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    Haven't been back long, but figured I'd just throw this video together, because I've seen some Necros root-rotting in this zone and it makes me die a little inside to see crap like that.

    Me just doing a lesson burn in Beast's Domain. Somewhat instructional, but really I just felt like it.

    Lemme know if this is at all helpful.

    EDIT: New Updated version

    EverQuest - Necromancer kiting guide Beast's DomainJust updating on how I was doing this from my first video.

    EDIT 2: Even newer 2016 Version

    Coming back after years away and many expansions behind. Recreating the same type of kiting I did years ago to compare the two.Would love feedback and sugges...
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    Cool. Its like a video of the sub lounge thread on lesson burns. Once you pick up reluctant benevolance for free heals, you'll be golden.
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      I wouldn't necessarily make the assumption that necroes who are root rotting are not capable of kiting. Count the number of left and right twitches you make in 5 minutes of your lotd to tell the server you have stopped to avoid movement interrupts (probably one twitch every 3 seconds).

      I personally root rot to avoid all the movements anymore. Years of kiting, millions of twitches and the old wrists are getting tired. Give me 3 fewer aa's during a burn and I'll just stand around casting my dot rotation while the mob is standing their cursing my name.

      Nice video tho for those who are new to necroing and welcome back bro.


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        Wasn't really assuming they Can't kite...basic premise was that everyone can do it, it's just that I can't imagine it's like '3 AA less' in a burn.

        I watch people do it and in a half hour they're killing like 10 to 12 mobs doing it, vs. 30-40 mobs by kiting.


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          Get a tash orb and PP and use the same method for rooting. You more than make up for the loss in pet dps with efficiency of not losing fractions of a seconds moving every cast or two. It's a night and day difference. Single mob at a time is bad


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            Don't you lose way more time going to get your next mob and rooting it in place?

            Aren't you then losing way more time in travel time, tashing, rooting, refreshing roots etc...?

            I've observed people rooting 1-2 Targets, I haven't actually seen anyone doing 3-5 things rooted at once.


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              Last time I checked the exp was slaughtered in that zone, too.


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                Ideally you want to be casting non stop the entire time. So you need to have you xp spot picked out for that reason. Yes there are a few seconds lost here or there since mob density might not be perfect but you lose that rooting or kiting. If the mob is out of te way to root it's out of the way to snare.

                Otherwise you use the same premise. Cast as few dots as you need to kill the mob then move to the next mob. Normally I have 2-4 mobs going at once for the entire time. Only difference is I give up pet dps and must cast root and tash on every mob but also give up the constant running from the mob the entire time and losing time to spell interrupts and not casting as soon as possible.
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                  Cut as of when?
                  Things seem to give 49% AA per kill with no potion or lesson at level 95.

                  I think its been like that since live.


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                    I like to root / rot because I am lazy... I did 26 AAs last night with lesson at 95, not sure what you get while kiting, but I will take a few less AAs and the ability to be a little bit lazy.


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                      30 aa in a burn was np during hot, root rotting at mc sandcastle. provided nothing went wrong.

                      kiting is so SoD


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                        Hey Tryal welcome back.
                        Yep this is the same stuff you've always been doing. The premis was solid back then and its still solid now.

                        The root rot is a very similar premis but add root so 3sec per mob longer. Move from the next one after you've cast, so run up root dot move to next rinse repete. You're basically doing the same thing except you cast move cast move. Because your method doesn't need the root its technically faster and should always beat the root rot but it is typically less work to root rot.

                        Not caring to loot the corpses will also earn you more AA as you pointed our without saying it that you never stop to loot the corpse to save on time. If you root rot you nkow where the corpses are if you want to go back and loot there is less hunting because they should be at or near their spawn points.

                        I will say you are very correct when you say that most necro "over kill" because they want the mob to die quickly, when as you say "its already dead it just doesn't know it yet". If the root rotters are going slow its probably due to that, casting 10 dots when 5 would do or what have you.


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                          I might try the rooting just to see how many I can kill in the same period of time.

                          I'm still envisioning the rooting and stuff taking longer, but also, you do seem to both lose a lot of time moving to the next mob, and your range becomes limited.

                          When kiting, I'm applying the DoTs as I move toward the next guy. I'm also wondering if I'm rotting in place, wouldn't I have to be moving out of XP range sometimes in a very spread out zone like BD?

                          I am gonna pick up Reluctant Benevolence, since finding out what it does doesn't actually match the description in the AA.

                          I've always been the type to like maximizing everything, So Even if its not a huge difference, I'll probably always go for like 36AA over 26-30AA Rooting. I've always just found the kiting itself to be fun and relaxing.


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                            that area in BD is very spread out and low density. try a zone like resplendent temple if you want to try out root rotting

                            you can apply dots as you move, though lots of times you can pull 3-4 without moving

                            xp range is rather large. i have yet to be out of range of a kill in either zone i mentioned
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                              You do want to move a little while dotting up the mob you are on to get to next but not much at a time or you lose fractions of a second off the refresh rate of spells. Whisperwind helps a ton between mobs. You need to use all the tools and plan accordingly to get the most.