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  • Farming Runes in NC

    I'm looking at farming my OoW runes in NC. I don't know much about the named in NC. I've looked up info on Allahs, but it's lacking in a lot of deatils. Usually lucky if it tells me if it's a raid mob vs. groupbale ( or necro soloable > ).

    I found this post on the Packmaster, so I think I'll give him a try. Sounds like he is probably the "easiest" named in NC accoring to most....

    Any other suggestions on Nameds to try? Doesn't really need to be in NC, but I think WoS+ Nameds are outta my league. Haven't had much experience summon kiting, and tap tanking skillz need practice, so time to get to it I guess

    Check out my magelo for an idea of the gear I have. Basically EP level.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Pixt Trent B)
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      I dunno if you could take the Packmaster, you have a bit more unbuffed than I do (~600ish) and I don't think I could take him. He drops pretty fast, but without defensive aa's and/or maybe maxxed theft of life and SCF I am not sure if you could do it.

      Maybe if you had conv on lost soul to give you a little extra time to stack dots on him. I have never had the chance to really try it as I am rarely buffed for the occasion. Every time I have taken him it was with a partner or two.

      He pops pretty regularly... I just pull his ph while in between stinger pops, so you could sit there and get some xp and farm his ph pretty nicely if it worked for you.
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        I dropped the packmaster last night. It was a tough fight, but I made it out. First attempt had him down to 63%, then had to FD. I was losing bad. About 5% HP, and wasn't getting it back fast enough. Waited for reset, then tried again. Went much better second time, though still a close fight. Just had to get timing of summons down. I rooted him, snared, and layed on the dots. Self buffed only, and used an elixir of health, and I was low on HP at the end, but still had plenty of mana. Just didn't want to tap too much, cause that broke root. I know I could have done it without root, but it was much easier with.

        But I think I need to practice up with the packmaster and get better at it before I move on to anything tougher.


        PS - he dropped a Muramite Rune and some lame leather bracer.


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          You will probably get bored as hell just doing the packmaster ya he is the easiest one but UGH I cant even imagine just campin his roamin butt. Other problem I see with this is he does roam and if someone on other end of canyon sees him em up they are likely to knock him off and it would be hard for you to even claim you had a camp on him since he does roam. ( not that verant would care but usually you can get sympathy from other players on constant camp takers so at least they get to feel like pariahs on groups). Pixt Trent is pretty easy too and was suggested and Bodybender is right there too. Most I know set up "camp" by bodybender then kill packmaster and him or phs. So ya packmaster easiest then probably Bodybender then probably Trent imho.
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            Think this was mentioned previously in a stonemite solo topic for fighting summoners but i'll repeat it just incase its buried. Pet disc aa is required.

            If you had the protection of calliv or similar for pet it be nice but not really needed.

            Start fight by rooting mob and sending in pet. Then quickly lay on some long duration low dmg dots building up to your agro slowly... snare being the most important. About the time your pet hits 60% life use you pet hold command and FD off agro. The next time the mob summons your pet stand up quickly and lay on some heavy dps on him then refresh your root and FD again. From then on simply stand up and refresh your dots as they wear off, but try to keep root refreshed before it drops. As long as you dont stay up to long your pet should stay at the top of the agro list and be the only thing summoned, and because he is on hold he will run right to you every time taking very few hits in the process.

            This strategy has allowed me to beat up the DoN gaurds in the tunnels leading to either dark reign or norraths keepers since 67.
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              Gratz on taking him out
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                Fastest drop rates for Muramite runes

                I'm leveling my new necro alt through 65-70 and I need muramite runes for spells - this thread is helpful, but I've decided to farm the runes with my 90 paladin to speed things along so I can focus on grinding the nec in better exp zones. For my paladin, this whole expansion is trivial so what I want to know is, what zone has the best drop rate for runes?

                I spent 3 hours last night in NC and WoS killing all the ph's in those zones (and innumerable other gray mobs), really wiping out these zones, and I got 1 rune to show for my trouble. I thought WoS would be the best bet given that so many names are in the zone, jumping back and forth from the assassin camp to the southern fields where the bazus roam, but those names weren't dropping any runes. Do the names in RSS have a better drop rate? Should I just do the trials and get the 1 or 2 they award?


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                  Crap shoot, sometimes you get lots of them, sometimes they are super rare. I always liked RCoD myself, but only because I spent a decent amount of time there and know where all the PHer's are. Plus as a Paladin, that will use up a ton of invis pots moving from one camp to the other.


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                    Come on you can level and practice your nec there! And everytime a named pops just log in the paladin .

                    You will need the faction anyway for CoA Robe unless you wanna train whole Dranic Scar with the paladin and then gimp-AE the lot with your Necro before killing them all.

                    If you gonna do that, camp sth worth CASH with your Paladin instead and buy those researchable Spells / Runes - might be faster and you dont want all of them anyway .


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                      Originally posted by Noobieguy View Post
                      Crap shoot, sometimes you get lots of them, sometimes they are super rare. I always liked RCoD myself, but only because I spent a decent amount of time there and know where all the PHer's are. Plus as a Paladin, that will use up a ton of invis pots moving from one camp to the other.
                      I purchased a clicky breastplate from the OMM vendor that casts gathering shadows, so i only use pots in emergencies for insta-cast invis on the run. Also, I can train the mobs and then hit balefire burst (fade) to drop aggro so invis really isn't a problem. But after another fruitless night of camping I'm gonna go the spell research route. The materials to make these spells are dirt cheap if you have a high level researcher friend and can find the appropriate parchment/vellum/whatever in the baz. I'm learning to save all the spell component drops I have been destroying on my paladin for years!