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    Anyone know where I can get EQ lore on everything. I read a little bit here and there on various forums, but can't really find a place with all the lore.

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    Vaslin Slickfingers (of the Safe House) put together a lorebook when the known world was young. It was updated through 2002.

    You can find it here.

    Makes some very interesting reading.

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      Add these as well:

      1st Fist of Light - Codex of War

      Allakhazam's Game Lore

      My personal favorite has always been the Codex.


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        *polite bump* get this back on the first page for another couple more days as I'm sure others might enjoy the Codex.


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          Can you explain how to read the Codex? Lots of info but I can't sort it all out. What I am looking for is Lore in some kind of chronological order. Great post by the way.. I have been reading this stuff for days and it is a lot of fun to learn the stories behind the zones/races/factions ect...


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            Nevermind the above post.. not the codex that I was looking at.. was the html doc from the post above that... Vaslin Slickfingers work.


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              oh, download it, then click on it.

              It's a combined html file, much like help files are.

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                Ya I got it open.. it is just all jumbled together. The Codex is awesome though! Thanks for the post.


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                  The Codex is awesome though! Thanks for the post.
                  Over the course of the past 3-4 years, I've read the codex at least 3 times. It truly explains volumes about what's what and who's who in EverQuest.

                  It also brings up some interesting hints, and poses some thought provoking questions, about Races / Class combos and Race history that prove to be quite intriguing.

                  HINT: Possible troll Paladin? (Nalikor, Troll of Marr)

                  Another thing that always caught my attention was Mayong Mistmoore. Read everything you can on him. Then re-read it. Then read it again. What do you see?

                  HINT: I see a creature that's power has yet to be fully shown. In much of the context, there is a sense of reverance garnered by the other beings around him. Look at how easily he destroyed Lanys T'Vyl. Why didn't Innoruuk intervene? Also reference that Mayong directly opposes the ring of scale. The dragons fear him. In comparison, read carefully what's said about Al`Kabor. Al`Kabor is the most powerful living wizard on Norrath... and other such phrases. Several places, throughout the lore, we are told of Al`Kabor's power. It leaves little to be pondered. So... is it the mystery surrounding Mistmoore that gives us the sense we've yet to see his full power? Is it the lack of mystery around Al`Kabor that leaves me feeling "ho-hum"?

                  What of Edril and the Elizerain Lake? If you look at the old EQ maps, Elizerain lake was near Ak'Anon and Felwithe (if I remember correctly). Lore has it that he still holds Trakanon's pendant. Hint of a zone that may be available to us at some point in time? Hmm...

                  I could go on... but my memory is rusty and it's been a while since I've read the codex =). It really is a great read.


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                    The Prophecy of Trakanan (And the Codex of War in its entirety) although an interesting read, is not part of EQ Lore- it is mostly fan fiction along with some beta lore that was thrown out upon release.

                    That "Prophecy of Trakanon" stuff surfaces every couple months, as there are several sites that still have it posted.

                    It's interesting how players tied a whole bunch of stuff together like that, but it is indeed a mish-mash that has little factual information in it. And it doesn't have anything to do with the events that lead up to our game.

                    That's not to say Trakanon's influence won't be felt in other ways, of course.
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                    05-09-2004 09:19 PM
                    Read it here- bottom of page
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                      So its great fan fiction?
                      Was The Sleeper and that storyline supposed to be the end?
                      Where does the new stuff ( Wayfarers Brotherhood - Gromzek ) fit in?
                      What gods are involved in the shaping of Norrath's current future and the conflict with the armies of Discord?
                      Who created the Vah Shir?
                      and of the 4 eldar races what the hell happened to the Kedge?


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                        Actually, the Codex is fanfic, but that's still lore that was "current" through the release of Kunark. The old Beta / release / Kunark EQ Lore didn't really get thrown out and ignored til McQuaid & Co left Sony.

                        Norrathian Lore and storylines hit their height in Velious. Luclin was well-done from a lore perspective, as well. Planes ignores a lot of previous lore in favor of its own.

                        Ykesha was OK, but a bit lacking.

                        LDON seems very cobbled-together, as does GoD.

                        Putting the romance back into Necromancy...


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                          Anyone want to take a stab at my questions?


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                            The Vah Shir are from norrrath. When the people from norrath went to Luclin(first time) A large part of the planet went with them due to the nexus' power. THat part of the planet filled up with water and was located near the kat citty on norath.
                            The Kedge were wiped out when a powerful magi's mind was to feable to ....comprehend(i think thats teh word) the magic he was using. He destroyed all the kedge but himself and he is still alive. He is the guy you have to kill for a piece of the magi epic.
                            "The Sleeper" lore is the setup for EQ 2. Suposedly the sleeper is woken and slaughters thouse who woke him( except for those on RZ lol) he then goes to some mystrie plane and bides his time and regains his power. This was all pre POP lore. After POP thyings changed. **Now im not 100% sure on this part**. Ok in POP we find out that the sleeper is in fact biding his time and is soon to take revenge on norrath. In POP endgame Venshaw(SP? i think, the one who marked norrath as hers, she left the scars on vescolus) and the sleeper. They are equals and no one wins. The sleeper ges back to biding his power and regiaining his lost power. Now this is all i know for sure.

                            Now what i think:
                            1- The Post POP expansions area all content that is going to add Chaos and Discord to norrath.
                            2- With all the Chaos Norrath will be weak.
                            3- Seeing this as a prime time, The sleeper attacks norath and destroys a good chunk of it. He also destroys luclin... totaly.... i dont think you can go there in EQ2.

                            Oh yea and the gods have disowned Norrath due to their invasion of the planes. I think that the gods have given up on saving Norath and are waiting till Norrath is weak again to take back control of the planet.

                            Ok, My questions:
                            1- Why,from a lore perspective, haven't we heard about the Plane o Discord? It is obvously a threat to the gods and ther should have been some POP content on it. Now i know that SOE didnt think up OOW till after POP, but hay sence you postponed the release, give us some content. I dunno create new mobs in POP that support tyhe POdiscord existance
                            2- ... i think of some more just wait....


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                              They shoulda destroyed luclin years ago....

                              Rifting sucked, back for more.