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  • OMM Robe MQable?

    I did the OMM raid with some level 100s, we cleared the entire zone and no Jayruck'S Vest dropped. I have the Vest on my paladin from previous doing this, my Pally isn't Gold and I am just going to play my necro. Is there a way to use the Vest that is on my paladin in order to get my necro his Anguish robe for the clicky? I really don't want to clear the whole raid again.

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    you shouldn't have to clear the whole raid. It's been so many years I forget the details, but I thought the mob(s) that drops our robe was just over halfway in, or you could ignore half of anguish in order to get to our mob?

    Bah, too many years for me...

    If you want, there's a lesser version of the robe that doesn't require the raid at all, so you can have something to fill in the gap until you do get to the raid again.


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      Just the last 2 mobs in the zone drop the Vest.
      Arch Magus Vangl
      Overlord Mata Muram
      Both are soloable by a level 100 necro.

      Mark of Death: Single Target, Unresistable (-1000) (This is a deathtouch trigger.)
      1: Decrease Stats by 10
      2: Increase Disease Counter by 14

      can be cured with cure disease the new one we got last year is really nice for it.


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        You didn't really answer my question.

        I can't solo the last mob or the Warden which has HP lock based on adds that spawn because im lvl 93. I understand we can skip a few mobs before it but those are extremely fast to kill and I was going to use the loot for tribute (untributeable =/). So I guess ill just get my friend to help me kill the last 3 mobs again tonight.


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          You cant skip mobs to get to AMV and OMM everything has to be killed to make them spawn iirc.

          also it cannot be MQ'd and dont forget you need the faction to be able to do it.


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            Don't forget the 3 kuuan candles that you need for the robe. *EDIT* 3x Pieces of Vrenlar Fruit, got those mixed up with Tier 1 as stated below. Guess that happened because at that time i also mixed it up -had the drop and had to go camp lightning warriors - that sucked major d***.

            Well since there is respawn, and minis spawning once you killed enough trash, at least the minis and the respawn shouldnt prevent you from doing AMV and OMM. IIRC you have to do all the RAID encounters (The Gelidran thingy at the beginning, Thule, The thing in the Arena that can drop Plaguebreeze, the Hatchet mob that drops the first orb for 2.0, to open up the way to AMV and finally OMM.

            If trash doesnt add anymore because of level 100 low aggro range, that shouldnt matter.
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              So i CAN or CANNOT skip any Boss content in Anguish inorder to kill Overlord Matta Muram?


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                Whats the fastest way to get faction?


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                  Originally posted by TheUnnamedShadow View Post
                  Don't forget the 3 kuuan candles that you need for the robe.
                  I think the candles are for the tier 1 robe... need the fruit from the lightning armour mobs in MPG for the CoA robe.


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                    It seems you cannot bypass anything. My apologies for leading you astray. It's been too long for me apparently.

                    Vivamort is correct that you need the fruits for the CoA robe instead of the candles. MPG had a larger number of those eletricity dudes that drop the fruit. Also, I am pretty sure I recall the electricity dudes in Anguish dropping them also. Keep your eyes open for three of them while you get the vest. And definitely KEEP any extra beyond the three you farm to sell them in the bazaar.

                    I found them to be an uncommon drop when I went farming, so I'm betting they'd be a hot commodity to sell for plats in the bazaar (if you get extra along the way). I'm not sure the time invested would be worth it just for the sake of farming extras... just keep your eyes open for the extras that may drop for you while you're in Anguish.

                    The fastest method of faction farming that I recall is in both Bloodfields and City of Dranik.

                    Start in Bloodfields. Pull the enire'ish zone, and get your back in a corner. Cast your pet nuke AE spell (sanction ally or whatever your level ally spell is), and then cast the Skull Aura spell (withering decay one). I know it's not called Skull Aura, but it shows a graphic of a dancing skull when you cast it.

                    You WANT your back to a corner because if you pulled the entire zone... they're pushing you around hard. Being backed into a corner diminishes the chances of being interrupted due to movement. After one Aura spell and Two pet nukes, most if not all of the lynch mob will be dead. Clean up the survivors... LOOT the gems and other drops for plats, and move to City of Dranik.

                    Dranik is an odd spread out zone (and higher level), so it's a little more efficient to clear it in multiple pulls (3 maybe 4) as opposed to one big zone pull. By the time you're done clearing most of Dranik... Bloodfields will be respawning.

                    Rinse Repeat.

                    Keep lifetap nukes and dots up to grab HP back as needed. Individually they don't hit for much compared to HP levels nowadays, but collectively they can chew through the HP bar pretty fast. If you have the Theatre of Blood robe, use it as well. Everything helps.

                    I think you get better/bigger faction hits in Anguish or MPG, but it still ends up being much faster to rotate Bloodfields and CoD because they're easier mobs.


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                      I cant seem to keep all the mobs on me even when stop starting.


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                        ok what i did was pull about 1/3 of the mobs in the top part of draniks scar near bloodfields entrance, killed them using the pet think then the other 1/3 then the last 1/3. takes maybe 5-6 mins to do all the lot. you can kill all the lot in 1 pull but when i was doing this i wasnt getting all the faction hits for some reason. took me 7 hours spread over yesterday and today on about 15 minute respawn. dont forget to use the double faction potion from the market place.

                        the fruit is proving a right twat, i have 3 chars at different spawn points of 3 mobs at each spawn point so 9/spawn

                        timer seems o be 15-20 mins been here 2 hours and have 1 fruit so far.


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                          Yah the fruits are a pita to get. That's exactly why I mentioned to keep your eyes open during the Anguish clear. It's a more common drop in Anguish, but it's still not common anywhere. I bet you could set whatever price you wanted in the bazaar.

                          Allakhazam says that other lightning dudes can drop the fruit, but I only ever had the Staticfists drop it. In six hours of farming MPG, I killed every lightning dude of every kind. Nothing other than a staticfist dropped them.

                          If you're losing the mobs on a zone pull... I wonder if they've changed the zone mechanics since I was farming faction there. Try doing it in 3 or 4 pulls. It will take a little longer, but the results will be the same.


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                            Funnily I got two fruits from the first two lightening mobs I killed. Dragons don't give DL faction neither do the longer yellow spikes bigger dogs in mgp (not the ukn).


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                              all done my robes finished, tried to get the TOB one but the legs dropped instead!