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Researcher's path Dulak / Corathus Creep

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  • baldbones
    looking back

    i wish i had known that, did my research the expensive way, but it was faster and i was more then able to make up for it through making spells for others and selling them in the bazaar. i still dont know what to use all the crystalized sulfar and saltpeter i do have ..... guess i better look it up one day between mob kills during BIO breaks...... the drakes in sunderock is a great place to pickup after u get done with those places they drop a fair amount of jewels but more important they drop 66-69 scrolls for spellmaking.... also a bit of over kill but i always revisit old selibis .... ibelieve thats the place..... and kill away at all the mobs there to get jewels and cash almost everything thats worth plat is stackable and most are grey with a rare green..... so no danger of being killed by pulling a mighty train......after an hour are 2 u can easily make 10k or more plus have a decent stock of spell crafting jewels.....

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  • Vamp
    started a topic Researcher's path Dulak / Corathus Creep

    Researcher's path Dulak / Corathus Creep

    Writing this mainly to prevent anyone making the same mistake I did. I spent too much time from 50 to 60 in PoN and Blackfeather Roost, which wasn't a great idea.

    If you don't ever intend to research your own spells, your options are far greater than what I outline here. But, if you start early enough, you should be in a prime position to make all your own spells up to lvl 75.

    From as early as around lvl 40 you should easily be able to kite stuff at Dulak Harbor's entrance. As you grow in power, you can move onto each of the ships in turn (which handily scale in difficulty) You can't fear kite easily in Dulak, but you can aggro kite without a problem. Besides that, a lot of mobs on the easier boats are single pulls. Even as you move onto the harder ones, everything can be mezzed with Screaming Terror. With today's gear, mobs really don't hit very hard (nothing seems to hit for over 200) The Luggald caves are another alternitive, which also provide drops for auspice and comatose (which are admittedly not all that usefull once you hit 60)

    I would, frankly stay here for the entirity of the 40's and maybe even low 50's. Why? Two reasons: Crystallized Sulfur and cash. I don't know of any zone where it's easier to farm crustallized sulfur than Dulak; you will need literally tons of the stuff (probably close to 2000 or 20 stacks) to make it to a point where you can comfortably make high-end spells. It can be done without, but that gets real expensive, real fast. Mobs here also drop lots & lots of gems and vendor trash loot. You can easily walk away with a couple of k from a few hour session.

    At around 51, I would forego PoN, PoD or anywhere else entirely and kite creep reapers untill 63 or so. On every kill, they drop the other part of the research equation: saltpeter. If you thought 2000 was a lot of sulfur, you will need even more saltpeter (probably around 2700-2800), so better get a head start eh? They don't hit that hard (180-ish makes) but they run very fast and you'll need to split some. Fortunately, they too can be mezzed with screaming terror. The corathus mobs won't assist them, so you can pull right through them, but you may have to clear some to get to all the creep reapers (they drop tailoring items if that's your bag)

    The drops here also provide a good deal of cash or tradeskill opportunities (mechanoinstructions & tinkering stuff mostly) The nameds are very easy, they die about as quickly as regular mobs and drop some decent tribute stuff. By lvl 63 I could clear the entire area of Creep reapers and corathus prior to a repop.

    Sound good? Well, it is, but frankly it becomes mind-numbingly boring after a few lvls, but if you stick at it, you will come out much better prepared as you turn 65, with plenty of cash in the bank, a very high research skill, allowing you to craft all your own spells and make a lot of cash out of making others. There are probably a fair number of other areas where in pure exp per hour terms you can do better, so if money isn't an issue, it might not be worth it. Long-term I think this beats everything else as collecting exp seems a lot easier to me with a nec (especially if you have all your spells) than with just about any other class (trust main was a warrior before....)