ogar/Troll looking thing...needless to say I wasnt ready at all to be attacked and was killed. Unless one of the patches after that has taken out these mobs, I do belive they are still there.

                          Thanks for the advice, Im level 60 and was looking for someplace to go for 61. I will try there again, as I have some needed revenge to gain from at least one killl muhahahaha.
                          Reyna Niteraven
                          60 Necromancer
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                            I&#39;ll stick with the Kata Guards and Gargoyles for 55-60. =P


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                              Gunthak Beach&#39;s undead trolls and skellies camp is great from lvl 39 to lvl 44.
                              You can single pull with Rest the Dead and pet has no problem tanking them after slowed with Shackle of Spirit. At lvl 43, you start seeing some of them com light blue to you but they still gave me 1% xp per kill. Cash drop isn&#39;t bad either. There are 2 named mobs in the undead camp that I know of: 1 is by the water line (Undead Troll called Mokon) - this one is SK and HTs casts spells. Another one is inside a ship in SE corner of the beach (Skellie called Sea Captain something) - this one is melee only and a lot easier than Mokon guy. I got a charm off Mokon (and useless WIS range item) and sleeves from the Captain.

                              After hitting lvl 44, I headed to Great Divide for faction camp. Fear kiting is quite easy near EW zone line and Giants there currently (lvl 46 now) give me 1% xp per kill. I got enough toes and heads to start off my Coldain Shawl quest too I am aiming to get at least dubious faction with Claws of Veeshan so that kiting in Cobalt Scar may become easier when I lvl a bit more. While I was at it, I also got Drakkel Wolf Whiskers for the 6th or 7th shawl quest as well (yes, crogging up my bank slots...but they will come handy in future I hope).

                              I am going to start trade skilling now... /cry