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    I saw somewhere that it leaked that there is another expansion coming out for sure at some point. Knowing that any new or radical aa's need time to process and implement I was hoping we could put together a wish list for AA. I know many of these were previously brought up:

    New Lines:

    Passive Dot tick extension 6-12 secs (or activated for 18 secs that stacks with foci and current pots, recast of 10 minutes tops and lasted 2-3 minutes)
    Innate Dot or spell Haste (what hastened encroaching darkness did before fix)
    Virulent Paralysis (sp) or Root AA, prefer a root with a small knockback and min duration.
    Fortify type root like wizards get, nukes and procs wont break root.
    Hastened Divine Companions Aura getting it down to 10 minute recast time.
    Imitate Death type AA longer recast or a faster aggro drop from reg FD.
    Instant cast fd, could cast it on the run ( I do care about dying and losing pet buffs and toys, losing camps etc) when mobs are like run speed 9 now.
    Embalm/Undeath a harmshield like AA that still allowed casting, 12-18 seconds of immunity to damage but still able to cast. Like what riposte disc, fortitude, deflection, impen, weaponshield does for melee.
    Crystal Palm/Inner Flame type click for pet(s), a pet dps disc for burns.
    Twincast AA same as the spell version since we are not currently tagged and at least new dots should be flagged for it next expansion.
    Extended range on encroaching darkness AA
    Hastened recast of encroaching darkness AA
    Scent Debuff line AA, instant cast or fast casting
    Knight Speed Mount
    Aegis of Kildrukaun AA, fast casting 5 min recast so cant be chained.
    Secondary Bind AA
    AA line that adds to proc limit from extingency line, bump it to 30-40
    Eye of Zomm AA that sees SoS'd mobs.

    Extension of current lines:

    Destructive Cascade
    Critical Affliction
    Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery 30-40% more
    Shield Block
    Swarm pet lines, rise of bones, army of the dead, swarm of decay
    Sturdy Companion
    Companions Durability
    Fortify Companion
    Hastened Fortify Companion
    Quickening of Death
    Deaths Wrath
    Companions Agility
    Fury of Magic
    Mnemonic Retention 2-3 more ranks
    Theft of Life
    Reluctant Benevolence
    Soulseeker lowering it to a 20-30 minute recast tops.
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    Not sure if this would be possible:

    Dot to nuke AA, basically strips all the dots off a mob and converts that damage into a nuke. This would have to be on a long refresh like 45 minutes or something but would be nice for named or raids when often 10 dots with tons of damage to do still go wasted.


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      No point in worrying about this quite so soon after new AAs were just released. We generally start a thread dealing with this though. Some of these ideas have been on the wish list for a while now and some have been shot down already.

      I suspect Elidroth is currently dealing with bug fixes and tuning of the new AAs. Maybe in a month or 2 he'll start looking at making new AAs and could use some ideas.

      Also something to consider. AAs that don't require heavy code work are more likely to be put in, as often ideas get shot down due to code work.


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        For certain, instant feign being given to SKs is an insult I take personally after necros getting rejected for this year after year after year of it being #1 on our request lists. Instant feign shouldn't just make the new "list" it should be a freaking manditory gimme. My god, giving our 50khp 7kac plate wearing hybrid better pulling survivability?
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          Mindwrack moved from spell to AA even if it ends up being downgraded a bit in process.

          Scent Debuff AA.

          Pet haste as a AA if there not going to upgrade it would be nice as well.

          That would clear all but dots and nukes from the average necros spell bar and make room for adding twin dot spell.


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            An AA to increase the chances of chaotic power.

            Instant feign.

            Make a weaker form of RB mgb-able (like only 500 base heal)

            Pet hate AA proc

            Faster casting for dots


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              Originally posted by scrat View Post
              For certain, instant feign being given to SKs is an insult I take personally after necros getting rejected for this year after year after year of it being #1 on our request lists. Instant feign shouldn't just make the new "list" it should be a freaking manditory gimme. My god, giving our 50khp 7kac plate wearing hybrid better pulling survivability?
              I hear you but...

              Originally posted by Veneria View Post
              Instant feign.
              I hear you too but...

              Originally posted by forcallen View Post
              Imitate Death type AA
              Focus, people! This is what we need.

              Now, if you want to have your cake and eat it too...well, that I understand.
              Magelo way out of date due to laziness...


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                Originally posted by solithan View Post
                No point in worrying about this quite so soon after new AAs were just released. We generally start a thread dealing with this though. Some of these ideas have been on the wish list for a while now and some have been shot down already.
                I only brought it up since Eli was asking for ideas for new AA's in the next expansion on monkly-business forums.


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                  Instant cast FD is a must.

                  I like the Dot to nuke idea. Converting some % of dots on a mob to a nuke.

                  Another cool idea might be to have an aa that doubles a dot dmg and decreases the time.


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                    AA "Creeping Darkness" snare.
                    I was thinking since enchanters had a creeping mesmerize, shamans a creeping slow, clerics a creeping reverse DS, perhaps we could receive a 50% or so creeping snare? Yes, the RDS for clerics is worse than their single target one. Yes the creeping slow for shamans is worse than their single target one. That is why I suggested a lower % snare. This way if you're kiting more than one, or if your pull would grab more than one, the snare could latch on to more than one at a time. This would also be great in raids with a lot of adds (Solteris 2 comes to mind) where some adds would be snared and kited.

                    It's not like it would be pure boon to have a snare which refreshes itself as long as there are enough mobs to keep it going. Kite near enough friendly creatures like the dragon camps in FoS and they'll get hit with a snare attempt. Any creature who decides to flee may be able to do so at extremely reduced (for a short while) speed until it's too far to refresh the snare. Then it runs and grabs adds. Most of the creeping detrimentals so far have had durations of 45 seconds or less afaik.

                    The only reason I see to make this a spell instead of AA would be if they put damage on it (which would not work well with mez), but then it would be a self-refreshing dot too. Weak, but near endless when swarming, so they would pump the resist on it making it nearly worthless as a snare. Maybe 5m cooldown, 10m if you all think at 85+ a necro would have enough mobs to keep running for 10 minutes and keep enough of them around to run the snare.

                    AA "Withered Hatchling" Mount.
                    I don't care if they say "only knights get knight-speed AA mounts" considering you can now drop an ugly as fack ant off trash mobs that has the same speed. Here's an idea, since knight horses haven't been "the horse" to desire since LoN came out, give us a knight speed mount and give the knights a new one that's 5% faster again. Even if we only get one that's 100k horse speed, as long as it doesn't take me ten fugging seconds to cast. Instant cast mounts still stop you in place when you cast them, so it's not like we can use them to get away.

                    As for my idea on the Hatchling, make it a mount variant of those corrupted drakes from The Hive, or Sunderock, that corpse in DSH. A withered drake/dragon hatchling which ran around on all fours or flew with levi on would be killer.

                    And I'd look good riding it.

                    AA "Arcane Corruption" Dot Proc.
                    Tie it to the spell gems to limit how much DPS potential can be applied. For each dot you cast from a spell gem, you have a 5% chance per rank (minimum 5 ranks total) to proc an additional "Corrupted {DOT}". The corrupted proc is corruption based and deals X amount of damage. Maybe 10% of the base spell. In this way you can add up to 12 additional dots if you have nothing else loaded and you proc once each gem. The Corrupted {DOT} should be, like pet swarms and pet AA lines, able to crit just like the base and be increased just like the base.

                    Perhaps the line has 9 ranks. First rank adds a 5% chance to proc the corrupted dot which does 5% of the damage of its original. Next 2 ranks increase the chance to proc to 10% and 15%. Rank 4 increases the damage to 10%, 5 increases chance to 20%, 6 increases damage to 15%, 7 increases chance to 25%, 8 and 9 each increase the damage by 5% to a total of 25% to both proc and base damage. This means as our dots get better the damage gets better but we can't lower our dots hoping to proc this for the DPS boost. Assigning the procs to the spell gem keeps us from swapping out spells to keep loading more and more on, and taking the damage from the spell cast is simply formulaic which doesn't require tweaking to make sure it's balanced and progresses properly. (like original Manaburn)

                    In this way we get extra dots, more DPS, but it's not a guaranteed "we own" addition.

                    (they can tie its ID to the spell gem ID and take its name from the name string of the base spell, I know it's possible. In this way they can cast "Corrupted Dot (1-12)" so any change of spell gem overwrites the # with the new value. Whether that's higher or lower is based entirely on the base spell cast from that gem.)

                    AA "Focus of Corruption" DoT Proc Enhancer. (activated)
                    Requires at least 7 ranks of the line above, they can tweak cooldown, but adds a further, say, 2% per rank chance to proc the extra dots while active. The first line is passive, this one can be popped to increase the chance. Any duration less than a minute and most of our slow-casting dots will prevent us from landing more than a few before it falls. If it has a short duration, it should have more than a 2% increase per rank unless they seriously intend on continuing the line over a few expansions.

                    AA "Essence of Corruption" DoT Proc Enhancer. (Passive)
                    More costly than FoC above, increases the damage dealt by the corrupted dots by an amount per rank, never to exceed 50% of the base dot.

                    Druids and rangers get nukes which cast one thing then cast another at the same time, like fire/ice nukes, so they've already got casting 2 effects in the system. Making it a new DoT taking static numeric content and one text string (from the name) allows them to bypass overwrite issues with "Twin Dot" ideas because it is literally a new dot. Since 2 necros can cast a dot of the same name I know they've got "owner" tags on dots already, so our corrupted dots shouldn't overwrite each other either.
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                      Dots are already twin cast-able, they just never flagged any of them as such when they altered the code. This doesn't fall on the AA dev it falls on the spell dev.


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                        Clerics are getting their AAs in order now as well.

                        We better step to it or get lost in the pile.

                        Passive dot extension #1.

                        Instant FD w/ 100% memwipe #2.
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                          Ok, here is a list of all the AA's we asked for but havn't gotten and we still want.
                          If we get 5 more lvls with this expansion we'll have to include things like gift of mana ranks but here is what I was able to put together.

                          Death Peace 3 - reduce casting time to 0.1
                          Extended Pestilence - adds +1tick to all dots : Passively

                          Root - Spell in AA form.
                          Scent of Death: Decreses targets Fire, Poison, and Disease resists by 72
                          Arcanic Control: This strips target of all your active dots
                          Reluctant Benevolance ranks 4 and 5 to increase the % chance to proc

                          Hastened Spire of Necromancy - reduces the reuse timer on Spire.
                          Persistent Minion rank2 - switches current pet with pocketed pet
                          Pet Affinity rank2 - makes pet a valid target for self spells
                          Suspend Minion (rank 3) Allows your suspended pet to survive death
                          Pet shielding - gives the pet the ability to shield us from harm, taking some of the damage directed at us instead.

                          Destructive Cascade - more ranks
                          Critical Affliction - more ranks
                          Spell Casting Reinforcement - more ranks
                          Soul Seeker ranks 9-13 more 10min/rank reductions
                          Fortify Companion - more ranks
                          Sturdy Companion - more ranks that actually do something
                          Theft of Life - more ranks


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                            Enhanced root to make it harder to break. Already exists for other classes so no real coding needed
                            Hastened FD to shave 1-2 sec off the recast with so many hastening AAs for classes should be easy
                            +additional crit dot % = to epic then degrade/obsolete it ( pipe dream I know but still have to ask it)
                            +Heal aa, sure we can crit our pet heals but they are so weak and we get nothing to make them land for more only a crit does any noticable healing.
                            More hastened fortify pet
                            AA call to corpse type rez.
                            AA group dmf to upgrade single we just got
                            AA group invis. We got stable self ivu first, then stable invis, then we got perma group ivu, now its time for a timed but stable group invis.
                            Another level of Lifeburn to make it crit.
                            Big lifetap AA, 8-10k base instant or under 1sec cast with 10 min or so reuse.
                            AA mount, but only if it looks suitably evil and not a drab horse.
                            More hastened whisper
                            Pet haste AA = to SoF rk3, yes I know rk3 sounds like alot but they have said will never upgrade it and by next expansion it will 3 expansions old and 10+ levels behind so should be fair game.
                            AA undead slow, if they are going to have undead in the future.
                            Druids can make mobs plants and shaman can make them animals for specific spells to affect them, how about something to flag a mob as undead for abit, pallies would love it and would allow us to slow more. Though that is more likely spell than AA cant hurt to ask.
                            Since the spell line is dead, how about a pyre level dot that is undead only lasts 1 minute and a 3 minute or less recast.
                            AA to make charm more likely to last, I know necros rarely if ever charm but we are the only charm capable class without it now I think.
                            Run 6, 7, or 8. Rangers just got run8 in second UF AA set, I understand monks being faster but why rangers? We are the professional runners since we all know it is being chased that makes you run faster not the number of trees you hug.
                            Hastened harmshield AA
                            Hastened pet DA
                            Ask for a retune on lifeburn for a stronger recourse, the amount it heals you a tick would have to triple to be considered only laughable.
                            Hastened pet fd aa if possible.
                            Pet aegis and rune as AA, free up spell slots give them same stats and reuse as the spell
                            More willful death if it will increase chance to hold FD thru a failed resist.
                            More gift of the grave to add the same protection it gives now to dot shielding as it does spell shielding.

                            Now I think wizards get familiars or such that adds dmg to their spells of a certain type, maybe we should come up with something like that we could use that would add +dmg pre focus to our magic, fire, or poison spells and can only have active at a time? I don't like alot of the class blurring going on but like was posted earlier since alot of the things refused are based on coding work if we can adapt what is already out there and make it easier to make maybe will have a better chance of getting it.


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                              There is no reason not to get an AA list together earlier than needed.

                              I would think an instant FD and a 1 tick DoT extension should be on the very top of that list.
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