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  • Essence Emerald creation tips

    Hey everyone,

    I started playing around with my necro again after like 8 years. Having alot of fun soloing and checking out new stuff. So much has changed.

    I was wondering: whats the best/most efficient way to create essence emeralds? I tend to die a fair amount and need to resurrect myself with convergence & essence emeralds. So i like to keep a healthy stock on my character.

    I see stacks for sale in bazaar but they're not cheap about 1600pp each on my server. I was wondering is there a trick to creating them? I tried using some poison nuke that has a 20% chance to generate an emerald but its nearly impossible with a mob stacked with dots. Maybe its just something I have to always buy from the bazaar as I'm not willing to sacrifice any xp from my other charaters?
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