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  • Semi New Necro here

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a returning player...long ago returning player (last time I played was 2002, and even then it was a necro, with SoL having just come out...the game was much different then )

    I've been leveling a necro for more of a soloing experience this time round, and am currently 47. I've been hunting in Burning Woods, and am wondering--is this where I should be at my level? I've also been at Goru Kar Mesa, but prefer the old school zones.

    Also, what AAs should I be focusing on after I hit 51? Spell farming? Cookies?

    Ultimately, I'd like to be soloing in some of the old world instances, as I plan on being a casual player and not getting heavy into what is end game content in EQ today.

    Any input would be great. Thanks in advance!


    Luclin/Stromm server
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    You've got lots of leveling to do before you should be worried about AAs. But here is the link that has all the info you will need on AAs. It tells you which to get before passing what levels and when to level on to the next set.

    New zones typically have better zone xp modifiers and gear thus better to level in. But if you like the old world I believe your in the right spot.


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      Thank you very much in looks quite useful and already bookmarked it!


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        I might look at the hotzones and follow them since they have a better exp bonus. At your level you should take a look at the hole. I hear its great exp!


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          Recently picked up my necro and have been playing it for about 2 months on and off. I picked it up around the same level as you: 47. At this level I went to Howling Stones with a tank merc and stayed there until 60 with about 100 AAs. It's very easy and the merc can literally solo several mobs, however it kind of sucks now with Fabled because those are like level 65.

          After hitting 60, I went to Plane of Fire and kited at the area near the charm birds outside of C1 for about 5 levels or so. At this point I could have kept going to 70 like that but at the same time my mage friend hit 90 and AE'ed PoFire for me several times for a few levels as well as hitting up City of Mist and spawned an endless chain of black reavers for the whole 2 hour whatever cycle. That was amazing exp since all he did was DS the pet.

          After 70, I kited C2 tables in PoFire for another 6 levels and about 500 AA. At 76 I went to Jewel of Atikii and got about 100 AA and half a level, but the travel time was too far for me and I hated going there. It's about as difficult as PoFire C2 mob wise.

          From there I went to Loping Plains and kited the gators and by far they are the best exp. I found that at 76-79 I had to stack about 9 dots with pet beating on it for it to die without refreshing anything. I could only keep 4 to 5 crocs dead before respawn. Hit 80 yesterday, but spell researcher failed multiple times on trying Searing Shadow Rk. II so I am still in search of that, but I'm likely to go back to LP since I've gained 10k HP/Mana just from dinging 80 and buying dream mote gear and I'm confident I can wipe out the entire beach without a problem.

          The most important thing for me was to keep my dot crit AA maxed out for what I could buy at that level. I also got my 2.0 at 65 since my friend and I duoed anguish for a few weeks getting alts orbs. If you can get it early, do so because you will never replace it.

          Oh, the Hole is also very good exp. I'm in there on my monk everyday to burn a lesson and it takes like half an hour to get a level and maybe 5 kills to get 1 AA at 65. 60-65 in the Hole is great. Just jump down from Paineel and clear your way up to the ghost area. As long as you can handle like 2-5 mobs at a time, you'll be good.
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