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Sslyther's leveling guide...

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    Here is how I did it. I just dinged 61 the other night. 9 days 9 hrs played.

    I was sorta twinked, pretty much wearing the same, except for a few items pre 51/55.

    Had mana regen 2-3 from items, HP regen 7 from items. Get temp or virt when available always.

    1-4 FOB outside pit area. GET a DS from a mage or druid, and it takes about 10-15 mins
    4-8 FOB inside pit.
    8-16 Kurns tower. I think i used a DS potion until I hit 16. Kill lots of skellys. I still have 10 stacks of bone chips from those lvls.
    16-20 PC Fiends
    20-25 PC bandit camps
    25-30 EC Needlites and aliens

    Kite, agro/fear
    30-34 or 39 Went to OT, fear kited everything. Collect braids for quest. You get about 3% per hand in.
    34/39-44 Gunthark beach. Agro kite on the beach where that dwarf is. Use your new lvl 34 poision dot to agro.
    44-49 EC other side than before. Tank or kite everything. 17+mobs
    49-52 Dulak. Zone area, then area near the armory, fear and agro kite. Made about 1k per session. (you could do katta at 51 im sure, since you use splurt and ebolt)
    53-59 KATTA, know matter how boring, stay in katta. Took me 5 hrs per lvl for 53-55. 56, 57, 58 took 5.5-6 hrs. GY from 53-55. Bank area from 56-68. Demi lich is key.

    Tank/Pet tank
    59 and 60. Velks. If you have EoT pet you can tank less for your pet, went really fast, maybe 7 hrs per lvl. Did entrance and SH. Constant pulls, and all were single pulls. A BL partner is nice too. I didn't get funeral pyre until 61 either.
    61 Now im doing veksar, doesn't seem too bad tanking with slowed undead.
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      I have been working the revamped Nurga for some time, probably since the mid 40s.

      The zone in area (down the waterfall) is great for the 40s. Kill the mob(s) in the pool at the bottom, then work your way in through the tunnel, clear out the next room. Depending on your personal stature and abilities you can try clearing the two side chambers to this room, but they're packed a bit tight. Screaming Terror works pretty well for splitting, though a lot of spawns won't aggro anyways.
      There's a nice earring from a named spawn in the (southern?) side chamber - to the left as you're looking further into the zone.

      Now, at 52, I've been working the exit hall. Just invis up, go over the first rails, go past the second (false) rails, and hang a right. Follow the tunnel that winds around back up to the zone entrance. Just before falling down the small waterfall there's a room with a few spawns of Goblin Stabbers. This is my new camp. 3 static spawns in that room, one that wanders from there back up the tunnel, and another static spawn in the back of the water-filled dead-end hallway. This is a good camp for steady exp and coin (all DB to 52) and the named spawn, Stabber Remy, has some nice drops: a silk mantle, with some CHA as his common drop, and a pair of slippers that i've been trying to get (and haven't, after dozens of Remy kills and many hours logged in this spot).

      Often I will kill time waiting for Stabber Remy to pop by going back to the entrance area and killing there for Chardok faction. They're mostly LB with an occasional DB at this point, but still provide minor exp, coin and the Salts/Skins.